Bachelorette Party

The Bachelorette Party is renowned for inspiring women to really "let their hair down." Frankly, women are seldom so naughty and as goofy as when they are giggling hysterically over a novel party favor, gag gift, or risqué party game. Males are objectified and generally ridiculed to gales of gleeful laughter. The female bonding is particularly strong and enjoyable as the silliness reigns.

Steer clear of the night before the wedding -- the last thing the bride needs is a hangover! She'll be nervous enough; she shouldn't have to worry about getting sick.

One person can plan the entire bash, or several people (like the bridesmaids or the clique from college) can collaborate. Some bachelorette hosts ask for a donation from each guest or co-host, depending on the type of party -- whether you're renting a private room in a restaurant or taking everyone for an afternoon of spa treatments, for example. That contribution may range from $50 to $200.

These parties are a great opportunity to warmly roast the bride and to make a few off-color jokes about married life (again, as long as you know the guest-of-honor won't be offended). Therefore, plan for lots of amusing toasts. You might ask a few guests to prepare a toast in advance to get things started.

Bachelorette Party Games are the key to having an awesome bachelorette party.

Oh, and, are bachelorette parties ever FUN! This is the time to remind a bride-to-be that she is, after all, ONLY marrying a GUY! No matter how in love, regardless of his sweet, kind, considerate nature, he is JUST a guy! The mood is satirical, but all in fun.

Durex Colored & Scented Condoms

Price: 8.49

Looking for a fun gift for the bachelor? How about some Durex Colored & Scented Condoms? Hopefully he will find them handy.

Last Night Out Glow Badge

Price: 4.99

The Last Night Out Glow Badge is a great alternative to our flashing, light up products. Once you squeeze and shake the badge, it will glow for hours. With its adhesive backing, you can put this badge on any hat, or shirt.Slap the Last Night Out Glow Badge on your friend and push her into the crowd. She is sure to become the center of attention.

Our Own Bachelorette Party Veil - Top Quality

Price: 7.99

Our Bachelorette Party Veil is a good quality veil to give to a bachelorette for her bachelorette party. The bachelorette will look beautiful wearing our best and most popular veil.I won't tell you what my real wedding veil cost, but I will say that it was a heckuva lot more than $7.99. If you want a veil for the bachelorette party, this one is a great choice. It uses a full yard of fine nylon tulle and attaches using a barrette. It will fit anyone, even those with very short hair.In early 2004, we started dealing with a new supplier for this product. We felt our prior supplier was not using the best quality materials in the veil and were unhappy with the small amount of material they were using. It seemed like the veils we had been getting were a little bit flat and inexpensive looking. We developed a unique solution to the problem by enlisting the help Tom's mom (Tom is the owner of PriveCo and Tom's mom had recently retired and was looking for a way to make some cash. We asked her if she wanted to make a new and improved veil for us. Carol (that is Tom's mom's name) is quick with a glue gun and an inventive business woman. Using her skills, she has earned the new title of Queen of Bachelorette Party Veils. She found better quality materials, used more of them, and set up shop in her basement. She turns out batches of 50 veils for us on a regular basis. We pay the same amount we always paid and she makes a little bit of cash to spend on her grandkids. You get a better quality veil, too.

Bachelorette Party Name Tags - 12

Price: 3.49

Bachelorette Party Name Tags come in handy if you are having a fairly large gathering of people who don't already know each other. Also, you and the girls are heading out, why not wear name tags so that the guys know who they are flirting with? Another fun thing to do with name tags is to write fake names on them before you go out to the bar. That way, no matter how much trouble you cause, you can always blame it on Amanda Love or Summer Clearance. There are 12 name badges in each package.

Suck For A Buck T-Shirt Kit

Price: 19.99

The Suck For A Buck T-Shirt Kit is a great bachelorette or birthday party game. This kit contains a t-shirt and some candies.The idea behind Suck For A Buck is the bachelorette wears the t-shirt with the candies stapled or taped to it. Guys will pay a dollar to the bachelorette in exchange for taking a candy. This shirt has a couple of $5 dollar zones where guys have to pay a little extra for a treat.The bachelorette can use the money for drinks, her honeymoon, or even for a late-night run to the diner. It is a fairly popular tradition to wear something like this to the bar.We should warn you that the t-shirt is a size extra large. To get it to fit like it does in the photograph you will probably have to bunch it up, or cut it. We took in the sides and tied back the sleeves. It is an XL and should fit anyone.

