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April 2010

Just to be nice today - innocuous Easter games

So nice for the young innocent ones. There are many cute bunny games out there for you to add to the Easter basket this weekend.

And since the little ones find them so very addicting, they’ll keep out of your hair long enough to get that traditional Canadian family brunch going, or the hasenpfeffer in the oven (should be available Monday, yes?) …what?

So lets take a look at just a few of these many many great games for the little ones.

  • Karottenklau – (Carrot Pinching) The gluttonous rabbit strikes again…or tries to… you must harvest four carrots before the bunny eats four…win or lose together so nobody feels left out (you’re either all good or you all suck…either way this game follows the golden rule: no one is left behind..or some such)

  • Funny bunny – This fun game is a mixture of checkers, horse racing, whac-a-mole, and little bunny foofoo. You get four chances to make it to the juicy rotating carrot at the top of the hill…get just one of your bunnies there without falling into the bunny holes awaiting you and you win. (Hey, could I make this stuff up? Besides, it actually is fun…and has even won an award to prove it!)

  • Funny Bunny Game – yes…different from above… oh, wait a-minute…no its not…continue on

  • counting Bunnies wooden puzzle – not exactly a game, per se, but very fun to take the bunny and carrot train apart and put back together again. So yes. It is a game. And a puzzle. And a counting tool. And a teether. And really fun for the little ones to do over and over and over and…

    • So there you go. Nice games for the kiddies this Easter. Note that I didn’t even mention that whack Killer bunny card game series …I’m saving the best for last!


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      Ah, Bubbles and Springtime…just can’t get enough of either

      With the weather turning so awesome finally, who can help but start to think about all of the wonderful games available for outdoor play?

      And with bubble solution as close as your kitchen sink, you have no reason not to indulge. For not only are the bubbles fun for your kids, but get a natural lemon scented dish soap for your refill solution and you have instant plant cleaner, bug repellent, and you kids will get clean as they play…

      OK, maybe not as they play, but definitely as they wash up afterwards with the hose!

      The different bubblers available these days (a little different from the onion stalks we used to get from the garden for our bubble wands – but I still can’t stand onions…go figure) are so cool!

      You can try out

      • the KLUTZ amazing bubble thing - the amazing (it really is) bubble wand makes bubbles so huge they could float a squirrel away…if it didn’t have those little claws to get out!

      • the Bubble Toooba - this fun bubbly tube will be sure to keep kids and animals running around chasing bubbles ‘til they drop

      • the miracle bubbles and bubble kits - these are found in any store from dollar stores to Masterminds and its all the kids need to have a few of these going (my cat loves catching these littler bubbles!)

      • a Bubble machine - just plug it in and keep it supplied with bubble solution – this is a great addition for any outdoor party …and I love to have this going on the porch for Hallowe’en…but be warned, you’ll catch a few exasperated looks from the parents when the kids just flat out don’t want to leave!

      Ah, Bubbles…fun for any age and always a great outdoor pastime.


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