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Trivia Games for your Team Building Activities

During your planning of your team building, you may have a hard time choosing which of the available methods that you can use for the games to be played by the participants. In most cases, you will have to purchase necessary game materials as well as organize venues that would be suitable for the event. However, you can decide on other alternatives that do not cost you any money and at the same time establish a competitive and enjoyable game. With the use of trivia games, you do have to select exclusive venues since you can easily set up the game on any place. Aside from this convenience, the competitiveness it can give to the participants would definitely boost the skills they use during the event.

The mechanics of trivia games are very easy to comprehend and many people are accustomed to the rules used for such games. Although some games of this type usually do not have real rules, you can adopt from other popular games such as Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit. With the Jeopardy format, the contestant will have to use buzzers for them to be allowed to answer the questions. You can easily find simple buzzing equipments that are suitable enough for the game.

If you are looking for a more regulated game, you may also want to use Trivial Pursuit types of games. Moreover, you may want to add personal preferences as well as rules that are appropriate to the interests of the participants. This would make the game much more enjoyable and would be much comprehensible to the audience. Make sure that the questions are not overly complicated in order to avoid losing the simplicity of the game. This is very much necessary in making the game fun and competitive at the same time. Such trivia games should give emphasis to the cooperation of the team in order to be effective for your event. Make sure that all the contestants are going to participate by adjusting the rules and conditions of the game.

A critical part of planning the team building exercise is selecting a theme that can relieve the participant of usual topics about work. The trivia games that you should use for the activity may focus on general topics instead such as history, geography, current events, entertainment or sports. You may also want to insert related questions about special categories about the participants' careers such as mathematics, science, literature and vocabulary. These subjects can help in having an informative type of game as well as improve the competitive and strategic thinking of the contestants.

When planning for trivia games, you may consider several guidelines in order to improve the effectiveness of the team building activity. The logistic side of the exercise should be given emphasis by preparing many trivia questions and answers as well as easy-to-follow game rules. You should also make sure that the contestants fully understand the mechanics by inserting pauses for the participants as well as the audience to comprehend the instructions and rules for the game. Having a judges panel can also help in deciding some technicalities of the game especially if you are using a buzzing system. This would make the game more organized and a fun to do activity.

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