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Baby Names

The perfect baby name will speak to your heart, give your child a great start in life—and maybe even satisfy your relatives.

Ever wonder what the most popular and unpopular baby names are? Baby names are like mirrors to reflect the times. It's fun to find out what the hot baby names are. Baby names are as varied as babies personalities, and the choices for baby names may seem endless.

Fashionable types of baby names are chosen because they are unusual, but they then become a trend. Unusual Baby Names, as well as Exotic and Unique Baby Names are gaining momentum as choices for babies. Unusual,even exotic sounding Irish baby names are becoming hugely popular but how do you pronounce these unfamiliar syllables, what do these Gaelic-rooted names mean and what are their English language equivalents. Hawaiian baby names are fun to consider for a unique spin on an English name. The majority of Chinese baby names are unique to each baby.

As you narrow your list of baby names, make sure to mouth prospective names more and more. It's the best way to narrow your list of great-sounding names while weeding out the ones that don't.

A name is the sweetest and an ever lasting gift from you to your baby. It is more than a term of identification. A name is a reflection of character identity.

NEW Baby-Naming Software Launched!

NEW Baby-Naming Software Launched!

New Software for Mothers, Removes the Labor from the Baby-naming process.

Infinite Web Solutions announces the availability of the first ever software designed for choosing baby names. Easily accessible, centralized, and with the largest collection of names, it quickly downloads to PC’s and laptops for anytime use. It is the ideal solution for parents.

Atlanta, Ga. – July 2, 2007 – In an effort to optimize the baby-naming process for parents, “Infinite Web Solutions” a Georgia based company, today unveiled the premier software program designed to simplify and change how people will now search for baby names.

The software, “1 STOP BABY NAMES,” uses the latest technology and is being offered in a convenient and easily downloadable format on the company’s website, www.1stopbabynames.com

The program when downloaded to the computer, installs a safe, encoded package and the user - with just a few clicks - can select, view and even store their favorite names while utilizing multiple search criteria methods including, but not limited to: meaning, gender, and origin. 

Key concepts behind the software’s creation are; personalization and usability. The end user is not redirected to several links, as is the feature of most websites and also the number one complaint voiced by survey participants. Because the usual unwanted chatter found on baby-naming websites is eliminated, the experience has a more intimate, and convenient feel for the user. 

“1 STOP BABY NAMES,” surpasses current website capabilities and presents more options to the user by: offering over 40,000 names and their meanings, 100+ origins, and the top 100 baby names for the past five years. The distinct feature of the software’s portability allows for easy storage and use in a centralized location without distraction.

“We really think 1 Stop Baby Names is a significant advancement and a more viable option, since the initial creation of baby-naming websites,” cited Shad Hill, CEO of Infinite Web Solutions. 

“After looking at the marketplace and through extensive research with expectant and current mothers, our company is confident with the solution we have created.”

Current users of the 1 Stop Baby Name software also express their satisfaction with the product through testimonials on the company’s website.

The downloadable version is offered with very useful bonuses and free lifetime upgrades.

The new software will also be available in most major retail outlets later this year.

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