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March 2010

Indoor Games - Your Solution to a Boring Party

If you are planning to host a party, then there are many things that you have to prepare. You have to prepare the party menu, the guest list, the party theme, the venue and its decorations and many other party essentials. Another thing that you should not forget... (Read Article)


Axis & Allies – Got 2 to 10 hours?

OK, so maybe you can get away with completing a game in just a couple of hours, but truely, this one is for all you endurance players out there aged – oh – about teens and up.
If you love strategy games, and World War II games, then you’ll not be able to resist Axis and Allies.

Grab a few friends, a few dozen snacks and few more energizers to keep you all going for the duration...and get playing. You can buy the board games, or you can play online. You can also play recreated historical battles and skirmishes with authentically detailed miniatures on a table top with the double sided hexagonal battle maps. Very cool.

This miniatures version is collectables, so be warned, buying them can become an addiction of their own. Yes, it’s oh so addicting, and uber fun, this WWII game has many versions, as previously mentioned, including:

  • text Axis & Allies: Pacific, Pacific 1940 (square off against the backdrop of the Pacific ocean)

  • Axis & Allies: Europe, Europe 1940 (destroyer and artillery strikes in the European Theater)

  • Axis & Allies: D-Day (storm Normandy’s beaches)

  • Axis & Allies: Guadalcanal (Second World War's Pacific Theater)

  • Axis & Allies: Battle of the Bulge (indulge in Hitler's Offensive in the West)

  • Axis & Allies Miniatures (collectible’s warfare to help visualize your goal)

So definitely > get your hands on one or all addicting Axis & Allies gaming versions...but remember, you have been warned!


Fun Indoor Games for All Occasions

Indoor games are quite useful for a handful of occasions and events. They can be great to use at birthday parties, for special gatherings and even for the usual get together of families and friends. If you are looking for great indoor games that you can use,... (Read Article)


Beware the Red Dragon

OK, this one is for the college student in all of us. Or the boater.

Now, I’m talking the Red Dragon Inn board game (not the dizzyingly complicated Calculation program created specifically for the board game of Mahjong) I’m not talking the strangely weird Red Dragon Freeform Roleplaying Community (that one’s for the basement dwellers, I think).

While game rules say you can get the party started without ever touching a drop….riiight…this, let me rephrase that…this ultra fun game comes complete with player mats, drink deck, fortitude markers, character decks, gold pieces, and of course, character decks so you can pretend you’re not you for the next few hours. Btw, if you’re giving it as a gift, you may want to tuck a free membership to AA inside. But I digress. This game has it all. Gambling, drinking, and….well, aren’t those to enough for a good time? You play, you gamble while trying to hang on to both your money and your consciousness. If you lose either, you lose and the others get to divide any of your loot. But if you manage to outlast all those other wimps, you get bragging rights (but possibly lose the next 24 hours or so). Not that anyone else will remember as they’ve all staggered off to the stable – or wherever – to sleep it off.

And if you get really good at this version, or gain more than the 4 players the first version is pretty much restricted to, you can go out and pick up the standalone expansion pack. Then you can attempt to outlast and out carouse up to 8 people while you all exercise your arms and staying power.

Good times, no? So go ahead, grab one or both versions of the Red Dragon Inn, and don’t waste any time thinking about all of the brain cells we (possibly permanently) pickle…just play…and Cheers, eh?!


Keeping Your Kids Busy with Rainy Day Activities

It would be an understatement to say that young kids are restless. In fact, it would be more realistic to describe them as little storms going around your home. Despite the ruckus that they can cause, having kids is something that is a true blessing. Even if... (Read Article)


The religious UnGame?

Are you feeling particularly humble…or perhaps more than a little repentant lately (especially in the aftermath of the drinking game from blogs past)? Perhaps its time for you and your friends/family to turn to a religious board game. Now I know that religion can be a little tricky, but this addicting board game comes in two different versions. Lets discuss the Catholic vs Christian versions:

  • The Christian Ungame – this amazing ungame version is based on the Christian faith and it pretty much guarantees an improvement in your family relationships, communications, and helps you all get to know one another better through its thought provoking questions. Everyone is right in this non-competitive game, but I guess I’m just more righteous and thus I get more brownie points with mine answers than thou…and so me, I win…not that there’s anything wrong with losing…
  • The Catholic Ungame – do you know your patron saint? (based on your name,, I mean you wonderfully clueless person, you) Based, of course, on the Catholic faith, this fantastic ungame version is also non-competitive. Like the Christian version mentioned above (and remember, Catholicism was the original Christian faith…it just prays not only to god but also to various saints – just to be safe and cover all bases I’m thinking. Anyhoo, this great (dare I say addicting?) board game, er, ungame, like its Christian counterpart also covers all the regular philosophical questions, but it includes a card deck with – you guessed it - Catholic faith based questions

