Games Magazine Awards

Each year since 1980, GAMES Magazine has published a Buyer's Guide to Games in their year-end holiday issue. Except for once or twice in the early 1980s, the article has listed and reviewed one hundred games each year, and was thus dubbed The GAMES 100.

Early in the feature's history, the article served as a reference to many games available on the market, new and old, listing such long-time classic titles as Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble--and even the occasional toy like Frisbee. In later years, the feature has focused more and more on recognizing the best and most unique new board and card games.

In 1991, GAMES also began recognizing the favorites in each category with a special Best designation, and has selected one game from the whole list to receive the highest honor of Game of the Year.

Through the early 1990s, more and more electronic games were included in the list, with the computer game Myst even winning Game of the Year in 1994. Beginning the following year, computer and cartridge games were split off and given their own separate Electronic Games 100 section.

2009 Game Awards

Small World $44.99

Game of the Year

Designed by Philippe Keyaerts as a fantasy follow-up to his award-winning Vinci, Small World is inhabited by a zany cast of characters such as dwarves, wizards, amazons, giants, orcs and even humans; who use their troops to occupy territory and conquer adjacent lands in order to push the other races off the face of the earth. Picking the right combination from the 14 different fantasy races and 20 unique special powers, players rush to expand their empires -- often at the expense of weaker neighbors. Yet they must also know when to push their own over-extended civilization into decline and ride a new one to victory.

Small World's design emphasizes the playful fantasy theme with rich details and components that beg to be played. The game includes: Two double-sided game boards, one for each of four possible player configurations, 14 Fantasy Races with matching banners & tokens, 20 Special Power badges, a variety of Troll Lairs, Mountains, Fortresses, Encampments, Holes-in-the-ground, 2 Heroes and even a Dragon, along with Victory Coins, 6 Player Summary Sheets, a Reinforcement Die, Rules Booklet and a Days of Wonder Online Access Number.

Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age $20.95

Best Family Game

Build a thriving civilization -- in under an hour! Collect goods, assign workers to build cities and erect monuments, advance your civilization through cultural and scientific developments, but don't forget to harvest enough food to feed your growing population.

Grab those dice and Roll Through the Ages! in this addictive and strategic new game from Matt Leacock, the designer of the incredibly popular Pandemic. Roll Through the Ages plays in 30-45 minutes. The game is for 1-4 players, ages 8 and up.

Le Havre $55.99

Best Advanced Strategy Game

Le Havre is a game about managing a harbor, building ships and constructing buildings. On each turn, players must decide whether to take good of one type or to carry out a building action.

The number of goods on offer varies from turn to turn. New goods of each kind are added regularly, building up until a player takes them. Wood, clay and iron are building resources. Fish, grain and cattle are used to feed your dock workers. Actions in buildings allow goods to be upgraded -- just turn the tokens over to show the reverse side.

At the end of the game, the player with the largest fortune is the winner. This is the total of the player's cash and the value of his or her ships and buildings.

Le Havre can be played by 1-5 players, either in a shortened version or as a full game, ensuring that it provides the right level of challenge for any game table.

Blox $52.95

Best Abstract Strategy Game

Who will build the most valuable towers with a mix of tactics and luck? Who will clear them away and collect the most points? And who will find the right moment to throw their opponent from the board?

Amerigo $11.99

Best Family Card Game

It is the Age of Exploration, and fearless navigators set out on grand journeys to seek lands still unexplored. Amerigo Vespucci and others undertake bold travels to discover rare and precious wares from all over the world... hoping that they will please Kings and merchants alike!

Dominion $30.00

Best Family Strategy Game

You are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams! You want a bigger and more pleasant kingdom, with more rivers and a wider variety of trees. You want a Dominion! In all directions lie fiefs, freeholds, and feodums. All are small bits of land, controlled by petty lords and verging on anarchy. You will bring civilization to these people, uniting them under your banner.