Dare to Have Fun Game

Price: 5.99

The Dare To Have Fun Game is a great game of dares for a bachelorette party that will be going out to a bar. It's a mix of a scavenger hunt and truth or dare. The dares include things like collect a condom, have a guy tell you his ultimate fantasy, and other fun and risqué things. All of the guests at your bachelorette party can get involved in this game.There are 50 dares in all, along with a rule guide. Click on the image to see a larger picture of the Dare To Have Fun Game.

Final Fling Before The Ring Invitations - 8

Price: 4.99

Here are some bright, sweet invitations to let your friends know you are celebrating someone's Final Fling Before the Ring. The package includes 8 invitations and matching envelopes.The backside of the invitation includes the typical fields you would want to fill out for an invite:You're Invited to a: For: Date: Time: Place: Given By: RSVP:This invitation is a tame choice in terms of bachelorette party invitations. They are five inches by five inches.

Bachelorette Napkin Game

Price: 3.99

The Bachelorette Napkin Game is an entertaining game to be played in any bachelorette party environment. Printed on each napkin are trivia questions focusing on the bachelorette and her husband-to-be. For example, one question might be, "What type of underwear does the groom wear?" That might be one question. We're not sure. It MIGHT be on there. Now you should get at least one answer correct. Each package contains 25 napkins.

Willy Whack-It Penis Pinata

Price: 24.99

Any woman knows there is a time to love a man. Men can be kind, strong, caring, and warm. We also know that there is a time to create a effigy to men in the form of a pinata and to beat that pinata to a bloody pulp. Pick up a broom handle, sisters, and let this son of a bitch have it.This pinata is about 18 inches by 7 inches. It is shipped empty, so you will have to fill it up.

The Bachelorette Tiara

Price: 7.99

The Bachelorette Party Tiara is a spectacular tiara for the bachelorette. The bachelorette will feel like a princess wearing this sparkling silver bachelorette tiara. Spelled out in sparkles on top of tiara is the word BACHELORETTE. Who wouldn't love to feel like a princess for a day? When you throw a bachelorette party, you need to make sure the bachelorette gets a lot of attention. This sparkling metal bachelorette tiara will make a great souvenir for the bachelorette to remember her last girls' night out. We sell other bachelorette attire that will make her outfit complete. If I could, I would wear my Bachelorette Tiara everyday.Click on the picture to see just how pretty it is.

Bachelorette Koozie

Price: 3.99

I don't know about you, but I hate when my beer gets warm from holding it in my hand. This handy little Bachelorette Koozie solves that problem in a snap!Another bonus is when you start slurring your words, you can simply point to the holder and everyone will know just what you want!2 great uses, 1 awesome product. What will they think of next?

Pecker Whacker Balloons - 5

Price: 3.99

Pecker Whackers are four foot long balloons, perfect for attacking men at the bar or keeping your bridesmaids in line. Everyone will have tons of fun if you supply them with Pecker Whackers. Pecker Whackers turn a good time into a PARTY!The package contains 5 balloons.

Inflatable Willy The Weiner

Price: 14.99

Willy The Weiner blows up to be about 4 feet tall. He isn't the biggest willy we sell, but his face sure is cute. With good looks like that, he will be welcome at any bachelorette party. The little picture shows this 48 inch inflatable penis next to the Captain Pecker. The Captain Pecker is pretty darn big. We thought the photo comparison might be helpful. But, come on, Willy's smile is so adorable. He had you at, "Hello," right?

A Deluxe Bachelorette Party Lei

Price: 12.99

Hawaii would be a drastically different place if they handed out leis like this when tourists got off planes. Think Las Vegas meets Bangkok. This Lei comes with everything you need for a good Lei. Intermingling with the chain bouquet of flowers is an array of fun devices. Penis pacifiers, condoms, candy, lube, and a button reading "I'm the bride" will be proudly hung around your neck. This Lei is a fun product for Bachelorette Parties and is sure to lead to some memorable experiences.

The Giant Penis Mug

Price: 7.99

The Giant Penis Mug makes a hilarious gag gift for the bachelorette. This large mug is fully functional; just fill it with the bachelorette's favorite beer or mixed drink and watch her sip away. The giant penis attached to the outside is complete with a life-like head and balls— and serves as a built-in straw. Your bachelorette and party guests will love taking turns sucking drinks like the Screaming Orgasm from this fantastic Giant Penis Mug.

Penis Party Invitations - A Great Value

Price: 2.99

Dicks, Cocks, Peni. Don't you just love them. I like them pale or chocolate brown. That is why I love these invitations. They are great. I even like the saying inside the invitations. It says "Hope you can come". One other great aspect of these bachelorette party invitations is that they are multi-ethnic. If you are having a diverse crowd at the party, these are great. Very few bachelorette party items cater to an African-American crowd, but these invitations represent. 8 invitations (5 inches by 4 inches), includes 8 envelopes.

