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February 2010

Great Valentine Party Ideas and Themes

Planning a Valentine party can be a daunting task, especially if you have not experienced planning a party by yourself. If you are clueless about planning a party this Valentine's Day, you should know some useful tips. For one, you should plan the party as... (Read Article)


Ra Ra Sis Bom Ba

I realized that I had gone and done it last time. I couldn’t mention that the author, Reiner Knizia, of a great trilogy of auction games was a Quantitative analyst without mentioning the third game in the trilogy, Ra (the first two being Medici and Modern Art).

Yes, Ra is indeed another one of those addicting auction games, this one about ancient Egypt. You go about collect power (and therefore the win) as you collect the game tiles. There game tiles are, of course, that are bid for in auctions, and you attempt to collect sets of them – economics, spiritual, and technological growth. How do you buy them? Why with the tokens awarded you by the sun god Ra!

Better yet, there are a few different versions of this game

  • Ra This is the original board game of the series and is described above. The tokens given by Ra, the Egyptian sun god (Amun-Ra), and are limited so you must be sneaky and frugal in deciding when and how you are going to bid to get those power inducing tiles.

  • Ra: The Dice Game Take all the good stuff from the original board game (the Pharaohs, the Nile, Civilization, and of course, the ancient monuments) and put them onto cubes and you have this addicting game to play!

  • Priests of Ra Spanning some 1500 years of Egypts great history, the priests of Ra are attempting to gain great fame and therefore power. This can’t be done without telling everyone else what to do, of course, so you must direct everyone from farmers, to warriors, to merchants to scribes. You force others build up the economy and defences by building granaries, fortresses, markets and libraries to dump the scribes in. Better yet, you get to erect a great pyramid to the Sun God Ra!

These are all fun and all addicting. I love ancient Egypt and this game, in any of its forms, is not a disappointment. It’s easy for all yet involved enough to want to play again and again.


Give Love on Valentine's Day

Many people[believe that Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year and because of this, many people are really making an effort to make it as special as possible. Making this day extra romantic can be accomplished by giving your partner a very special... (Read Article)


How do you build a better mouse trap?

By playing the game, of course!

Mouse trap is a great game that has been around since the early 1960s. It was fun back then and its still lots of fun to this day.

Think this game is too young for you? I beg to differ. Just pull this addicting board game out some evening when you’ve all been celebrating for any or no reason...the results can be quite hilarious!

The game requires a bit of fine motor skills and the ability to count. What? Thats right, whenever you land on a build space, you can build a piece of the mousetrap – but only if the number on the space matches or is a smaller number than the total number of people playing the game! Hey, that’s the rules, don’t argue with me over them – unless you like to of course.

Plus, you have to build the mouse trap in the numbered order of the pieces of the mouse trap!

There are cheese cards to lure other mice players to the trap and a turn crank to capture them. In the 80s the game was revamped to include cheese pieces for extra luring ability. In 2006 it was revamped totally to include 3 mousetraps – and...a toilet? That’s right (cause you never know when those pesky mice might have to go? Hmmm...)


Khet – can you control the lasers?

What an awesome board game this is. If you or your school age kids are into light refraction in school – this addicting board game will teach all about how light bounces around. It is so cool!

Use strategy to move and rotate your Egyptian game pieces around the game board, then, at the end of your turn, you push your laser button, which sends the laser beam built into the board bouncing around the board game field. The game pieces have some mirrored sides which will help to send the beam onto your opponent’s game piece. If you’ve set it up right, it will hit a non-mirrored side and take the piece out of play.

Another cool thing about this laser beam bouncing around is that the beam of light will always travel along the different rows and columns of the game board and it will always turn 90 degrees when it hits one of the mirrors on the game pieces or on the columns.

First known as Deflexion, this addicting board game was designed by a a professor and two of his students as a class project at the Tulane University in Louisiana. It is the best game for those of us who love fun and yet interesting and strategic board games. An expansion in 2008 has even added a second level to the board game where you can move up now and rotate the tower!

