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Don�t Puzzle Over Perfect Holiday Gifts at the Office

Is it that time of year already? Has the time come that we are picking name out of hats for Secret Santa gift exchanges at the office? Are we fighting the panic of choosing the perfect gift for Agnes in accounting or Fred in janitorial? What about the new young intern that somehow made her way into the holiday gift giving pool? Let�s all take a moment to relax and breathe a deep, calming sigh before the hectic countdown begins.

Picking out perfect holiday gifts for friends and loved ones can be stressful enough, but picking out gifts for office co-workers, bosses, the doorman, and the dry cleaner can add an entirely new level of holiday stress. In an effort to pick out a thoughtful gift for someone who we may not know very well on a personal level is a problem for most everyone this time of year. Forget the old adage �what do you get for the person who has everything?� and instead worry What do we get for the person who we have no clue what they already have, what they want to have, or what they want to forget was ever invented?

The first thing that needs to be done when picking out the perfect holiday gift for the above mentioned people is to put down the cheesy gag gift, the cutesy office Mad Libs book, or the scented candle. Luckily for both you and your intended gift recipient, we have the ultimate answer for those office co-workers, Secret Santa exchanges, and holiday thank you gift puzzlers. In fact the solution is a lot simpler and less expensive that one might think. Just think puzzle jigsaw or board game! Puzzles � jigsaw, card style, or board games � are the gift that fits so many people on your holiday list because they are thoughtful without being too personal.

The gift of jigsaw puzzles or board games are a time tested tradition that appeals to people on so many levels. To begin with puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and board games have a nostalgic value. Puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and board games bring people back to their childhoods. Jigsaw puzzles and board games are also brain teasers and mental stimulators so they appeal to people on an intellectual level. Finally while jigsaw puzzles can be played solitary, puzzles, jigsaw and board game style, are social in nature. Puzzle jigsaws can be used to break the ice with new friends, as conversation starters at holiday parties, and as a device to bring the entire family together on a laid back weeknight. Puzzle jigsaws and board games can also be great crowd pleasers at the otherwise bland office holiday party.

During this festive season, the use of jigsaw puzzles can extend beyond that of perfect holiday gifts. As an example, if you are a manager in an office or shop setting, consider putting a holiday themed jigsaw puzzle in the staff break room. You would be surprised at how effectively a stress-free group activity such as puzzles �jigsaw, game board, or card style � can bring employees together, stimulates creativity and mental alertness, while counteracting the holiday blahs. As an additional bonus, after the jigsaw puzzle has been completed on poster board or another alternative, you can have everyone sign the jigsaw puzzle and then frame it. You can hang the completed puzzle jigsaw in your break room. As a matter of fact, you can encourage your staff to complete and sign new jigsaw puzzles every holiday season, and then hang all of the jigsaw puzzles in the staff room and common areas. The happy holiday times will be remembered, looked upon, and talked about throughout the year.

If you do not want to frame and hang jigsaw puzzles in the office, there are other options besides allowing jigsaw puzzles and board games to collect dust in the supply closet. One valid option, of course, is to take the jigsaw puzzles home to the family. Chances are, though, Santa will already be placing plenty of board games and jigsaw puzzles under the tree. If that is the case, why not hold a raffle for a charity to be decided by the person who wins the raffle and the jigsaw puzzles. For an added effort, attach a gift card for your favourite online store for addicting board games and puzzles, Jigsaw style. Simply charge one dollar per ticket or have a donation jar so people can pay any amount they want for their jigsaw puzzle raffle ticket. If you are not sure how enthused your staff would be about this idea, or if you already have an office charity effort in place, the next option is to give each staff member their own holiday jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are so inexpensive and, as already established the perfect holiday gift � thoughtful without being overly personal.

Jigsaw puzzles, board games, brain teasers and other traditional games make the perfect holiday gift and holiday activity because they take the stress out of holiday shopping for the office coworkers and the people you would like to thank for their year round services. Find a plethora of holiday themed puzzles � jigsaw, board games, or otherwise � visit an online games store. The low prices, wide variety of board games selections and other perfect holiday gifts may amaze you.

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