But wait! It must be something in the air; several other monarchs have had the exact same idea. You must race to get as much of the unclaimed land as possible, fending them off along the way. To do this you will hire minions, construct buildings, spruce up your castle, and fill the coffers of your treasury. Your parents wouldn't be proud, but your grandparents, would be delighted.

Dominion is not a CCG, but the play of the game is similar to the construction and play of a CCG deck. The game comes complete with roughly 500 cards. You select 10 of the 20+ Kingdom card types to include in any given play -- leading to immense variety.

Dominion: Intrigue $35.99

You are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams! You want a bigger and more pleasant kingdom, with more rivers and a wider variety of trees. You want a Dominion! You will bring civilization to these people, uniting them under your banner.

Dominion:?Intrigue adds rules for playing with up to 8 players at two tables or for playing a single game with up to 6 players. This game adds 25 new Kingdom cards and a complete set of Treasure and Victory cards. The game can be played alone by players experienced in Dominion or with the basic game of Dominion.

Dixit $27.99

The players have hands of oversized cards with various artistic pictures. The active player secretly selects one of his cards and gives a very brief description. The other players secretly select their own cards which match the description. The chosen cards are shuffled and revealed, then players vote on which was chosen by the active player.

Each correct answer gives points to the guesser and the active player. Each incorrect answer gives points to the player who submitted the guessed card. However, if all of the guesses are correct -- or none of them are -- then the active player gets no points and all the other players get points.

The game ends when the deck is empty. The greatest total wins the game.

Fields of Fire $59.99

Best Historical Simulation

Fields of Fire is a solitaire game of commanding a rifle company between World War II and Present Day. The game is different from many tactical games in that it is diceless and card based. There are two decks used to play. The Terrain Deck is based on a specific region and is used to build a map for the various missions your company must perform. The Action deck serves many purposes in controlling combat, command and control, various activity attempts. The units of the company are counters representing headquarters elements, squads, weapons teams, forward observers, individual vehicles or helicopters. A single playing is a mission and several missions from an historical campaign are strung together for the player to manage experience and replacements. A mission can be played in about 1 – 2 hours.

This game is based on three actual campaigns experienced by units of the 9th US Infantry in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. "Keep Up the Fire" is the motto of the 9th Infantry, known as the "Manchus" for their service in the Boxer Rebellion.

Wasabi! $31.99

Wasabi! is a light and fast game where you compete against other players to assemble your quota of unique sushi recipes in a rapidly dwindling space. Players draw a variety of delicious ingredients into their hand from the pantry and play them one at a time onto the board, building off of each other's previously-placed ingredients in the attempt to complete recipes of varying difficulty.

Completing a recipe earns you your choice of special actions from the kitchen to perform later (Chop!, Stack!, Switch!, Spicy!, and the dreaded Wasabi!) that will help you in your efforts or disrupt your opponents' carefully arranged creations-in-progress.

Completing a recipe with style will earn you bonus points, but you might not always have the time to set up such stylish maneuvers... balancing speed with technique will be crucial if you plan to win the game!

Victory comes as soon as the board fills up with ingredients. Points for completed recipes plus bonuses are tabulated, and the winner is the player with the most points. An extremely skilled player might score an instant victory by completing their quota of recipes before the board fills up.

Agricola $55.99

In Agricola (Latin for "farmer"), you're a farmer in a wooden shack with your spouse and little else. On a turn, you get to take only two actions, one for you and one for the spouse, from all the possibilities you'll find on a farm: collecting clay, wood or stone; building fences; and so on. You might think about having kids in order to get more work accomplished, but first you need to expand your house. And what are you going to feed all the little rugrats?

Agricola is a turn-based game. There are 14 game turns plus 6 harvest phases (after turn 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 14). Each player starts with two playing tokens (farmer and wife) and thus can take two actions per turn. There are multiple options, and while the game progresses, you'll have more and more: first thing in a turn, a new action card is flipped over.

Problem: Each action can be taken just once per turn, so it's important to do some things with high preference. Each player also starts with a hand of 7 Occupation cards (of more than 160 total) and 7 Minor Improvement cards (of more than 140 total) that he may use during the game if they fit in his/her strategy. This amounts to countless strategies, some depending on your card hand. Sometimes it's a good choice to stay on course, sometimes you better react on what your opponents do.