Dang! Want to play anyone?


Valentine Gifts for Her - Great Ideas and Tips

Women love Valentine's Day because their boyfriends and husbands shed their macho image and try to be sweet and romantic by telling them the things that they want to hear and by giving them romantic Valentine gifts. Although some men choose to give something... (Read Article)


Ker plunk and - The Rolling Stones and games?

That’s right. Supposedly, during the 1960s, Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts, was so bored during the bands many many hours spent in buses and hotels that he started paying about with toothpicks and olives to keep from losing his own. Thanks to Mick Jagger spurring him on, he approached the Ideal Toy company who was instantly intrigued.

Of course, being a toy company, they had to ensure it would last a bit longer and be less deadly than olives and toothpicks would be, so they revised it to use plastic rods and marbles – and a plastic tube instead of a whiskey glass.

Voila! Ker Plunk was born!

How cool is that? And this addicting game remains so popular that there are always new versions being copied and devised. From Honey Bee Tree to Tumblin’ Monkeys. A multitude of other toy companies like Milton Bradley and Mattel have gotten into the act, and the some of the newer versions have flashing lights and an bunch of different sounds and noise. Don’t get me wrong – they’re fun - but none of them have that great onomatopoeic sound going on for which the game was originally named.
So go on and get yourself a copy of this addicting game. You’ll rediscover the “unrepentant rockist fogeyism” of the Rolling Stones favouritism...oh wait, that was the magazine’s, not the band’s criticism...

Carry on. ‘Cause playing and losing at Ker Plunk is pretty much a rite of passage...sort of like Jenga is too.


Valentine Gifts for Him - Great Ideas and Tips

Valentine's Day is that time of year when couples express their love to each other in special ways. Aside from saying "I love you," they can show their love to each other by giving gifts. For women, giving gifts to their boyfriends or husbands can be a challenging... (Read Article)


Mega-value Explosive Icebreakers & Games Galore! Package

There’s a mouthful. Yeah, OK. So they call this a package for Trainers. I call it a fun package for getting a special party hopping!

This is full of addicting mind games and puzzles that are wacky, and creative, and just plain fun for everyone! Adaptations of the icebreakers can be used at any get together anywhere you might find yourself. Plus there are indoor games and outdoor games to intrigue young and old alike and ensure everyone is involved rather than standing around in their little cliques and groups on or out of the classroom and boardrooms – at any age.

In the proper setting, complete strangers have wandered over and found themselves joining in on the games or just cheering on from the sidelines. And why not? I really enjoy impromptu parties. Who doesn’t?

At your next family get together you’ll find yourself in the middle of the teenagers with your scintillating and addictive brainteasers. Visual puzzles will have your aunties reaching for their pencils to scribble on the tablecloth! Little spawns will be hopping around trying to keep up with the indoor and outdoor games that you deviously start to keep them out of everyone’s hair.

Wacky? Sure, but I tell you, you’ll be adored and applauded! Try it. I’m always right.


Spreading the Love on Valentine's Day

If you and your partner are planning on spending Valentine's Day with each other and with your friends in the form of a party but don't know where to start, you are in luck. This article will help you in planning| a very special Valentine party with your friends.... (Read Article)


Just in time for Valentines Day – Murder and Mayhem!

I don’t know what it is about Valentines Day that makes me want to break out that big handy kitchen knife and start carving (could be one of the 3 exes …) but I don’t fight it.

I just grab a bunch of like minded acquaintances and, not wanting to go to jail for real, break out on of the many addicting murder mystery games I keep around. Hey, don’t judge me…whatever keeps me out of the trouble….right?

