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Great Valentine Games for Couples

Couples celebrate their relationship and their love for each other by doing something special on Valentine's Day. Many couples go out on a date. Some have a romantic dinner either at home or in a restaurant while others plan a short romantic getaway where they can relax and celebrate their being a couple.

And since February is generally seen as the month for couples, many people, especially the couples' friends, plan a Valentine party. If you are also planning to have a party this Valentine's Day for you and your partner and for all of your friends who are in a relationship, you should know the right steps. Plan it as early as you can] Think about the food, decoration, music, place, date and time, and your guest lists. You can also invite singles but advize them to bring a date with them so that they will not feel left out. And one important thing that you should include in your party aside from the ones mentioned earlier is to have Valentine games for couples. Below are some cool ideas for Valentine games. Check them out.

- One of the most popular Valentine games for couples is to ask questions that the couples should answer. Some examples of questions are questions about their favourites, firsts, important dates, and so on. The couple should have the same answers in all of the questions. The winner will be the couple who has the highest number of same answers. This game is a good way to show just how well a person knows his or her partner.

- Another great game for couples in a Valentine party is something like 'Smell Your Way to Your Partner.' Cover the girls'eyes with blindfolds and let them stay on one side of the room. The guys should have their eyes open and let them stay on the other side of the room. Let the girls find their right partners by smelling them. The guys should not move or say anything. The girl who finds her guy first is the winner.

- Another game for couples is to have a sack race. Prepare some extra large sacks fit for two people. The couples should get inside the sack and try to win the race against the other couples. You can add some more challenges in the game like obstacle courses, maze, or flags that they need to get.

- You can also prepare sets of clothes for both men and women. Make sure that they are extra large for easy wear. Put a man and a woman's outfit inside one box for one couple, another man and woman outfit for another couple, and so on. The man should wear the outfit for girls and the woman should wear the outfit for boys over their own clothes. Once they are finished dressing up, they should walk or run hand in hand to the finish line. The first couple to get to the finish line wins the game.

These are some great ideas for Valentine games. You can do all of them in your party or just choose the ones that you like the most.

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