Cube World Digital Stick People

What is Cube World?

Cube World is a complex community of digital people who live in boxes. They each have their own behavior set. The boxes they live in have magnetic contacts on four sides (conduits we might say) so that they might connect with other Cube World folks. When connected Cube World folks interact with one another in amazing ways. It's that simple. And complex. And therein lies the fundamental pleasure with Cube World.

They have free will!

You can use the included motion sensors to shake 'em up a bit or even use the buttons to play games with each individual Cube World figure. But that's not the fun part. The real fun is getting Cube World folks to interact by simply connecting one cube to another. When connected, you might find that one guy wants to move into the next cube for a while. What will he do? It all depends! They will start to interact most definitely. They are social creatures and will want to interact with one another and you'll get to watch as they explore different ways to connect. Whip might try to wrangle Scoop's dog to his Cube, and Dodger might toss his ball to Slim between Cubes. Nobody knows exactly what's gonna happen when. And whenever you think you really know what's going on, just move one cube to a different position, reconnect and you'll be amazed yet again. Endless hours of happiness are bound to ensue.

Each Cube World 'individual' has its own personality. You can have plenty of fun with just a single Cube World by playing games, but it sure is funner to have more than one.

Play with one or stick two or more cubes together to build an interactive world of stick people. They’ll play, pester and protect each other and as you stack, they’ll interact and visit one another’s cubes.

Batteries are included. This is your chance. Rule your own Cube World and bring balance to the natural world.