Depending on how many people you know who want in on the action, these are my absolute favourite Valentines day murderous games:

  • "A Broken Heart Murder" – Enjoy a nice simple evening of trivia and dancing with Rosie Valentine and about 18 of your favourite people as she celebrates her latest book’s success. Celebrates right up until a vengeful broken hearted murder joins the party. Was it you who dun it? I bet it was you.
  • A St Valentine's Day Murder Mystery – It’s Chicago, 1929 and you and your pal Tommy Gunn and about 8 others are celebrating Tommy’s 40th birthday. But wait a minute, he’s acting pretty sinister don’t you think? Gangsters and booze just don’t mix well do they…
  • Revenge Against a Ladies' Man – Sorry all you, men, out there…tis one’s for women only. They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so gather 8 of your closest and meanest sisters and have a hell of a time ganging up on that bastage John Lothario (come on, ya know ya wanna). But wait a minute…we didn’t REALLY want to kill him, just ruin and humiliate him…so who among us has let him off so easy with mere death? Hey, don’t look at me like that…
  • There are these and many more great murder mystery games for any age groups that, once you discover them, well keep you hooked. Great stress relievers and really addicting fun!

    Happy Valentines’ Day fellow murderers/esses!


    Making Valentine's Day Extra Special

    For all the couples in the world, the most special occasion for them aside from their anniversary is Valentine's Day. This is so because this day openly asks all the couples to show their partners how much they love each other. Expressing this love can include... (Read Article)


    You sunk my Battleship!

    If you and a fellow gamer is sitting around bored, why not grab your battleship game and have a friendly war!

    Throughout the not so long history of the game of battle ship, even the versions around before it became battleship, the game was plain addicting. Despite hints that the original original game was invented by Russian Soldiers back in 1917, it’s more widely believed that it was first devised in 1931 under the name of Salvo, as a pencil and paper version. Yup, it pre-dates World War 1! It became known under a multitude of different names around the world but it wasn’t until Milton Bradley got involved in 1967 with its revamped plastic grids and hidden battleships, that it really took off.

    With its hidden grid where you hid your 5 battleships, and its target grid where you keep track of your hits and misses while seeking out and destroying your worthless opponent’s measly ships, you just won’t be able to get enough. You can keep the rules simple using just the ships, or you can get downright evil with special weapons, radar, and even search planes that you use to target and destroy!

    But no matter what version you play,

  • Battleship

  • Electronic battleship

  • Electronic talking battleship

  • Online battleship
  • ...or even the Naval Battle version which is still using paper and pencil – or, try the Card game version, whatever - you’ll have to agree that it is an amazingly fun and addicting game.


    Video Games – The verdict is: “They’re good for you!”

    That’s right. Now when you’re told that you’re rotting your brain, you have the perfect argument against your accuser. “Even the bad ones” you ask? Yes. Because they’re more realistic in that you get to make either good or bad choices and just like real life, you have the consequences to deal with from either decision. Right…

    But real scientifical studies by real scientists have proven that in fact, the exact opposite happens. You’re not rotting your brain, you’re feeding your brain – and training it with fantastic abilities. No really. The tests have shown and proven that video games stimulate, train, and even help regenerate brain cells.

  • Seniors have shown marked improval of cognitive skills and a slowing of damage caused by memory loss, age, and disease through the use of video games like Brain Age.
  • Young children show extra ability with visual attention, spatial skills, ability to focus and switch attention between tasks better than children who don’t play them.
  • Autism is receiving attention when it comes to video games and their ability to help attention, cognitive and social skills.

  • So. Where does that leave us?

    Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to pick up some more video games and get playing!

    Addicting? Maybe.

    Fun? Definitely!


    Rummy – The game of conquistadors

    Now when I say Rummy, I am not specifically talking about the addicting game of Gin Rummy…although now that I’ve mentioned it I’m itching to play!

    But before I forget, I just want to say thank you to the Conquistadors for bringing Rummy to the rest of the world. Note that there is of course, the obligatory arguments over the history of rummy, but suffice it to say, this addicting game…in any of its variants, has been around for a long, long time and will be around for another few hundred years or more.

