Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award

The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award was founded in 1989 as the only independent consumer review of children's media.

the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award newsletter is published quarterly and is an ad-free subscription-based periodical for parents, grandparents, libraries and childcare providers.

When consumers see the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award seals on products, they can be assured that they are "award-winning" because they were selected by a noted expert in child development, children's literature, and education, and further tested by the most objective panel of judges-kids.

To get a meaningful sampling, they deal with families from all walks of life. Testers are from the city and in the country, in diapers and in blue jeans, in school clothes and in tutus. They are parents who are teachers, secretaries, lawyers, doctors, writers, engineers, doormen, software programmers, editors, psychologists, librarians, engineers, business people, architects, family therapists, musicians, artists, nurses, and early childhood educators. In some instances they have tested products in preschool and after-school settings where they can get feedback from groups of children.

Since all new products tend to have novelty appeal, testers are asked to live with a product for a while before assessing it. Among other things, they are always asked-would you recommend it to others?



Your dad likes poodles more than pickles? Your best friend likes bubblegum more than museums? Whoonu! In Cranium Whoonu, you're sure to have unforgettable fun as you reveal your favorite things, share hilarious stories, and bond over surprising connections. You'll be amazed at what you'll learn about your friends and family - especially those you think you know best! Whoonu is easy to learn and quick to play, so it's the perfect game for any occasion. And best of all, it's just as fun to play with people you've known for 5 minutes as it is with people you've known forever!

Contents of Cranium Whoonu:

300 game cards

36 scoring tokens

1 secret envelope




Funny Bunny is a race to a juicy carrot at the top of a hill full of surprises! Each player gets 4 bunnies and draws cards to either move their bunnies up the hill or to turn the carrot at the top which opens holes that the bunnies can fall into. If a player loses all 4 bunnies, they are out of the game. But if one of their bunnies makes it to the top, they win!

Contents of Funny Bunny:

1 Green Hill With a Rotating Carrot

16 Bunnies in 4 Colors

24 Cards



The farm animals are out in the field, but they need you to call them back to the farm. A clever and amusing family game, Quack Quack The Call of the Farm Game will have you shouting out animal names or mooing like a cow. Players roll dice and match colors to corresponding animal cards. The first person to call out the correct animal sound earns a coin for their scoring board. Collect four markers to become the winning Farm Helper. The colorful game pieces are all made of smooth, sturdy wood that will last through several generations of young farmers!

Contents of Quack Quack The Call of the Farm Game:

8 Animal Cards

3 Color Dice

4 Scoring Boards

16 Scoring Coins

Drawstring Storage Bag

Wood Storage Box with Sliding Lid

Rule Sheet



You've Been Sentenced is seriously hilarious! This game utilizes a unique deck of pentagon-shaped cards featuring funny words, famous names, and familiar places. Players use these cards to create sentences, which challenge their imagination and ingenuity in a fun, competitive environment. The deck contains over 2,500 individual words and Wild Cards, which ensure that you get unlimited play and it never gets boring or repetitive!


Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, Best Toy 2007

iParenting Media Award Hot Award

Dr. Toy Best Product 2007

Spewgilist.com 2007 Best Family Game

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