Agricola can also be played without cards (family game) and can even be played solo.

Magnet $23.99

Magnet is a game of coordinated action and secret identity. Opposing kings fight a battle of force and deception to claim the center.

Place the magnet piece anywhere on the board and "attract" one piece along each vector. Make powerful combined attacks or strong defensive reorganizations in a single move.

Each side owns 12 pieces including 1 king and 2 traps. Pieces begin at the lowest rank with identities hidden. After each move a piece may be promoted, increasing its power but offering clues to the opponent. Use bluff and secrecy to conceal the identity of your king and trick your opponent into your traps.

Byzanz $12.60

Time to romp through the markets of Byzanz, the golden city later known as Constantinople, where players will haggle over wine, grain, spice and cloth.

In Byzanz, ware cards (six varieties worth 1-4) and merchant cards (jokers worth 0) are shuffled together, then four cards are dealt to each player. In each round, each player will win one auction, with the numbers of cards available dropping each time. (With three players, for example, you auction six cards, then four, then two.)

Players are bidding with the ware cards in their hands, ignoring the type of goods during this phase. The cards being spent -- along with one card from the lot -- are placed in the open market, and the auction winner takes the auction card showing how many cards were put up for bid. That player is out for the remaining rounds. Once all the auctions are complete, with the final player taking a lot without having to bid, players sorts the cards in the market by type, then each player claims all cards of one type, starting with the player with the lowest auction number (i.e. the one who won the final auction).

You continue to run through series of auctions until the game ends. At any time during the game, a player may sell three goods of the same type, keeping the highest valued card and returning the other two cards to the box. Merchants have a zero value but match every type; make a set of three merchants, though, and the card is worth five points at the end of the game. Players who have more than seven cards in hand must sell or throw away goods until they have only seven. Whoever has claimed the most points after the final round of auctions wins the game.

Royal Palace $31.99

Best Family Strategy Runner-Up

The nobles stroll through the castle park. These nobles are important in the game, for the players who enlist them will receive special privileges during the game, points for the game end scoring, or both.

In the 9 areas of the castle the players can get everything they need for the recruitment of nobles. It is in the use of the castle spaces that skill and tactics will lead to victory.

Triviathon $26.99

Best Party Runner-Up

Triviathon is an exciting trivia game which allows anyone to compete and win without ever having to know the answer to a question! Old or young, smart or dumb -- Triviathon's for everyone.

From the moment you open the game, everyone becomes involved (dumbest player goes first). Unique to Triviathon is that every playing piece has a character identity assigned and one special move that character is allowed to use to his/her advantage during the game. For the first time, your chosen playing piece (red, blue, green, yellow... 12 in all) will actually matter in the game! We believe everyone has a talent, and the game combines the physical, cognitive and social talents of each individual player.

Move at speeds of 0, 1, 2, or 3 spaces based on trivia questions you don't even have to know the answers to -- Just answer A,B,C, or D!


How many spaces do you want to move?

  • A. The number of countries that border the Sargasso Sea
  • B. The number of hearts in an octopus
  • C. The number of people named Oscar to have ever won an Oscar
  • D. The number of dogs that survived the Titanic

    To what colored space do you want to move?

  • A. The color of the dress Pebbles Flintstone usually wore
  • B. The color celebrated by Protestants in Northern Ireland on July 12th
  • C. The color of the lowest valued balls in a game of snooker
  • D. The color of the star that appears on the Vietnam flag

    Fits $26.40

    Best Puzzle Runner-Up

    Can you skillfully fill in your playing board so that all the differently shaped tiles fit perfectly without leaving any spaces?! If a piece doesn't fit precisely, slot it in the best you can because the game's not over yet. The next tile may fit better than the last and make you the winner!

    Fits is a lot of fast-paced fun with just a few easy rules for non-stop entertainment!