Penis Pennant

Price: 2.99

Looking for an exciting new way to draw attention to your garage sale? Bring the zest of penises into your backyard without the annoyance of indecent exposure laws.These Penis Pennants can be well hung and stretched to a length of ten feet. Which is, ahem, well hung by any standards. With ten flags of six cocks each, this product offers you the unique capability of hanging a chain of sixty dicks.Perfect for Bachelorette Parties or making the cover spread of Architectural Digest, Penis Pennants make sure your flag will wave.

Pecker Party Tablecloth

Price: 2.99

Going on a picnic? Be sure to remember the basket, the bugspray, and this penis-laden table cloth. But really, this tablecloth is perfect for outdoor themed bachelorette parties or even indoor affairs. It fits all your bachelorette party tablecloth needs. Measuring 72 by 52 inches, this spread is big enough to sop up the mess of any blast. This cloth is decorated with a wide array of peckers and balloons so be sure to prepare lots of phallic foods, to accentuate the mood. The Pecker Party Tablecloth is fun, high quality, and fit for public display.

Risque Cookie Cutters

Price: 4.99

We all know that ginger bread men aren't men at all. Same thing goes for those elf cookies, with that long hair and large eyes it is impossible to tell. The world of cookies is an androgenous one. We need a cookie that has the guts to jump off the gender fence and make a clear decision.With boob and dick shaped sweets your snacks will be straight-forward with their gender. Your friends are sure to thank you, for this problem has been distressing them for eons.A pile of freshly cut cookies are sure to be snatched up at any party. Everyone likes cookies. Everyone likes private parts. That makes this one beautiful combination. Frost and decorate these for a detailed treat or leave them blank which is still a good joke.With three different cutters there's enough variety for everyone. They're sure to get their favorite part.

10,000 Carat Engagement Ring

Price: 8.49

You know what they say: bigger is always better! This 10,000 Carat Engagement Ring really takes the (wedding) cake. It's beautiful, shiny, mesmerizing, and huge! Any bachelorette would love to wear it at her bachelorette party.Caution: It's so big and beautiful, she may just wear it to the wedding. You'll have to get it back from her before then.

Penis Earrings

Price: 2.99

What could be cuter than little Penis Earrings? Well, I'm sure a kitten is cuter, and puppies are cute, and babies are much cuter than little Penis Earrings. We are not saying these pecker earrings aren't cute. They are cute. They just aren't as cute as a puppy.Includes one pair of earrings. Click on the image to see a larger picture.

Bachelorette's Last Night Out T-Shirt - Large

Price: 16.99

The Bachelorette's Last Night Out T-Shirt has a list of dares on it for random guys to complete and sign, making this one unique Bachelorette Party shirt!On the list of dares, some of the highlights are: Show me your 6-pack abs!, Time for body shots! You do me...I'll do you!, Grab your friends and we'll all dance together, Got condoms? If so, blow one up for me!, and You create a naughty dare especially for me!With this Last Night Out T-Shirt, you can see that the Bachelorette is going to thoroughly enjoy her party!Large - One size fits most.

Naked Lady Playing Cards

Price: 3.99

Naked Lady Playing Cards are a must-have for a bachelor party. In this deck of nude woman playing cards there are 54 different babes. Most of the naked women are actually attractive.These cards can be fun to have at a bachelor party because instead of saying deuces are wild you can say "women wearing shoes" are wild or something much filthier.

Free Gift With Orders Over $250.00

Price: 0.00

Here is a great, big free gift for you if you order over $250.00 worth of merchandise. If you order more than $250.00 you can add this free gift (along with the other free gifts) to your order.We aren't going to tell you what it is. We'll just let you know that you are in for a big surprise!

Penis Ice Cube Coolers - 6

Price: 3.99

Penis Ice Cube Coolers are a perfect addition to any bachelorette party cocktail. They will keep your drink cold and not water it down. Also, Penis Ice Cube Coolers are reusable, so there is an endless amount of cool penis-shaped fun! Your friends will love them. It is really amusing to see penises floating and bobbing in your glass.6 Penis Ice Cube Coolers come in each package. Click on the image to see a larger picture.

Wine Bottle Gift Bag - Filthy

Price: 2.99

Oh, my. My, oh, my. What we have here is a gift bag for a bottle of wine. It has a penis along the length. Bottles of wine require long gift bags, you know. This has a long penis on it. Filthy. This is pure filth. Your bachelorette will love it.

