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If you are looking for something to do on halloween there are many cost effective activities that people of all ages can enjoy. It is time of year when pals come together, dress like goblins and share horror stories.

Halloween is a time you can scare off people with weird costumes and scary masks. Want to have the ultimate halloween party in your home? Halloween parties, whether they are geared for preschoolers, teens or adults, work best when they are well organized. Whether you are entertaining adults or children or both, decorations are important in setting the proper creepy atmosphere for halloween.

Why not start the halloween holidays off with some great kids halloween movies? Some of the kids most popular characters have a holiday dvd.

Why do we celebrate halloween? different cultures give different reasons! Halloween dates back to a period hundreds of years ago! Halloween is celebrated by many people across the globe regardless of their cultures or religious backgrounds or preferences. Lots of children around the world enjoy halloween and have a great time that day.

Halloween costumes are what make halloween a special scary night of horror and fun. Halloween costumes based on pop culture icons are what boys and girls are mostly fond of. Most kids prefer to choose a witch as what they want to be on halloween, and this makes it very easy for the parent shopping for kids witch costumes. During the halloween season, dressing up babies comes as a delight to both parents. Many folks search for the perfect halloween mask to spook their friends with. What you think is funny will determine what you might wear when you want to have funny halloween costumes. Halloween costume parties can be so much fun, particularly when you dress up in those gothic, scary and fun costumes. A halloween party can be ghoulishly fun, regardless of whether you are the host or attendee. Superhero halloween costumes are a thrilling alternative for your halloween celebrations this year! Which hero would you dress up as?


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Betty’s was the crème de la crème of beauty in Harmony Port until Betty died. Just watch your back!

A great standard format game for girl's night out. Set in any era, perfect for a weekend away, or for primping the night before a big event.

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Beverly Hills Lady's Academy is getting a very important visitor, Katherine Livingstone, the First Lady of the United States. After an official greeting by the entire school the First Lady is given a tour by 7 of the students. But as the group enter the auditorium a bomb explodes.

Set in the present day at an exclusive Beverly Hills Girls School this game is perfect for young teen or pre-teen girls.

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To celebrate the opening of the scary new theme park, Vampireland in Transylvania, the guests have been chosen by Jack Ular, the owner of Castle Alucard and Vampireland, to take a frightening challenge.

A spooky murder mystery game for 8 to 14 players set in present day Transylvania. Great for Halloween parties!

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A spooky mystery game for 8 to 12 children (aged 8 to 12) set at a present day horror costume party. Great for Halloween.

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Join Sue Perr-Nattrell and the cast and crew of top TV show 'Really Haunted' as they stage a grand feast in the Great Hall of Spooky Castle. Who knows what apparitions and spectral visitors they might have. Could the night end in tragedy for one of the guests ?

A spooky murder mystery game for 8, 9 or 10 players set at an 11th Century Castle where an episode of the TV show 'Really Haunted' is being filmed. Great for Halloween.

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The right Halloween crafts can make your Halloween party a howl. But rather than just putting up some Happy Halloween banners and fake cobwebs, why not come up with a great theme party idea. By having the older children and adults playing a game of Halloween charades and acting out popular scary books and movies you can create an entertaining Halloween themed party.

It is officially Halloween night and you have decided to have a hauntingly exciting Halloween party.

Halloween games often make for great party entertainment. You may want to mix up Halloween games with traditional ones.

Make your own matching Halloween party invitations, favors bags, place cards, party hats, and much more your next costume party.You can give these to your friends if you are having a Halloween party.

Final note: Remember that your Halloween party does not need to be elaborate, the main component of a great Halloween party are a few willing participants that want to have fun, a few simple Halloween decorations and props, toss in some spooky music and ghost sounds, and definitely the Halloween food - and you will have a smashingly and howling Halloween Party.

Make your Halloween party one to be remmembered!