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Bonding with a Thrill

It is true that when you are together with someone, you always want to make everything spicy and exciting. If this is the feeling you get on most days and circumstances, I would understand if you feel pressured about making your Valentine's Day date with your partner really memorable and worthwhile. Aside from going with your partner out on a date, giving romantic gifts to each other, or saying sweet nothings, you can also be romantic and cozy with your partner by playing a few Valentine games with him/her somewhere private where the two of you can really bond.

If you haven't tried any of these Valentine games available for you and your partner because you feel that it is just trivial and childish, now is the right time to give it a try for the both of you to discover| the benefits that these games can bring. The first game that you can try with your partner is the 'kissing game'; this game involves kissing each other for the most number of times. Since it is just the two of you and it is just for fun, both of you can just use lipstick to make the counting process easier. Now you can kiss your partner anywhere on his/her body that you want to, but the catch is that you can only kiss your partner for a fixed amount of time only like for only a minute. Another of the many available Valentine games that you and your partner can try|is called the 'tying game'. This game requires both persons to tie a handkerchief or any type of cloth around the neck of his/her partner. Again, there is a catch and it involves tying the cloth around the neck by using only one hand. Other parts of the body can help in tying, but the rule is that the other hand cannot help in the tying process. Among the many Valentine games available, you and your partner can also play the 'paper dance' game. This is like slow dancing with you partner romantically, only that there is a challenge and enjoyment involved in it. The couple has to fold the newspaper in half every other minute or so. This will not only make the couples feel the romance between the two of them, but it will also make the experience more unique and enjoyable. Try to make your slow dance with your partner last as long as you can even if the dance floor is getting smaller and smaller.

It is quite weird that only a few people are thinking about these Valentine games during the occasion itself just because of the misconception that these games are lame and childish. What they do not know is that these games can even make their night with their partners more romantic and steamier. In addition to the romance, the feeling after you have spent time with your partner is priceless because you know that the bonding that you did with your partner allowed the two of you to be more comfortable in each other's presence.

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