Now that I’ve discussed the taboo subject of religion and blasphemed (pretty sure now) either or all faiths in my comments above (maybe even the atheists) and quite probably have some of you frothing at the mouths…go grab yourself whichever version matches your faith…or maybe a different Bible game will catch your fancy while you’re browsing. Or better yet get both versions like I did so you can play both with friends and family members of both faiths. Anti-communicate and argue your little hearts out over the various questions…come on…you know you want to. Yeah. I’m probably going to H-E-double hockey sticks (to visit relatives)…but its so fun to argue and compete…and laugh…right?


Battling Tops – Retro cool

I love most of the old games still kicking about in closets and attics. And did you notice that most of those old addicting board games, such as battling tops from the 1960sare still around under a different name and a different look?

You just get lucky sometimes finding a old copy, but if you can’t and start doing a bit of research, you’ll find it under several different names, including:

  • Battling gladiators game

  • Beyblade Battle Tops

  • Boscaiola (would I lie)

But this game was around way, way before the 60s...what’s that? How long ago you unwittingly ask?

Try back as far as Ancient Egypt! Yes, spinning toys back then were made from wood, bone, stones and even ceramics! And I’m betting that just as many adults tried them out as did kids. There’s just something about knocking your opponents out of the play area that is irresistible - no matter what age’re from.

That’s because, as everyone knows, you just can’t ever get enough of a good thing, can you, and whether they’re string powered, push powered, pull powered, or finger powered, these battling tops are irresistible and very addicting! (Tho I still like the original Battling Tops version best, even if they’re just a tad slower and lighter than some of the mechanical ones about...they fly better when hit!) But if you can’t find this around, there’s lots of addicting games to choose from.


Liven Up Any Gathering with Large Group Party Games

A gathering can have any purpose. You can host a gathering to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary. You can host all kinds of parties for any special event of the year - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Fourth of July celebration and many others. You can... (Read Article)


Fill or Bust – a combo game you’ll love!

This most excellent addicting game is fun for everyone and anyone who wants to play…and the more the merrier. With both cards and dice involved, how can you not have fun?

Simply, the highest scorer wins and each roll of the dice brings you that much closer to winning. Of course, you totally get to decide beforehand how high the winning score will be…will you play to 500 or 5000? How long do you want to play for? Half an hour or all night…its totally up to you. Too fun!

Fill or Bust is compact and therefore easy to tuck into your backpack when heading off to the boat, or camping, or a day at the beach, or…

Also known by the name of Volle Lotte, Fill or Bust has been around for over 20 years. It is actually somewhat like Farkle, except for the deck of cards that adds that extra addicting dimension to the game. You use one of your cards to tell you what goal you have for that turn and then roll the six dice. Hopefully you have begun to match the card. You can take those points, or you can then roll again…and again… So, after each toss you must remove 1 or some of the dice (looking for 1s, 5s, or straights - think poker) until you have removed all six dice from play. Hopefully you have points according to the card you had to match up the dice roll with. If not…you’re busted and lose any and all points you might have accumulated during that turn!

Yeah, its fun and yeah, it’s worth picking up a copy of this excellent push your luck game to play! Enjoy!


Snow Tails – now that the weather’s warming up…

So it’s the first really nice day that makes you believe spring is finally on its way…and you’re already mourning the passing of the snowballs and heavy coats? Have you thought about getting help…

I have for you winter lovers, a pretty cool and addicting board game to help you keep cool all year round. Snow Tails takes you all the way to the Arctic Circle where you and your huskies get to race sleds as fast and as furious as you can handle. But don’t get careless! Damage your sled and you’ll have to pick up a dent card. That dam dent card will limit you in the following turns and may even take your win away from you. Crash and burn baby…it could happen.

Snow Tails has only been around for a couple of years and yet the Lamont brothers (no not the Rugby guys!) are the proud possessor of numerous awards for this addicting race game. So if I’m not doing that great a job describing just how fun and addicting it really is…let the accolades to the talking! For sure you won’t delegate this to the back of the games closet…and you’ll find yourself searching hard if it gets misplaced.

From the modular pieces of the fitted game track to the dog decks you draw from to play on your own personal sled mat, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Hey! …watch out for those corners! Quick! Grab a brake marker!