Large Penis Cake Pan- Big Boy

Price: 19.99

Hey you! Are you looking to make a really large penis cake? I'm down with that! Everyone likes a penis cake. Penis lovers want to eat it and penis haters want to cut it. This large cake pan is dubbed "Big Boy," and it makes a BIG penis cake. It uses a box of cake batter. This mold is really sturdy too. It will last for years. You'll want to remember to grease it up before you put the batter in, though because the surface is not non-stick (does that make it a stick surface?). The Large Penis Cake Pan is the perfect size for a whole box of cake mix and an entire can of frosting. When we used it, it took just over 40 minutes to bake a cake in it. The cooking time was similar to a bundt cake pan.Half the fun of this Big Boy Cake is frosting and decorating the cake once it has cooled. For flesh-tone frosting, you can purchase butterscotch, caramel or milk chocolate frosting. If the bride is marrying someone who is extremely pale you could go with vanilla or even strawberry frosting for her penis cake but butterscotch is pretty pale looking. Don't use German chocolate frosting for a penis cake because it just looks diseased with all of the coconut in there. Don't forget to add chocolate sprinkles for hair! At one bachelorette party I hosted, we cooked the Big Boy Penis Cake and a regular rectangular sheet cake. We then made the rectangle cake look like boxer shorts and placed the Large Penis Cake on top. Its was so easy and a huge hit! This penis cake pan is 12 1/2 inches by 10 inches by 3 inches deep.

Pecker Prize

Price: 4.49

The Pecker Prize is an appropriate award for any bachelorette party game. In the middle of this ribbon is a small, stuffed pecker.The Pecker Prize can be used to recognize the winner of favorite bachelorette party games, like Pin the Macho on the Man or the Bachelorette Napkin Game.The Pecker Prize is guaranteed to make 'em laugh. It will let people know that you're a first place weiner...err, winner.

Bachelorette Party Latex Balloons - 6

Price: 2.99

These Bachelorette Party Latex Balloons inflate up to 11 inches, feature deluxe printing quality and can hold helium for over 12 hours. The package contains 3 pink and 3 black balloons, all of which read, "Bachelorette Party." These would be fun to have strewn across the floor, tied along the banister with streamers, or floating around the room. And imagine how much fun they'll be to pop at the end of the night!

Pecker Napkins - 8

Price: 2.99

Peter Pecker picked a pack of 8 purple peckered napkins. Pecker Napkins are cocktail-sized napkins good for drinks or with cake. I wrote a poem about Pecker Napkins! Here it goes: Oh pecker napkins, you aren't too thick, you aren't too big, but you have a bunch of dicks. I didn't say it was a good poem. Enjoy Pecker Napkins.

Condom Cap

Price: 10.99

The Condom Cap is perfect if your friend has been known to act like a dickhead. It is a condom-shaped hat. Irony has never been so tangible.The Condom Cap is made of rubber and one size fits almost everyone. It is shown on the head of our Mr. Stud doll. The Mr. Stud doll is not included.Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Penis Party Lights

Price: 14.99

Pecker Party LightsLight up your party with this festive, fun string of lights! The Pecker Party Lights will definitely breathe life into the party. The Pecker Party Lights are great for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, or any party!Each string contains 10 jumbo-egg-size penis lights. Perhaps you could decorate your patio or even your X-mas tree with these silly penis lights.

The Big Joe Blowup Doll

Price: 39.99

Tall, fair-skinned and definitely not handsome, Big Joe will still find a way to charm your bachelorette party guests. The Big Joe blow up doll makes a great gag gift to enliven your bachelorette party.Big Joe is six feet tall, and has an seven inch penis. He's durable enough to withstand getting passed from girl to girl at your bachelorette party. Take him out to the bar for party games, or play with him right at home.

Peppermint Peckers

Price: 5.49

Patty Piper picked a pack of Peppermint Peckers perfect for Polly Pitt's bachelorette party. When people picked a Pecker from the polished package they pigged out, promptly panting with peppermint pungency.Prevent pizza and pastry perfume! Purchase Peppermint Peckers for your bachelorette party, and participate in perpetuating this potent Peppermint Pecker. Mmm!Each tin contains about 20 mints.

Bachelorette Party Pack - Great for 8

Price: 11.99

Planning a bachelorette party? This bachelorette party pack is the ticket. The Party Pack for 8 is decorated with a silly, hunky cartoon dude who is perched on top of a cake. The collection includes invitations, plates, napkins, and even balloons. Your friends will love the collection and you'll save time and money by purchasing this kit. The bachelorette party pack includes:8 nine inch dinner plates16 large napkins6 balloons8 invitations with matching envelopesThis is a nice bachelorette package that will have you well on your way to throwing a great bachelorette party.

