It is believed that what we know now as Euchre evolved from the game called "Jucker". Jucker, created by an unknown source, has it's roots in Alsace (a former province of France) circa the French Revolution of 1789. Early in the 1800's, Euchre (the game's new English name) found it's way to the United States. 1872 saw the introduction of the Joker (a card used to represent the highest ranked card in the game or a wild card). Some modern Euchre circles use one joker while other use none. The US Navy, in the later 1800's, was largely responsible for the steady spread in popularity throughout other English-speaking regions of the globe. The popularity of Euchre would grow in the other branches of the military into the late twentieth century. In the present day, Euchre has found homes in Canada, spanning from Nova Scotia to the Midwest, the Northeastern and Midwest regions of the United States, as well as at sea in the United States Navy (old habits die hard). Further outbreaks of Euchre-mania have been reported in Britain, New Zealand and Australia.



Euchre has the fun and strategy elements of Bridge and Pinochle but it's quick and easy to play. Join the tradition and fun of Euchre! This set contains two decks of Euchre cards.

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