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The Popularity of Video Games

Do you think it is the kids who are actually addicted towards video games? The perception is not entirely true as recent studies have shown that it is the adults who are more addicted to video games and fun games. People over 18 are simply crazy about video games. According to a survey done by Entertainment Software Association, 92% of the gaming population is dominated by adults. They not only are addicted to the games, but they are the ones who are the frequent buyers of video games. Almost 80% of the population loves the video games consoles.

It is surprising but people above 33 are more into video games than the kids. Almost 67% of men who are heads of householders love to play video games. This is a source of recreation for them. People who are nearing their 40s cannot keep their hands off video games. Recently Halo 3 which has been launched has received a lot of media attention. Die-hard Halo 3 fans have waited in long lines to get hold of their favorite game. An when one looked at the average age of the population, it was found out that it is mostly adults who have waited with bated breath for the arrival pf Halo 3. The zeal was evident and when reporters talked to them about the event, they were more enthusiastic than their children. Adults even made special costumes for the occasion. Fun games have managed to find their way into the adult world.

Parents who scold their children for being unsocial as they are always glued to the computer screens, are the ones who enjoy a game or two in the night when their children are asleep. They have confessed that this is a great way to relax. Some even engage their children in the activity. Video games have redefined the definition of quality time. Now you can spend time with the children and even enjoy playing video games. It is no longer considered as a diversion. Most parents have admitted that they have enjoyed playing games like Donkey Kong, Tron and Pong. With age the games have matured, so have the players.

It is amazing that how video games have changed the face of entertainment. Halo 3 has given the opportunity to the adults to experience something more than the game. The games have become sophisticated boasting of high-end technology like transmitters and sensors. The virtual experience is unbelievable. It is the level of interaction with other players which have made the games alive and kicking. Even video game developers have realized the potential of growth and they are developing games like San Andreas, and Grand Auto Theft. These are meant strictly for people over 18. If you are looking for some of the finest games in the market, you can contact Direct Source Games. The board games are impressive so are the classic addictive games like monopoly. There are good games, consoles and products related to games in Direct Source Games.

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