Penis Straws - 10 Fun, Penis-Shaped Straws

Price: 5.49

Penis Straws set the mood for a great bachelorette party. Your bachelorette party guests will love these flesh toned plastic Penis Straws. I like to see the straws when everyone is done drinking to see who the biter of the group is. Then, we send the straw home with her to warn her man! We have two types of Penis Straws: these standard ones for daytime parties and the glow in the dark variety for nighttime parties. Take your pick. There are 10 per package. You can click on the picture to see the straws in more detail.

Glow In The Dark Penis Straws - 10

Price: 5.99

We have two types of Penis Straws: the standard ones for daytime parties, and these glow in the dark ones for nighttime parties. Take your pick. The Glow in The Dark Penis Straws are great for slurping drinks at the bar. There are 10 in each package.

Silver Bachelorette Party Banner

Price: 2.99

This Silver Bachelorette Party Banner is large and silver with pink writing that says "Bachelorette Party." It's decorated with little kiss marks and martini glasses that frame the words. This party banner is over 4 yards long, so it can cover a good sized area. Not only that, but it will sparkle in the light, letting everyone know that this is one hot party.

Bachelorette Party Caution Tape - 30 ft.

Price: 4.99

It's important to warn people what they'll be getting into. Bachelorette Party Caution Tape can be put anywhere on anything to create a fun atmosphere. The tape has yellow and black stripes, but down the middle of it runs a pink stripe that says, "CAUTION - WILD GIRLS!" You should always mark the scene of the crime, ladies, even if the crime is having too much fun! Includes 30 ft.

Bachelorette Checklist Gift Bag

Price: 2.99

The Bachelorette's Checklist Gift Bag has a fun scavenger hunt game on the bag. The bag can hold your gift, or party favors for the bachelorette party guests. This is a mid-sized bag--big enough to fit a veil and a few party favors. It is just too short to hold a bottle of wine.Some of the dares on this bag include:Collect a condom from a guy at the bar, Get the digits of a guy at the bar, Have a beer chugging contest, Get spanked from the hottest guy at the bar, Ask a guy at the bar for a pair of his underwear.The Bachelorette Checklist Gift Bag is a gift in and of itself!

Kinky Sex Positions Balloons - 8

Price: 3.49

Kinky Sex Positions Balloons will be a huge hit at your next bachelorette party or adult gathering. These balloons show a variety of naughty sex positions that your guests will be talking about all night. Kinky Sex Positions Balloons will set the mood for a wild party. This party decoration will give the bachelorette a few tips for her honeymoon, and the guests a few pointers for their bedroom behavior. There's nothing as heart-warming as a shared learning experience.Each package contains 8 balloons in assorted colors.

Glow In The Dark Penis Earrings

Price: 3.49

No bachelorette party outfit is ever complete without a pair of great earrings. Well, these glow in the dark penis earrings may not be great, but they sure are a lot of fun at a dark dance club or bar.Plus, if your friend gets drunk and passes out, she will be easier to find at the end of the night. Click on the image to see a larger picture.

Penis Cupcake Molds

Price: 10.99

Use these Penis Cupcake Molds to make scrumptious bachelorette party snacks. You can make penis shaped cupcakes or Jell-O shots. This cupcake pan makes 6 cupcakes. The entire pan is 9 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches. Each of the six cupcakes will be 4 3/8 inches long, 2 3/4 inches wide and 1 inch deep. Who doesn't like cupcakes? And if you're one of the rare people that doesn't, make Jell-O shots! The Jell-O shots you can produce with this pan will be huge, guaranteeing tipsy guests who are ready for fun. A good tip for making Jell-O shots: Substitute 1/2 of the water with vodka. Don't overheat or you'll boil off the alcohol. Whatever way you use the Mid-Sized Penis Cupcake Molds, you will definitely enjoy the end result. Mmm!

Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan

Price: 10.99

This is the Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan. It is the size of a regular cake pan. With a single box of cake mix, you can make one of these plus a few cupcakes for your bachelorette party. Not too shabby. If you are looking for African American party favors you can make chocolate cake. People are always asking for black party favors and I wish we had more. I also wish I had a plate of chocolate cake right now. Yum.This cake pan is 10 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 2 inches deep. It uses about 1/2 of a box of cake mix. If you're a cake baking fool, you can bake two cakes and create a penis layer cake.

Penis Dooby Boppers

Price: 2.99

Penis Dooby Boppers are a huge hit at bachelorette parties. I think people who buy these are trying to torture their friends by making them wear them. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. The Penis Dooby Boppers are on a headband, so it should fit just about everyone and look good on any hair style.We sell more of these things than we should. I think it might be related to the picture of Liz. Liz wasn't too happy about having her picture taken with these on her head. You, however, will love watching your bachelorette moan and whine when people hit the Penis Dooby Boppers just to see them bounce.