    The Halls of Montezuma $43.99

    Best Historical Simulation Runner-Up

    The names are familiar: Buena Vista, Vera Cruz, Monterrey, Chapultepec. Zachary Taylor, Winfield Scott, Santa Anna, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee. But the war may not be.

    The Mexican-American War, 1846-1848, was one of the most important events in American history, giving the United States ownership of what would become New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and California, opening them up for American settlement but also setting the stage for the American Civil War over the question of whether those new territories would be Free or Slave states. It served as the training ground for many future Civil War generals -- Davis, Lee, Braxton Bragg, Ulysses Grant, and Thomas Jackson, to name just a few. Winfield Scott's landing at Vera Cruz and march on Mexico City was regarded at the time as one of the greatest feats of generalship ever conducted. Yet wargames about the Mexican-American War are very rare, and it's about time we saw a new game on the subject.

    The Halls of Montezuma is the new card driven design from David Fox and Michael Welker, bringing a strategic and operational look at the American war with Mexico, tracing the war's history from the opening battles along the Rio Grande to the U.S. invasion of Vera Cruz and the occupation of Mexico City by the future American Civil War leader, Winfield Scott. The Halls of Montezuma (HoM) is a card-driven game that rests on the lower end of the GMT game complexity meter, while still capturing all the tension, uncertainty, and chaos of the conflict.

    HoM offers a single campaign scenario playable in two to three hours, given sudden death victory conditions. This makes the game ideal for an evening of friendly play as well as for tournaments and play-by-email. If you enjoy the other CDG's, HoM brings you the Mexican-American War in a format that hearkens to the design elegance and playing time of We The People, the ground-breaking game by Mark Herman. HoM uses mechanics and cards to capture the excitement, tension, and uncertainty of this rarely simulated conflict from American history, the war that was a training ground for so many generals who would become fierce enemies in a later conflict. Can Mexico emerge as a new North American power or will the United States fulfill its Manifest Destiny?

    Game Scale:

  • Map: point to point
  • Players: 1-2
  • Units: companies, regiments, squadrons, batteries, individual leaders, guerrilla forces, and varied organizational levels
  • Time: one turn = 3 months

    Game Meter:

  • Complexity = 4
  • Solitaire ability = 4

    Fast Flowing Forest Fellers $31.99

    Best Family Nominee

    Daring lumberjacks meet at the river to begin their traditional contest of the fastest log riders. With skillful maneuvers they try to beat-out their competitors to get ahead in this running of the river. Sometimes you want to move ahead quickly and other times you want to block others in your race to be the first across the finish.

    Each player controls small group of lumberjacks and competes with the other players to bring his group across the finish first.

    Snow Tails $39.99

    Best Family Nominee

    Welcome to the snowy world of the Arctic Circle, where brave sledders race in a test of skill and endurance. Action is fast and furious and not all sleds may make it to the finish. Huskies only have one setting and that is full speed! Hang on to your furs, the reins, your sled and anything else you can get hold of.

    In race order, the players move their sleds on the track by playing cards onto their sled mats. On their turn, the player may play 1-3 cards of the same value onto their mat. Their sled piece moves a number of spaces equal to their speed (dogs - brake), but will also drift towards the strongest dog. They may have bonus movement if their sled is balanced (the dogs show the same value). Careless players may damage their sleds, causing them to pick up dent cards. Dent cards limit a players hand size for future turns.

    To win, players must control the drift of their sled carefully to maneuver around corners.

    2008 Game Awards

    The Pillars of the Earth $39.20

    England at the beginning of the 12th century -- Prior Phillip of Kingsbridge has a glorious vision: to build the largest, most beautiful cathedral in England. To accomplish the task, Phillip recruits the most renowned builders in the country. However, the fate of the Cathedral is constantly threatened by all manner of catastrophes and oppositions.

    Players join together to help build Kingsbridge Cathedral. Using your workmen and resources, you must wisely deploy assets to overcome unexpected difficulties and shortages to prove yourself the greatest builder of them all! Will your efforts be recognized when the Great Cathedral at Kingsbridge is complete? The Pillars of the Earth is based on Ken Follett's best-selling novel.

