FLUXX is unlike any other game with a theme of constant change. Fluxx was created by Andrew Looney and first published by Looney Labs in 1996.

It is different from most other card games, in that the rules and the conditions for winning are altered throughout the game, via cards played by the players.

The object of the game is to meet the victory conditions listed on the current Goal card.

Playing it is easy, but keeping track of the rules while you're playing is where this game becomes challenging--and loads of fun.

Fluxx players greatly benefit from tactical decision making.



"And now for something completely different...." What an appropriate venue for one of the most hilarious, outrageously, chaotic British TV shows to date! Fluxx is a card game where the rules are always in flucuation. Everyone starts out with the same basic Fluxx rules: Draw one card, play one card. As the game progresses, additional rules are added (by way of special cards entitled "New Rules"), making the game more complicated and fun.

In the middle of the table sit the "Goal" cards, which decree the conditions to win. For example: The "And There Was Much Rejoicing" card. This card stipulates you win if you have "Robin's Minstrels" and at least 2 "Knights of the Round Table" cards on the table. Goals, however, are subject to change whenever a player lays a new one down! Since everyone is required to follow the current goal and rules, the game is always changing. The winner is the player who manages to complete a goal first!

This game is the Holy Grail for Fluxx fans and Monty Python fans alike, where it's fun to make your brain hurt!



With Fluxx Blanxx you can customize your Fluxx deck with your imagination and a permanent marker! Make up the wackiest goal, action, or new rule you can come up with and enjoy. Fluxx is required for play.



Eco Fluxx is the nature game with ever changing rules! Gameplay is fast and fun, just like original Fluxx, but with all new natural Keepers like dirt, leaves, bears and frogs! New "Eats" goals help teach about the food chain, and fun actions like Mass Migration and Extinction, and the new rule Composting help set the tone.



Family Fluxx is the slimmed-down, brightened-up Fluxx! With simpler Rules, color Keepers, and neat new family-oriented Bonuses for kids, parents and grandparents, it's fun for the whole family! Family Fluxx even has the same cardbacks as regular Fluxx for seamless deck mixing. Includes 56 color cards and instructions.


FLUXX V 4.0 CARD GAME $15.99

Fluxx is the card game with ever-changing rules! Play begins with the Basic Rules card in the center of the table. Game play progresses following the Basic Rules, and new rules are adapted as they appear. The game continues until someone meets the most recently played goal. Though it sounds complicated it's really quite simple! Fluxx was the winner of a Mensa select Award in 1999.

Contents of Fluxx v4.0:

  • 84 cards
  • Instructions

    Fluxx Blanxx $1.99

    Now you can make your own changes to the card game that changes a you play it! Write your new ideas onto these cards (using a permanent pen) then shuffle them into your Fluxx deck!

    Zombie Fluxx $12.75

    Yes, it's Fluxx... with Zombies! Zombie Fluxx introduces a new type of card: The Creeper. It's like a Keeper you don't want but must play anyway. The good news is, Zombie Fluxx also includes a bunch of Keepers you can use as weapons against the Zombie-Creepers, plus you've got Sandwiches and Coffee and a couple of Friends to help you win. The bad news is, if your Friends become Zombies, you'll have to destroy them!

    Jewish Fluxx Expansion $1.99

    This expansion pack of seven cards for use with the Fluxx deck features Jewish themes of The Torah and Shabbat and gives the player a bonus for showing or knowing their Jewish heritage.

    Christian Fluxx Expansion $1.99

    The seven cards in this Fluxx expansion set include Christian themes of The Cross and the Story of Jesus and give a player a bonus for knowing or showing their Christian faith.

    Fluxx Español $6.99

    It's Looney Labs' beloved card game of ever-changing rules... in Spanish! Fluxx Español! has the same crazy rule-changing, goals-shifting gameplay that's made Fluxx so popular and it has a few all new cards, including La Fiesta, and La Siesta and of course, all the text is in Spanish!

    This 56-card version, with new full-color artwork, is perfect for the Spanish-speaking market and makes a great addition to any Spanish class, making learning Spanish fun! Fluxx en Español es fantastico!

    Since its original publication in 1997, Fluxx has been modified and adapted to several flavors, including ecological, family-orientated, and religious themes.

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