viva piñata!!

A pinata can be the centerpiece for just about any kind of party. Both adults and kids love pinatas, and these party favorites come in almost any form. Browse our piñata selection and find just the right one to fit your child’s, or your own, unique identity and to accent the theme of your party.

We have pinata shapes for boy and girl party games but you can pick out adult themed party games such as 40th birthday party games.

If your kid (or kid at heart) is into trucks or race cars, you can find them here. In fact, we even have a tank shape. These pinatas can look real enough to play with, but kids will have just as much fun breaking them open and enjoying all the treats that wait inside.

With a pirate-themed pinata, kids will cherish the moment of playing pirate and breaking it open. They’ll want to scream, “viva pinata!”

Pinatas for girl’s parties include Tinker Bell and Cinderella, and even more recent characters such as Dora the Explorer and Bratz Kidz. If she doesn’t want to harm her favorite character, then a soft turquoise blue sandal may do. Yes, they come in sandal shapes too! You’re young princess will lavish in the shower of toys or sweets once it’s broken opened. Be sure everyone has a bag to put all the candy and trinkets in as they squeal and pick them up.

Pinatas are not just for birthday parties!

Spice up a holiday party, incorporate a piñata into 40th Birthday Party Games, and make sure they are a part of all boys and girls party games.

A skull, witch, Jack O’ Lantern, and even Frankenstein is great for Halloween. For Saint Patrick’s Day, highlight the day with a leprechaun shape, or decorate with a Mardi Gras drum to enhance the spirit of your Mardis Gras celebrations.

We custom make piñatas! Viva Pinata!

Pinatas are celebrated all over the world. They have been around for hundreds of years. People in China, Europe, and Mexico, where a pinata is featured at almost every party, have used it represent anyone or anything. If you still haven’t found piñatas to your liking in our listings, and have a unique design in mind, we’ll custom-make a pinata based on your original idea.

There are still many more to select from. If you’re having a baby shower, select a duck, pacifier, baby carriage, or how about a Winnie the Pooh shape. For any occasion, an animal pinata is a very adorable choice. How about a smiling Curious George, or even a happy butterfly. The loveable puppy figure, however, you may want to keep as a pet, but it makes a wonderful centerpiece for a party.

Colorful, Mexican-themed pinatas are always popular. A brightly colored tropical parrot will liven up any fiesta, as well as an over-sized sombrero. These are just a few that we offer. There are many more, and all of them don’t necessarily involve blindly swinging something at them. Pull-string examples break easily when the strings underneath are pulled down. Special designs also include a cow that moos and a pig that grunts. Others make sounds too. Awesome! But don’t forget to enjoy the fun toys and candies after the pinata is broken.

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Liven up that upcoming kid birthday party with an exclusive pinata for that unique birthday child. Surprise the adult birthday boy with a special something to complement 40th Birthday Party Games. Now that you are at the most complete pinatas headquarters be sure to find one to perfectly match your party theme. Our exclusive pinata designs are nowhere else to be found!

Look through our large array of pinatas and choose one on your kid's favorite party theme. However, if you have a particular pinata design in mind, we can custom-make a pinata to make true your original party idea.

Among our special designs we have a cow pinata that moos, a pig pinata that grunts and many other fun pinatas that make sounds! Make it a fun and unforgettable kid birthday party with a unique pinata for that special child.

Remember, parties are no fun without pinatas!

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