    Easter Island $19.95

    Easter Island is a mysterious island in the South Pacific. Its inhabitants have long since vanished without a trace except for the giant Moai. These giant statues are so large and heavy that modern man has had a difficult time recreating them without modern tools. Tools the original inhabitants most certainly couldn't possess.

    This game speculates that the statues were, in fact, beam weapons created by two very powerful wizards. These wizards used the statues in a giant game, with the island itself as the board. You are now one of those wizards...

    Easter Island lets you place your statues and move them into position. Then, when everything is ready, call upon the power of the Sun to topple your opponent's statues and thus your opponent.

    Khronos $43.95

    The Master Clocksmith came to speak to me this morning revealing a fabulous secret... We can travel in time, my friend! Not just dreaming about it like my astrologist does, but actually going there. I can hardly believe it! There seem to be periods in our future where the strength of our walls will be nothing compared to the strength of our collective faith. Or an even stranger future epoch where the people will rule themselves. The Master Clocksmith has convinced me that our power is now limitless. Our lands and domains are ours forever. My opponents will not wait and my Lords have already started preparing for their journeys. My dear friend, come with me, for from this day forward, I will be remembered as the king who forged our own destiny... literally!

    If Wishes Were Fishes $27.95

    In this game, the fishes really can grant wishes -- but you have to throw them back.

    Players are fishermen, trying to catch the most valuable fish and sell them in the market for the best prices. With limited space for storing caught fish, players must use their wits to get the right fish to market at the right times. This is where the granting of wishes is most helpful. Just catch the fish who will grant the wish you want, throw it back, and you get your wish. Sounds simple, but the game does require a bit of thinking and planning. The wishes can help you increase the value of fish when sold, grant you extra storage space, and several other useful things.

    So, now we know that sometimes it is best to let the big one get away!

    Bull in a China Shop $7.95

    Acquire the most china for your shop before the bull comes running through! If you're careful, plan wisely, and take the bull by the horns, you'll be in the money while your opponents are stuck picking up the pieces!

    Shear Panic $23.95

    "The Best Game Ewe Ever Herd!"

    Ah, do ewe long for the life of a sheep? Bright summer days filled with games of tag and attempts to flock closer to Roger, the Heartthrob Ram? But, Watch Out! The shearer wants to drag you away from all the fun and games! In Shear Panic, ewe maneuver your ewes to score points, playing tag, standing close to Roger, or trying to avoid the shearing scissors! Will your brave sheep score the most points, or will it be "Off with the wool" for ewe?

    GiftTRAP $23.95

    GiftTRAP is a hilarious social conversation starter for people who think they know each other well or want to know each other better.

    Unlike other party games you don’t need skills in drawing, acting or trivia so it works well when you have a crowd of mixed ages/skills.

    A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing in the gift giving world!

    You are sure to learn something as you give from the 640 gift ideas from the basic to the bizarre.

    Despite there being 100’s of party games, its rare to find one that adults and children both enjoy playing. It’s fun because everyone gets to say what they think about the gifts before they know what they have been given.

    GiftTRAP has received rave reviews from adults and children alike, making it a great addition to any game cabinet.

    DaVinci's Secret: The Clue $31.50

    Welcome to the beginning of your journey through 7 unique and cryptic puzzles. Break the codes to uncover the secret scroll entombed deep within DaVinci's greatest mystery and reveal the clues to solving The Equation.

    Difficulty level: Hard - Genius

    Unspeakable Words : $15.95

    Deep in the corners of letters, the Hounds of Tindalos wait for the unsuspecting! In this devious Call of Cthulhu-themed word game by James Ernest and Mike Selinker, players use their card hands to form words based on the number of angles in the word. Succeed, and you're safe -- fail, and you're one step closer to madness!

