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August 2009

Chess - One of the Best Board Games that You can Play

Chess is a great leisure and competitive game that can be played by individuals of all ages. You can start learning different ways to play the game even at a young age. There are different reasons why it is a good idea to play this type of game. There are many... (Read Article)


Baby Shower Games for Amusement Purposes

The use of baby shower games in entertaining guests on baby shower parties is very common nowadays. These exciting games also add a lively atmosphere during the event. Most of the time, such types of games are specially designed from old popular games to new... (Read Article)


Adult Games - Get to Know Your Significant Other in an Interesting Way

There are different things that you can do if you want to have a more intimate relationship with your partner. There are some adult games that can help you add more spice into your relationship. These games ensure that you can have the intimate relationship.... (Read Article)


Types of Addicting Games that You can Try

Working is good but too much can be bad. For that reason, you can try different games to help you relax. There are numbers of addicting games that you can try. There are video and online games, which are suitable not only for the kids but for adults as well.... (Read Article)


Kids Games - Types of Games that Will Suit Your Kid's Need

If you are planning for a gift that you can give to your children, then you might want to consider kids games. There are numbers of games that you can give to your children. In addition, there are different reasons why you should give them to your kids. There... (Read Article)


Aggravation is one aggravating – and addicting – board game!

Aggravation is one addicting board game. That’s right. They should put a warning label on the box…oh wait a minute…they do! When they call the game aggravating, you can be pretty sure it will be…and I love games that are aggravating. OK, I’ll stop being aggravating now.

The game of Aggravation was inspired by the centuries old board game of Parcheesi, was invented in 1971 by a (now defunct) company called Lakefield. That company was at some point bought up by Parker Brothers.

Aggravation is a classic marble race game. You roll the dice and get moving while trying to aggravate (bump) every other player back to their starting base and get all your four marbles into your home before anyone else. Unlike other abstract strategy dice games (Sorry, Trouble, etc), up to six players, rather than the usual four, can play at once. So much more fun when there are that many marbles out in play at the same time when you’re trying to avoid or bump them all home!

If you want to try a really, really, addicting version of this game, check out the Split Level version. Split-Level Aggravation is a 3-dimensional game and its design changes continually while you play. The object of the game is for a player to move all 4 playing pieces around the game board from your base position to home. In order to reach home (if no shortcuts or changing of level are used), you must try to get your playing piece all the way around the outer edge of the playing surface that your base is located on. Really aggravating let me tell you!


Have Fun While Learning with Math Games

Educating children can be very difficult especially when it comes to teaching lessons with mathematical calculations. Kids usually find the subject and boring and too complicated for their young minds. However, you should not surrender to their whines since... (Read Article)


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