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Having Fun on Valentine's Day

If you are looking for games to play in order to make your Valentine's Day celebration with your lover really enjoyable, there are some games that you can try doing with your [partner|lover]. People should be reminded that some of the [mechanics|instructions] and consequences can be changed by a couple depending on their preference.

The first among all the Valentine games available involves [determining|finding out] if the couple really knows each other very well. A couple can do this by first [writing|listing] down questions that they want their partners to answer in their point of view. After making up to 10 questions each, they will alternately ask the 10 questions that each of them wrote down earlier. If the answer of your partner is correct, you will reward him/her by giving him a kiss at a certain body part where your partner wants to be kissed. The second of the many Valentine games that you and your partner can [play|enjoy] together is called Romantic Drawing Charades. This works by taking turns into letting your partner guess a specific [trait|characteristic] that you have in mind. This [trait|characteristic] should be something that you really like about your partner; this trait can either be physical or not. You will try to describe this trait by means of drawing [things|objects] related to it. When your partner guessed the trait correctly, if it is a body part you should kiss the body part that you just asked your partner to guess. On the other hand, if the trait that you let your partner guess is not something that's physical, you can just reward your partner with something that's sweet to keep you partner [determined|alert]. The next among a lot of Valentine games is also another [variation|type] of a guessing game that is a little sensual. This is so because you have to think of something or an action that you find very sexy in your partner. The only things that you can say when trying to let your partner guess what you have in mind are things or words [related|connected] to what you are thinking. Your partner only has 3 chances to guess what you are trying to say for only a limited period of time. Lastly, one of the most sweet and intimate Valentine games that you can do with your partner involves using different objects in a house. These objects will be used as symbols to let your partner know what you feel about him/her. One can be as creative as possible in using objects as symbols and in thinking what to say to his/her partner.

If you noticed, the Valentine games do not [require|ask] a couple to spend too much money. What it does is that it puts more attention into bonding the couple and letting them know each other better. After all, this is what the occasion is all about � helping lovers to be more open to each other by showing their [emotions|feelings]. As a matter of fact, couples can even [invent|create] their own games as long as they know that it will benefit both of them and it will be a healthy thing for the relationship.

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