    Ran $52.00

    Ran is the 12th volume in the Great Battles of History series, and the second game on the battles of the Samurai (following GMT's Samurai (Vol. V)). Ran covers several of the less famous of the Sengoku Jidai, the Age of Warring States (more or less), in which powerful Daimyo -- Japanese feudal lords -- strove to both maintain and extend their power bases while seeking to attain the office of Shogun, the power behind the throne of the Emperor. Ran simulates the highly personal form of warfare developed by the Japanese samurai, wherein formal battles played out almost as backdrops to individual feats of courage, bravery and devotion much of it outstanding, some of it rather foolhardy, all of it very Homeric. Although political and tactical victory was the bottom line, collecting the severed heads of enemy samurai reigned a very close second in importance. In terms of tactics, this was, as in Europe, the Dawn of Modern Warfare, with the introduction of guns -- arquebuses -- by the Portuguese. Even with the revelatory effect of musketry, Japanese battles were still pretty much a swirling, non-linear affair.

    Ran, the name the famous Japanese film director, Kurosawa, chose for his samurai version of King Lear, roughly means "Chaos".

    Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery $54.95

    It is the late 15th century and a new age is dawning. While searching for a new trade route to India, explorers have discovered a new land. The first reports tell of strange creatures, exotic people, and fabulous wealth. Captains and dventurers flock to these new lands in search of gold. They are quickly followed by colonists, soldiers, merchants, and missionaries all seeking wealth of one kind or another. Colonies begin to spring up, and soon competition among the great nations of Europe begins.

    Take the role of one of Europe's colonial powers and stake your claim in the New World. As the leader of your nation, there are many paths that lead to victory: Discover and colonize new lands; acquire trade goods that will build your economy; develop new technologies and infrastructure in your home country; build your merchant fleet to dominate the trade routes; and build your army to defend what is rightfully yours!

    The triumphant revel in riches and glory, while the vanquished become a footnote in the history books. It is an Age of Discovery... it is an Age of Empires!

    Explore the New World, discovering and claiming new lands for your empire

    Gather resources to develop your economic infrastructure

    Build structures that give you advantages in resources or victory points

    Use specialists to give you the strategic advantage over your opponents

    Go to war to defend what is yours or take what is not

    Qwirkle $22.50

    This tactile wooden block game combines the logic and strategy of Set with the creative multi-maneuver game play of Scrabble. Easy-to-learn rules mean you'll be creating columns and rows of matching colors and shapes in no time! Look for opportunities to score big by placing a tile that touches multiple pieces and matches both shapes and colors; the player with the most points wins.

    Mission: Red Planet $35.95

    In Mission: Red Planet, players portray competing corporations recruiting the best scientists, astronauts, spies, and armed forces, and launching rockets and building mining colonies to explore the Red Planet in their quest to gain control of the most promising -- and profitable -- regions on Mars.

    Aunt Millie's Millions $11.95

    Dear Aunt Millie left behind an estate worth millions. Are you one of her lucky heirs? In this hilarious party game, play the role of one of the colorful characters out to get Aunt Millie's fortune. Use speed, strategy and persuasion to collect the most coveted valuables. Will you get her vintage jukebox or get stuck with a rusty toilet? Claim the same item as another player and you must give the best sob story to convince the judge that you deserve it more! Whoever ends up with the most riches wins the game. Heir-splitting fun!

    Cover Your Tracks $15.30

    Cover the tracks to avoid being followed! In this high stakes spatial development game, kids must cover their tracks on a journey through mud, sand, snow and cement. As the game play progresses, it will get harder to cover all those tracks! Kids will have to step lightly if they hope to cover their trail.

    WordSpot $31.95

    Centuries ago, letterpress craftsmen meticulously arranged thousands of letter tiles on a single tray, creating printed documents for the world to read. The masters of this craft hid words within a block of text that would go unnoticed by the casual reader, and then challenged each other to find the hidden words through a simple diversion called vedere parola. Literally, to "see words". Front Porch Classics introduces this timeless game to celebrate the rich tradition of letterpress craftsmen. Find hidden words among the letter tiles and claim them using your WordSpot tokens. Words may go up, down, across, backwards or diagonally, The first player to use all his or her tokens is the winner

    Combat Commander: Europe $63.20

    Combat Commander is a card-driven board game series covering tactical infantry combat in the European and North African Theaters of World War II. One player takes the role of the Axis (Germany in this first game; Italy & the Axis Minors in later installments) while another player commands the Allies (Russia & America here; Britain, France & the Allied Minors in future expansions).

