Metal Chess Sets

Direct Source Games has a great selection of brass and metal chess sets.These chess sets are remarkable and will no doubt be one of your treasured family heirlooms!

These stylish metal chess sets are available in a range of metals including brass, copper, steel, gold, silver and pewter. These are mostly made in India to the highest quality standards and are often purchased by chess collectors or used as decoration sets in the home and office.

Chariots Collector Chess Set

Price: $2,950.002,809.29 CAD 2,011.31 EUR 1,782.69 GBP

This brass and silver set features a king which is 6" tall and a must for any collector! The pieces are cast in solid brass and the opposing pieces dipped in silver.

This set takes 3 months to make.

The Silvert

Price: $1,200.001,142.76 CAD 818.16 EUR 725.16 GBP

This is a brand-new 'one of a kind' hand-made exquisite set of chess men in silver and enamel. The King height is 2.5" on a silver oval base measuring 2" x 1 1/2".

This reproduction set is based on the original Ivory Jaipur enamelled and bejewelled chess men of the 19th Century Hafner Collection. The King and queen in the original set are robed in comparisons and crescents mounted with rose diamonds.

The Robert Clive of India

Price: $699.00665.66 CAD 476.58 EUR 422.41 GBP

Our artisans have modelled this set around the original 'Clive of India Chessmen' chess set once owned by Robert Clive but since made available on display in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The original set came from Murshidabad, Bengal in the 18th Century and other types since were made particularly around Delhi.

This is an exquisite hand-carved silver and brass combo collectors' chess set which weighs approximately 2.5 Kgs. Each King is 3.5" (approx. 9.5 cms) tall.

The King is seated in a ceremonial howdah on the back of the elephant. Beneath each howdah is a beautifully carved cloth that covers the elephants back.The queen accompanies the king mounted on a stallion followed by the bishop, the knight, the rook and the pawns.

These sets take 3 months to create and are available in very limited quantities. As this set is shipped directly from India, current stocks allow a delivery of 2 weeks after receiving your order, so please order soon to avoid disappointment.

The Victorian Misty Brass Chess Set

Price: $389.00370.44 CAD 265.22 EUR 235.07 GBP

This is a substantial solid brass chess set weighing 14lbs with 'brass' and 'anodised black' finishing. It would make a magnificent display set for any fine home. Featuring a King height of 15cms (6") and has a base diameter of 1 3/4".

This set is available in very limited quantities only. Order now before it's out of stock again!

The Grand Master Brass Chess Set

Price: $345.00328.54 CAD 235.22 EUR 208.48 GBP

This is the original and best version of the popular Grand Master brass set that we have sold for several years. This is a very heavy and substantial yet attractive 34 piece set of chess men with extra queens now supplied as standard.

The Art Deco Copper/Steel finish Chess Set

Price: $199.00189.51 CAD 135.68 EUR 120.26 GBP

This is a very popular set that we introduced several years ago. It is an elegant art deco stainless steel/copper combo.Featuring a 4" King with a 1 1/4" base, this chess set will grace any modern home.

The Duo metal and wood chess set

Price: $149.00141.89 CAD 101.59 EUR 90.04 GBP

This elegant combination set of chess men are made of a combination of wood and metal.

The King is nearly 3 1/2" tall and has a felted base of almost 1" in diameter.

The chessmen and board coloration is nicely matched.