    Gin rummy was a favourite growing up, but there was also different versions we’d play, like Indian Rummy, dummy rummy, Mah Jong (yup, it’s a variant of rummy), Ten pennies, Uno…there are so many different versions that I can’t name them all.

    All you need to know is that there’s sure to be a variation of the card game that you’ll love. You can play with 2, 4, or 6 people and just pick the version that’s best with the number of people who want to be defeated by your awesome skills in Rummy.

    If you aren’t familiar with Rummy, pick up a deck of cards, or better yet, pick up a game copy, and just start playing it. The rules of Rummy are found everywhere, but you can make up your own if you don’t like how its played. That way, you’re always sure to win. Kidding.

    Although…there are so many different ways to play Rummy that you definitely could get away with it….



    Rainy Day Activities – Let Your Children Enjoy!

    Most children do not like rainy days because they cannot go out and play with their friends. It is essential for parents to know different rainy day activities that can keep their children busy and productive. Here are some rainy day activities that can be... (Read Article)


    Rule your own Dominion – or someone else will

    This addicting medieval board game was selected by Mensa for a reason!

    A bunch of reasons actually…its fun, its fast, it’s a strategy game that makes you think, and its always a different game each time you play. What more can you ask for really?

    You, Mr. Monarch, start out with a ten card deck (which is your kingdom), and then build up your deck as you play. Now unlike other card games where you have to constantly buy and build new decks (think Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokémon), Dominion is a standalone game where you use your deck’s cash cards to randomly purchase various cards from those available in the game piles and then reshuffle and discard as you attempt to build up your kingdom.

    Just remember your ABCs of Dominion and you can’t loose, maybe:

  • Action cards are to there to be played wisely

  • Buy into victory as you put your treasure cards to good use

  • Cleanup by discarding the deadweight and exchanging for new and improved goodies
  • Although Dominion has only been around for a couple of years, it’s already won numerous awards. There are also numerous expansion packs available to boost the variety of playing scenarios available to you and make the game last a bit longer than the usual 30 minutes or so it normally takes. I am especially excited about the Alchemy add-on that’s due out this year – I have the feeling that it’s going to be really fun trashing my opponents with use of the cards it will provide!

    Lord over the minions, stock your treasury, fend off the competition, and above all, balance your deck!

    So don’t forget to check out the Dominion board game, you’ll enjoy it!


    Would you survive in a Worst Case Scenario situation?

    Live or Die? That is the question here…all 600 of them. If you – like me and mine - are a fan of the worst Case survivor books, then you will really enjoy this addicting game too.

    I have to admit that I get more of a kick out of reading the cards, as does my spawn, so we often drift off into the land of what if hilarity and never finishing the current game, but then, isn’t that the point of a game? I mean, communicating with your alien spawn and both of you actually enjoying and engaging? If you would like to experience that mindset, then these games are for you also.

    You can get the board game version, but don’t forget to grab the Trivia Challenge version for the pc while you’re at it. You’ll find a combination of survival situations and trivia in two different gameplay modes: short or full, both of which includes a round of ten multiple-choice questions with 4 possible answers. (The full game has an extra challenge round – but only if you’ve got the right answer more often than wrong in the previous round!

    Both have the same multiple choice answers to a question that knowing the answer to could be the difference between life and death. Both have a lot of interesting and thought (or laughter) provoking scenarios to put forth. And both will be sure to get you debating (arguing) over the provided answer. I mean, do you think you could escape from the trunk of your car? This game will tell you how. Do you know how to survive a shark attack? I’m going to send a copy to my niece going to school in Australia…because she just may find herself needing to know how… insert deity here forbid!

    How great is your survival instinct? Mine’s pretty top notch let me tell you…so why not put yours to the test with this addicting game.

    Silly. Fun. Addicting. Somewhat random. Yup.


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