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Direct Source Games came online in 2004. We specialize in offering our customers a vast array of great games, gaming consoles, and related products.

Hi, my name's Gary Lloyd and I am the webmaster for Direct Source Games. I reside in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You can contact me via Direct Source Games "contact form"

About myself:

I will tell you a little about me so that you can:

  • understand "why" I have created this site;
  • check me out even more thoroughly;
  • be confident I know what I'm talking about.

    I am a single parent (widowed) who needed to be there for my family and working for someone else was a lot less attractive than working for myself out of my own home!

    My online adventure started in 2004 when I decided to create a commercial website after reading an article about a woman by the name of Rosalind Gardner.

    Rosalind Gardner, an air traffic controller (in 1998) with no internet experience, had started her own dating site, and by the end of the first year was clearing $5,000.00 per month. She quit her job in 2000, at which point she was earning over $10,000.00 per month.

    I signed up to an advice program that she offered which then introduced me to an eBook called Make Your Site Sell(MYSS) by a Canadian called Dr Ken Evoy. From there I was introduced to Ken's premier product, Site Build It.

    Like most of you, I started with NO experience... I didn't know how to build a web site, had no idea what FTP, HTML, ASCII or any of those other terms meant. But... and this is a BIG but --- I saw the opportunity to make money online.

    Within a few short months, after following Ken's methods, I had built not just a website but a successful online business.

    The fact is, my success is definitely not the exception when it comes to using Site Build It, many other SBI owners have experienced similar success - click here to see what I mean.

    Sadly, most web designers and programmers SUCK! They have no clue how to SELL anything over the Internet - I should know as I tried heaps of them.

    Sure, your website may look great but if your website is like most, you have two basic problems…

    1. Your website might look great, but you have no traffic.

    2. If someone does make it to your website, it doesn't convert.

    Most website builders fail in these 2 critical aspects of building a successful online business. So what's the secret?

    Site Build It !!!!!

    Building a successful website is a major obstacle for anyone wishing to earn a part or full-time income from the Internet. Ken Evoy’s comprehensive Site Build It system tackles this problem and presents a step-by-step solution for anyone wishing to build a web business.

    Site Build It takes the fear out of building that first website by providing an action guide, design templates (no web developing experience necesssary), search engine ranking help, etc. More importantly it shows you how to be independent and earn a living with your site.

    The beauty of Site Build It is it makes online business success do-able for Anyone!

    I Love SBI! I Love SBI!

    You probably found this site by using a search engine. Well that's what SBI helps with. It shows you how to build pages that rank high in the major engines so that your web site stands out from the crowd!!

    SBI! Order Page

    Site Build It provides:

  • Hosting for your site.

  • Registering your domain name.

  • Designing the site - you can save thousands in designer fees by using this software to do it yourself.

  • Video instructions

  • Tools to build a website

  • Provides Templates

  • Gives you a sound education in how the whole Internet marketing process works from the ground up.

  • It helps you discover your niche or site concept if you don’t have one before you start building your site or rather web business. It’s this emphasis on creating a web business rather than just building a website which separates SBI from all the other cheaper web hosts out there!

  • It uses a C-T-P-M (Content-Traffic-PreSell-Monetize) model which will be familiar to any successful online marketer.

  • It will help you find the right keywords ( thru BrainStorm It keyword research software tool) for your site or online business; these keywords are the building blocks that you must get right or it’s game over before you even start.

  • SBI doesn’t stop after you have designed your site. Included in your purchase price are what makes SBI somewhat unique, you get the tools and marketing resources to actually build your newly created site into a profitable online business!

  • You get SEO help: your site is submitted to all the major search engines, you get a Sitemap for Google and Yahoo, you get a Blog/RSS feed to attract visitors, you get a contact/list building system or ezine, you get visitor analysis tools to help you improve your site.

  • It Reports your ranking of how high you are in the search engines.

  • Analize your site to find out how to get even higher in the search engines.

  • Research for pay per click search engines.

    You can buy separate software to do each of these things ... but Ken's software is the only one available which does everything with one package.

    Perhaps, in my opinion, what makes SBI worth the price of admission is the online forum community. Ken Evoy has gathered and nurtured a whole army of like-minded webmasters and online marketers with his ‘Pay-it-Forward’ attitude that has resulted in one of the best online communities on the web.

    A wealth of online helpful information and people are just ready to guide you whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro. The true strength and power of SBI can be found in this ever increasing community of like-minded webmasters and marketers.

    Just Give it a try!

    SBI, is completely risk free. will give you a FULL refund if it's not for you.

    Pick a topic that you have a personal interest in. Think about your hobbies or passions.

    Site Build It!

    Do you have the solution to a problem that can help people? Acne? Make-up? Gardening? Dating? The topic can be anything. Just make sure you are interested enough in the topic to build a useful, informative site - otherwise you'd get bored and abandon it.

    Site Build It was founded by Ken Evoy, a Canadian doctor who formerly practiced and taught emergency medicine at McGill University located in Montreal, Canada. Montreal is still the home base for all SBI and SiteSell operations.

    Ken Evoy's Site Build It is one of best known and most successful website building programs on the Internet.

    Give Site Build It! a try,

    With best wishes for your success!

    Gary A. Lloyd

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