Wordspot – I see words

Inspired by centuries of letterpress craftsmen, this addicting word game will have you seeing hidden words everywhere. And not only do you get to challenge your ability to find words forwards, up, down, and backwards, you get to beat someone else while doing it! Back then, these master craftsmen would challenge each other to find hidden words while arranging their many thousands of letter tiles on the trays used to make printed documents, and later newspapers. This fascinating pastime was a playful game called vedere parola (translation: “see words”). These would go unnoticed by the casual reader, but would be their private game.

Ok, enough of that. Basically, do you like scrabble but really don’t have the time to spend more than ½ an hour on a game? Do you like word searches but also like to play games with others (or need to keep your munchkins busy for awhile)? Then Wordspot is then definitely the game for you. With its easy rules and fast pace Wordspot will have you begging anyone dumb enough to play against you - with your overwhelming lexical base (yeah…I went there) - to play ‘just one more game…pleeeease’.

And play is easy and straightforward…with of course a little twist. Get out the game board, set out the random word tiles to start, get your clear tokens, and start playing. When…I mean if…you’re the first to get rid of your tokens – you win! But of course it ain’t that easy. If you can’t find a word you have to pick up a letter tile – and 2 more clear tiles besides - that you then have to use before you can win. In this way you build up more words as play continues.

So yeah, this very addicting and award winning game of Wordspot with its beautifully crafted wooden game box designed to look and be placed among your classic volumes is definitely a keeper and one you’ll play again and again.


Age of Mythology – You won’t pass history tests but…

Age of Mythology is, in my very humble opinion, the most awesomely addicting PC (computer) game created, ever.

Having discovered this game soon after its inception back in 2002, I, quickly became addicted and played whenever possible…thus developing a lasting fascination for not only all campaign type strategy games, but for ancient history itself. And of course we snapped up The Titansr expansion pack once we had finished the campaign for the second time…

Essentially, this addicting game combines the more linear strategy of Age of Empires with an exciting twist. I mean...holy crap its fun!

Gods and Heroes fight alongside the armies of three very different ancient civilizations – the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Norse. At each level of the campaign, you get to choose which major and minor deities you want to ally yourself with. In order to build up your armies so that you can defend yourself against the inevitable attack(s), you must build up your civilization. Establish settlements, create buildings, economic resources and trade routes…all while you defend yourself against enemy attacks and plagues. There are both major and minor gods to help you and all of which add up to a great variety and once you win the campaign at the easy level, there are still 3 more levels to play again with different deities and god selection, and random map selection, ensuring new challenges every time.

You still, of course, have the ability to create your own terrain and armies and stage your own strategic battles outside of the campaigns.

...and then there are the expansion packs, the online play, the board games, the soundtracks (because it also has awesome original compositions)…trust me on this. If you haven’t discovered Age of Mythology yet, try it out…you definitely will not be disappointed.


Why You Need to Prepare Games for Parties Well in Advance

If you are planning a party or if you foresee doing so in the near future, then it pays to prepare well in advance. Preparing for everything from food to music to games for parties can lead you to many benefits. While most people see planning for food, music,... (Read Article)


Fill that Easter basket….with throwing toys!

They get too much chocolate anyway, so why not replace one (or all) of the mega sized chocolate bunnies in their Easter basket this year with a great addicting game?
Then, when they’re all jacked up on sugar, kick ‘em outside with their new outdoor toy – instant peace.

And just a few really great examples you can use:

  • Hoola Hoops – get the original kind or try the new smaller lighted version made specifically for throwing - so they can stay out real late (…and yes you can find a basket big enough for either if you try hard enough!)

  • Arrowcopters – grab either a single or double package (containing 2) of these awesome toys – lights up and the rubber band launcher gets it 300 feet up!

  • Balsa wood gliders – whether propeller, hand, or rubber band powered, these fun planes will keep them busy…until a tree gets them!

  • Frisbees – whether you get them a professional disc golf version, a glow in the dark, or an ordinary run-of –the-mill frisbee, these are sure to get everyone in on the action…including the pets

    • There are just so many great addicting games that can be given to anyone at any time that its nice to have an excuse to give one or two out at Easter…and it doesn’t matter what age they are, because anyone of any age will love one of these great toys to play around with in the yard...dark alleyway…traffic…

      So, to recap – less chocolate, more outdoor throwing Toys …‘cause they're so much cuter when they're outside throwing toys instead of inside throwing tantrums during these mandatory holidays!


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