Camel Bone Chess Sets

Bone has replaced ivory as the high-end material used to make a variety of decorative chess sets. The camel bone is the most appropriate bone to use in crafting chess pieces, because of it's durability and ease of shaping. However, when you think of what is accomplished just through this piece of bone, it demonstrates the skill of these artisans, to conjure up a chess set through this lump of camel bone. Camel bone is the bone most commonly used because of its large size and availability. Our bone sets are from India where nearly all the bone and wooden chess sets are made today. Only the most skilled craftsmen produce these cChess Sets and only very small quantities can be made each year. The rarity, level of detail and artistic design make camel bone chess sets highly collectable and sought after.

The Ambawari Gold Painted

Price: $850.00 998.75 CAD 653.57 EUR 439.88 GBP

This is a one of a kind hand carved, handpainted chess set in buffalo bone.

Featuring a 4" King with base dimensions of 2 1/4" x 1 1/8" wih green felt pads, this 32 piece set was made around 50 years ago in Southern India. If you’re a player of the Game of Kings, you’re sure to love this exquisite Rajasthani chess set, for it is truly a chess set fit for a King. The individual pieces of this unique chess set are works of art, which complement each other perfectly.

The pieces represent two armies of Rajasthan and are painted to show uniforms and turbans, in red and green colours. The pawns are carved as foot soldiers, bearing arms. The Rooks are fighters seated on camels, the Knights are riders mounted on horseback and the Bishops are warriors carried by elephants. The fine painting, on each carefully carved piece, clearly depicts the features of the animals and their riders and details the clothing and weaponry of the fighters.

This set is supplied with the original blue storage box with white velvet lining which accommodates each piece separately for protection.

No Board is supplied with this set.

The Tomb Set

List Price: $900.00 Price: $699.00 821.33 CAD 537.46 EUR 361.73 GBP

This is a very special tomb set comprising a 9" King!

The Macao

List Price: $699.00 Price: $599.00 703.83 CAD 460.57 EUR 309.98 GBP

Jewish carved chess men in bone composed of miniature shofar figures made during the eighteenth century. In the middle ages Jewish migration played an important role in the spread of chess throughout Europe.

This is the traditional Macau carved chessmen. The king and the queen are Carlos I of Portugal and Marie Amelia versus Orientals a nineteenth century set. Small details have been taken care of even the flags on the rooks are carved so that they appear to be fluttering in the wind! This is a very intricately carved chess set in bone. This is a 6.00” king bone set very intricately carved. This is one of the masterpieces carved by our crafts men as you can see carving in the set. This is a limited edition set since this is made out of bone and the raw material for this kind of set is available in a very short and scarce supply.

The Taliban

Price: $599.00 703.83 CAD 460.57 EUR 309.98 GBP

This Taliban theme set depicts the American and Arab armies as can be observed by the emblems on the bodies. This is hand-carved in solid bone.

The Exquisite Bird decorative Chess Set in camel bone

List Price: $600.00 Price: $499.00 586.33 CAD 383.68 EUR 258.23 GBP

This exquisite hand-carved camel bone bird set is an ornithologit's dream come true! A one-of-a kind and available only in strictly limited numbers as they are made by our Indian artisan. This is a 32 piece set and features a 'king' piece that is 6" tall.The base of these pieces are oval measuring 1 5/8" x 1 1/4" with green felt pads.

The Albert Camel bone Chess Set

Price: $499.00 586.33 CAD 383.68 EUR 258.23 GBP

This chess set intricately carved in camel bone is truly exquisite! It is a replica of the design in the London Museum which was passed by King James II of England to Samuel Pepys during the 17th Century. The King is a full 7" tall and the King's base size is 1 11/16"with billiard felt pads.

Look at the detailed carving!

The standard US Stock color is White/Green but it is also available in other colors including White/Turquoise (New for 2006), White/Black, and White/Red.

Sea Life Camel bone Chess Set

List Price: $550.00 Price: $469.00 551.08 CAD 360.61 EUR 242.71 GBP

This is a new design and a marine biologist's dream chess set! Hand carved in camel bone, this 32 piece set has a combination of pieces in deep blue and ivory. It takes two months for each set to be made by a single artisan in India.

The King height is 5 1/4" and has a base diameter of 1 3/4 with felt pads. We recommend a board size with 2" squares (not supplied).

"Totally Awesome!! Wonderful set - love the detail and color. Beautiful all the way around. I also appreciate the wonderful packing job - everything was very well padded and protected. Many thanks" Steve!!

The Nouvelle Staunton

List Price: $599.00 Price: $449.00 527.58 CAD 345.24 EUR 232.36 GBP

This very sleek 5" set of Chess Men has been paintakingly carved in pure Camel Bone.

The King's base diameter is 1 3/4" and has green felt slides. A 2" or slightly larger board is recommended.

This set is a customizable set and you can choose the color of your choice for the pieces at no additional charge.

"Wonderful set. These pieces have a great feel to them and a stately appearance. Perfect for displaying or playing with. There is something special about this set - perhaps it's just the simply Staunton design in bone. I love this one! Five Stars!" review by Frank J Costello

The Nouvelle Bleu

List Price: $600.00 Price: $449.00 527.58 CAD 345.24 EUR 232.36 GBP

The newest addition to our Staunton Camel bone Chess sets lineup! This classic design was commissioned by a customer in this color.

Featuring a 4" King this sheek design is stained in turquoise which compliments beautifully with the opposing white ivory pieces.

This set is supplied as a 32 piece set of chessmen with optional leather case. Very limited quantities are available.

The Piazza

List Price: $499.00 Price: $449.00 527.58 CAD 345.24 EUR 232.36 GBP

This exquisite camel bone set features a 6" King and is available to order in a variety of colors.