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Rainy Day Activities � Let Your Children Enjoy!

Most children do not like rainy days because they cannot go out and play with their friends. It is essential for parents to know different rainy day activities that can keep their children busy and productive.

Here are some rainy day activities that can be enjoyed by both parents and children:

- Clean the toy cabinet. Gather your children and let them clean one drawer or shelf each. Sorting through these toys may able to let you find old toys, which can still be played. Choose old pieces that can be thrown away as well as those things that can be sold.

- Recording sounds. Get a tape recorder and have your children to record everyday sounds and make a special project from it. Let them work on their creativity or suggest sounds to be recorded such as running water, someone opening the door or ringing the bell, or a dog's bark. This is one of the rainy day activities that can make the children think about ordinary things in a different way. You can let them invite their classmates and friends to do the whole project together.

- Creating a story tape. Provide a tape recorder and some blank cassette tapes for your children and ask them to find stories that they enjoy and have them make their own story tape. Every child has the chance to read for a while or they can even take part of certain characters. Also, tell them to provide appropriate noises. This activity requires practice, which can make your kids giggle and have a lot of fun.

- Another great idea for rainy day activities is doing jigsaw puzzle. Let your children play jigsaw puzzle with their friends. You can borrow these puzzles from your local library or just purchase them from thrift stores or garage sales.

- Create a card house. If your children do not know] any card games, it is best to build a card house instead. You can help them at first by balancing 2 cards next to each other, making them stand up in a reversed V shape and have your children do the rest of the activity.

- Balancing. This is a great activity that can help develop balance while having fun. Have your kids walk the length of a room with book placed on their head. This activity can bring laughter to the whole house.

- Building an indoor den is one of the rainy day activities that you can enjoy with your children. Find some few tablecloths and blankets in order to create an indoor den. Cover blankets and tablecloths between chairs and sofas or knot the ends to the door handles and cupboard knobs. After creating the den, provide your kids with special snacks, activity books and coloring books, play some music in the background and enjoy an indoor camping.

- Let your children play online games. The internet is full of]activities to do and during the rainy season, allow your kids to enjoy online games. However, make sure to set up a time limit for your children when playing online games because it could be quite addicting.

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