Bachelorette Party Noisemaker

Price: 3.99

If you want to design a successful bachelorette party item, just take a party item that you normally put in your mouth and replace the mouthpiece with a mouthpiece shaped like the male member. Viola!The Bachelorette Party Noisemaker does just that. If you'll notice, the entire mouthpiece looks like a penis. How clever, really.

Bachelorette Partyware

Price: 4.99

How good are these knifes, forks, and spoons for a bachelorette party? Here is a little story that explains the utility of Bachelorette Partyware.One day, we ordered hot turkey sandwiches here at the office. Well, we had run out of plastic knives and forks days earlier. Tom, the boss, grabbed some bachelorette party ware off the shelf and dared everyone to either eat their mashed potatoes with their hands or with penis forks. It was pretty funny to watch Tom and Shawn eating with these forks. The hot turkey sandwiches were pretty good, but I needed a nap afterward. Bachelorette Partyware is a set of 8 knives, 8 forks, and 8 spoons all with penis handles. This is a brilliant product that earns our highest praise.

Penis Shaped Snack Tray

Price: 5.29

A Penis Shaped Snack Tray is a great bachelorette party idea! At every party, even bachelorette parties, guests migrate straight to the hors d'oeuvres. This penis snack tray is the perfect size and shape to give your guests maximum eating pleasure.This tray is an excellent choice for your party, whether you're slaving over fancy appetizers or simply serving chips. For some extra laughs, try serving snacks on this tray the next time your boyfriend has his friends over. It may just permanently eliminate you from snack duty!

Bachelorette Party Tablecloth

Price: 3.99

If the bachelorette party invitations went well you will have a big crowd coming to the party. It might be time to break out that old folding table. Folding tables are handy, but you are going to need a tablecloth.This bachelorette party tablecloth is great. It has peni all over it. Perfect.It is 52" by 72" which means it will fit almost any table that seats 8 or less.

Bachelorette Party Hats - 8

Price: 3.49

There are two types of people in this world, those that wear party hats and those that don't. Generally, I am a party hat wearer and try to encourage others to do so. Some people can't be convinced. It is as if asking, "Would you like a hat?" is akin to "Would you like leprosy?" Lighten up.The Penis Bachelorette Party Hats make the party even better. There are 8 hats in a pack. They feature a rather pink penis with a smile on its face. It is smiling quite well for a dismembered penis that seems to have a rash.

Purple Pecker Cups - 8

Price: 4.49

These Purple Pecker Cups would make an entertaining way to provide your guests with containers to put their beverages in! Above the big, pink, smiling penis, it says. "Bachelorette Party." Underneath the big, pink, round balls it says, "The Girl's Last Night Out." Your guests will be laughing too hard to take any sips of their drinks!Classy!

Pecker Paper Plates - 8 Plates

Price: 5.49

These 8 Penis Party Plates are fairly large (9 inches). They have a picture of a smiley penis on them and are sure to be a hit. While the other plates are good for cake and crudite ("crude-da-tay," that's veggies), these are good for pizza, pasta, burgers, chicken, and such. Eat, drink, and be merry.Each package contains 8 plates. Click on the smaller image to see proof that the package contains 8 plates.

Big Pecker Bachelorette Party Napkins - 8

Price: 3.49

These Penis Napkins are great for keeping your face clean. I am sure you won't feel dirty wiping your face with a big penis napkin. I bet someone at the party will be a little squeemish about it though. That will be fun. These napkins are bright purple and make a lovely, and useful, addition to your bachelorette party supplies. They are dinner-sized napkins which makes them quite useful. They come in packages of 8.

Bachelorette Party Candles

Price: 3.99

I have a divorced friend, and her marriage had been a huge wreck. After almost two years of separation, her divorce was finally finalized. We held a party for her. It was mostly just a girls' night with a few bottles of wine.Well, I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I baked a penis cake. On top of it, I put some penis candles. My friend loved them. Between gulps of wine she made such profound statements as, "What could be more fun than burning some pricks?" "Look, the wick comes out of the pee hole," and "Burn baby burn. Disco Inferno!"I guess it was a form of, uh, group therapy.Click on the image to see a larger picture. Each package contains 6 Bachelorette Party Candles.

Bachelorette's Last Night Out Balloons - 10

Price: 4.99

Bachelorette's Last Night Out Balloons are extremely popular party decorations. Each balloon has "Bachelorette's Last Night Out" printed on it. The black color goes with any other decorations you have.When I was younger, my mom used to tie balloons to my wrist so I didn't lose them. You should try this with the bachelorette. She'll love it.Bachelorette's Last Night Out Balloons come in a package of 10.