    This first game of Combat Commander includes units, cards, and historical scenarios depicting the American, German, and Russian forces. The second game in the series will provide cards, counters, and historical scenarios for British, French, and Italian forces.

    Each game includes 6-12 historical scenarios as well as a "roll your own" scenario system that provides an almost unending variety of map configurations, force structures, and combat situations. Replayability value for Combat Commander is very high.

    A game of Combat Commander has no strict sequence of play. Each turn is divided into a variable number of Player Turns, each of which may consist of either: the active player expending one or more Fate cards from their hand for their Actions; or passing, which allows the discarding of one or more Fate cards. Players redraw up to their maximum hand size at the end of each of their own Player Turns. Additionally, Reactions may be played by either player at any time, so long as the prerequisite listed is met.

    Terra Nova $23.95

    Players lead nations in this new world where the most valuable resource is the land itself. The clever system of movement and boundary-building gives you the tools you need. However, it is your strategic vision which will ultimately decide whether or not you will rule Terra Nova.

    Fnap $15.95

    Fnap is a blind-bidding, tile placement game. Players bid to play tiles, one at a time. Tiles can score in three different ways

    Wayfinder $24.95

    Wayfinder is a beautiful abstract game set in the ocean, as players attempt to establish the most villages on islands. Players move their Wayfinder around, placing tribesmen on islands to form villages, and increase their points in this strategic, no luck game. With stunning components, Wayfinder is not only beautiful, but challenging to play, as players must think several moves ahead. A game designed for those seeking a puzzling challenge, Wayfinder allows players to carefully outwit one another as they move their pieces around the board.

    Note: Gem color issues mentioned in some reviews and game descriptions were fixed in the final production version of the game. Only prototype versions had any gem color issues.

    Hermagor $31.95

    In a distant land, many and many years ago, rose a big and wealthy city: its name, now forgotten by most, was Hermagor. Commerce was the source of its richness, because from all its territory, countrymen, artisans and also adventurers brought to the city every kind of merchandise: weapons, ancient books, precious relics, and rare dragon eggs. In this city, you can buy and exchange everything. This made Hermagor famous and merchants came from afar to buy and sell all kinds of goods at the market. Some even undertook perilous adventures to acquire especially rare items. They criss-crossed this wealthy region, creating new paths and roads, adding markets to towns, but always with the aim to become the richest!

    Gloria Mundi $35.95

    The Glory of Rome is fading. You're a Roman statesman struggling to survive in this era of cultural decline and political chaos. While foreign invaders and domestic incompetents devour the last resources of the Empire, you'll try to build your career out of the rubble. You will administer your Farms, Cities, and Legions, trying to score points by deciding which of them will be improved, and which will be destroyed. In the end, the points you've scored may be all you have left.

    Canal Mania $55.95

    Canal Mania is a game about the great Canal building era of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that captures the feel of the period and gives players plenty of decision making in their attempts to complete some of the most famous British canals. Players engage brilliant engineers such as James Brindley and Thomas Telford in their efforts to create canals linking emerging manufacturing centers, providing the waterways that supplied the goods generated by the Industrial Revolution.

    Hameln $81.95

    Players play the part of a family in Hameln around about the year 1284. During the course of the game, families will marry, buy new houses (production and influence), increase their food (meat, ale, cheese and bread) and become more influential in the running of the town. However, no-one can stop the arrival of the rats and the Pied Piper will make an appearance 3 times during the course of the game. Families can bribe the Pied Piper to help him clear their houses of rats but money is scarce and the Pied Piper will take children if money is not available to pay him. The game lasts for just over one hour.

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