Bachelorette Party Car Window Sign

Price: 4.99

If you are planning to go out cruising, you need a cruising sign. Renting a limousine? A limo isn't complete without the window sign. It warns everyone that the bachelorette party has arrived.The Bachelorette Party Car Window Sign sticks to the window with a suction cup, so no one should mind if you stick it to their car window.

Flesh Colored Penis Shot Glass

Price: 3.49

The Flesh Colored Penis Shot Glass is a great way to throw back a few shots to get your bachelorette party started. The bachelorette and your party guests will love the outrageous penis shape and realistic color. Each shot glass holds 2 ounces which is a very big shot. Watch yourself. We offer a discount if you buy a dozen.

The Naked Guy Picture Key Ring

Price: 2.99

Are you looking for some pictures of naked men for the bachelorette party? If you might want them but you also don't want to offend anyone, this is the perfect item. Remember your ViewMaster toy? You put a picture disk in it and every time you clicked the button a new photo would show up. This camera is like that, except that it contains pornographic images of men. There are about eight pictures in it. Your guests will love it. There could be some major cat-fights over this little toy, so make sure you get enough for everyone!

Dick Tarts

Price: 3.79

Sometimes, a girl just needs something to suck on, like a hard candy or mint. A penis-shaped lollipop is too much, and penis gummy candies are too chewy and slimy. But what to do ... what to do? How will you ever find a small, tasty pecker for your girlfriends to enjoy?Dick Tarts should satisfy any guest at your bachelorette party. These little flavored breath mints are perfect bar snacks, or goody bag treats. We sell the peppermint dick tarts because we don't want anyone at the bachelorette party to have stinky breath. There are 20 mints in each container. They come in peppermint, orange, strawberry, cherry, spearmint, banana, and cinnamon. Your flavor(s) will be selected at random.

Bachelorette's Garter Belt

Price: 4.49

This bachelorette party garter belt is perfect to wear as an arm band. Your arm band will let the guys know who is in the Bachelorette Party. Why are these armbands black? We don't know, perhaps someone does not have high regard for the institution of marriage. They do have a little white lace around the end.

Tiny Pecker Chocolate Candy Mold

Price: 3.99

This Tiny Pecker Chocolate Candy Mold allows you to create tons of little chocolate penises to "Wow!" the girls at the Bachelorette Party! You can fill candy bowl up with them and leave them out for munching, or you could even put a few in mesh fabric with ribbons and hand them out in gift packages or leave them out on tables! However you decide to display them, they're sure to have your guests laughing! The tray makes 12 little chocolate peckers. And it's reusable. These little peckers measure 2" long, 5" wide in the shaft, and 1" wide in the balls.

Medium Chocolate Penis Sucker Molds

Price: 3.99

Medium Chocolate Penis Sucker Molds allow you to make little chocolate suckers that are shaped like penises. Have a "balls" decorating and drizzling these delicious taboo treats! Your Bachelorette will love them! One tray makes 6 chocolate penis suckers. The tray is reusable. Each penis mold is 3" long and about 0.8" wide. The molds also have a place to put on sucker sticks.

Bubble Bachelorette Party Stickers - 7

Price: 2.99

The Bubble Bachelorette Party Stickers will be perfect for you and the girls to slap on before going out and wreaking havoc on the town. The stickers say Sexy, Crazy, I do?, Bachelorette Party, Flirt, Girls Night Out, and Bachelorette. The backgrounds have different designs, and glitter and confetti fill the pocket of air with fun. 7 bubble stickers.

Purple Pecker Centerpiece

Price: 5.49

The Purple Pecker Centerpiece is a very colorful and upbeat decoration for your Bachelorette party. Let him smile at all the guests like a quiet host, and he'll have them laughing aloud.Set him up as a centerpiece, put him on the table near the goodies, or put him in the bathroom on the back of the toilet. Stick this not-so-little guy anywhere and create awesome party entertainment.

Purple Pecker Bachelorette Party Loot Bags

Price: 3.49

These Purple Pecker Bachelorette Loot Bags can hold a ton of goodies for your Bachelorette Party guests to win or receive at the door. The bright pink cartoon penis will shock and delight the ladies in ways that is sure to please. Stuff this bag full of candies, bachelorette party jewelry, dare cards, and all kinds of fun toys and activities for your guests. These bags are 6.5" wide and 7.9" long.8 loot bags

Bachelorette Party In A Box - Huge!

Price: 69.99

The Bachelorette Party In A Box has everything you might need for the best bachelorette party ever! This party kit contains over 100 items, enough for 8 bachelorette party guests. Just look at everything you get!Contained in the box are:8 Pecker Sipping Straws Pecker Party Ware (8 Spoons, 8 Knives, and 8 Forks) 1 Pecker Party Serving Tray 1 Table Cloth 1 12" Flag Banner 8 Paper Hats 8 Paper Cups 8 Paper Plates 8 Napkins 1 Laser Banner 8 Paper Table Place Mats 1 Bachelorette Party Gift Wrap 8 Bachelorette Party Invitations 1 Bachelorette Party Center "Piece" 8 Bachelorette Party Loot Bags 1 Bachelorette Party Gift Bag 1 Pin The Macho On The Man Game 1 Penis Ice Cube Mold 1 Nudie Doodle Pad 1 Deck of Nude Male Playing Cards 1 Mystery Gag Gift

Penis Party Bracelet

Price: 2.99

Penis Party Bracelets are lei-inspired bachelorette jewelry. Girls love to play dress up, and here at we offer several fun dress up items for your party.Seriously, you can style your bachelorette in penis accessories from head to toe--and you don't have to look any father than our website.Please see the matching Penis Party lei necklace.

Penis Lei Necklace

Price: 3.99

The Penis Lei Necklace is the hot, new thing in bachelorette party jewelry. The lei design lets guests know you are ready to have a great time, and the attached plastic penises scream bachelorette couture! Penis Lei Necklaces come in a number of colors, like blue, red, and orange. We aren't able to promise you a specific color but it should be stylin', regardless.

DickLicks Strawberry Gum

Price: 2.99

Need some delicious party favors to sweeten up your night? Enter DickLicks, the world's first penis-shaped gum.Display DickLicks on your snack table, or pass it out in guest grab bags.A little DickLicks goes a long way. This package contains 20 tiny penises of gum. DickLicks have a sweet strawberry flavor. DickLicks are fun and tasty, but can be just a little crunchy. This fun novelty won't be the best gum you've ever had, but it will definitely perk up your party goers.

Penis Pop - The All Day Sucker

Price: 1.39

The All Day Sucker comes in a great shape, is a good size, and the price is phenomenal. This Penis Pop weighs 1 ounce, which makes it even larger than a ring pop and equal in size to the popular Lusty Licker Pop. So, with proper care this product could live up to its name. Of course, you know your girlfriends are suction machines, so theirs won't last more than a couple of hours. These bachelorette party penis pops come in two flavors: cherry and orange. Which flavor you will get is anybody's guess.

Miss Bachelorette Sash

Price: 9.99

The Miss Bachelorette Sash is a fashionable way to let everyone know who the lucky lady is. This bachelorette party sash is a stylish, simple accessory for your bachelorette. The Miss Bachelorette Sash is great for the type of girl who refuses to wear a bachelorette t-shirt or anything on her head. If your friend is picky, give her the Miss Bachelorette Sash. We encourage you to look closely at this picture. Click on it for a larger version.

Penis Bachelorette Party Veil

Price: 9.99

The Penis Bachelorette Party Veil is obscene. If your friend is a little bit adventurous, this veil might be the best one for her. Each veil has small, plastic peckers attached to it.Besides, if you are heading out for the night and you happen to run into another bachelorette party, you will feel great knowing that you bought the boldest, baddest bachelorette veil for your bride-to-be.

3' Truly Tasteless Inflatable Penis

Price: 11.99

This is a three foot inflatable penis. That's a pretty good thing. It will be handy at the party and lots of fun.Unfortunately, the packaging is tasteless. It comes from the same company that makes the 6 foot inflatable penis we sell. For the 6 foot inflatable penis they have a swimsuit model on the cover. For the 3 foot inflatable penis they decided to choose a dwarf model. It's inexcusable, really.You can click on the smaller image to see what this inflatable penis really looks like.

Boob Cake Pan

Price: 11.99

If you are planning a bachelor party or a Jack and Jill Party, you might want to buy the Booby Cake Pan to make a boobs-shaped cake for the guys. It is approximately the same size as our Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan. One-half box of cake mix is the perfect size to use with the Booby Cake Pan. You can frost your cake with butterscotch frosting and place cherries in the center of each boob. The dudes will totally love it. This cake pan is 10 inches wide by 5 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches deep. I guess that makes it about a C-cup.

Flesh Colored Penis Candles - 6

Price: 4.99

Flesh Colored Penis Candles are about twice the size of the usual birthday candles, so they should burn for four times as long. Flesh Colored Penis Candles look perfect on top of any penis-shaped pastry or dong-shaped dessert.There are 6 candles in each package. Hopefully, you can use one package for a couple of bachelorette parties or a friend's birthday.

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