Storytelling games

Storytelling games are games where two or more persons collaborate on telling a spontaneous story. Usually, each player takes care of one or more characters in the developing story. These characters are often reused in different stories, and players often bond quite closely with their alter ego. At least one participant takes the roles of the various supporting characters, as well as introducing non-character forces (for example, a flood). Since this person usually sets the ground and setting for the story, he or she is often referred to as the "storyteller" (often contracted to "ST") or "narrator". Any number of other alternate forms may be used, many of which are variations on the term "gamemaster"; these variants are especially common in storytelling games derived from or similar to role-playing games.



Jabber Jot is the hilarious word game where you create all kinds of wild tales! In each round, you race against the timer to jot out a story using three pictures, three words and a theme that are different each time. When time is up, you'll win the challenge if the jabber (the player judging) likes your story the best. You'll fall on the floor laughing when you hear the outrageous stories your friends and family create. Score enough challenge cards and you win the game!

Contents of Jabber Jot:

150 Hipsters 150 Globetrotters 150 Thingamajigs 150 Challenges on 300 cards 4 pencils 4 writing pads 500 words on 250 word tiles Velvet bag Card & Word Tray Sand timer Instructions



Nanofictionary is the card game of telling tiny stories! Use the cards to tell a wacky short story and win points. Cards range from The Slightly Defective Robot to The Dude Who Always Says "Dude." From the makers of Fluxx.



In Once Upon a Time, the players create a story together using cards that show standard elements from popular fairy tales. One player takes the role of the Storyteller and uses the cards in their hand to guide the plot toward their own ending. Other players can use their cards to interrupt the Storyteller and to take on the role themselves. The winner is the first player to use all their cards, and end with the "Happily Ever After" card. For fans of the original, now there is Once Upon a Time-Dark Tales. In this expansion deck, tolls lurk under the bridges, fiends tempt the innocent and evil stepmothers serve up little children in tasty stews. Just mix the 56 new cards in this set with a copy of Once Upon a Time Card Game to add exciting new story elements. Remember, not all stories have a happy ending...

Contents of Once Upon a Time Card Game:

112 "Once Upon a Time" Storytelling Cards 56 "Happy Ever After" Ending Cards Instructions



They say you should never fight a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. With Stupiduel, you'll find that everyone is armed. Stupiduel is a game of combat - but no ordinary combat! You must destroy all who oppose you to emerge victorious, but you'll find that most of your weapons are anything but ordinary! You will attack with clever plots, cunning ruses, strange 'accidents', monstrous misadventures and occasional brute force. But be warned - your opponents have it in for you too, and only your wits can save you in a Stupiduel!



You're Pulling My Leg! is the ultimate storytelling game! You'll laugh out loud as you and your friends try to fool each other with outrageous stories about your lives! When a card is drawn and a question is asked, the secret roll of the die tells you if your answer should be true or made up. When you hear a story, bet tokens on whether you think your friend is telling the truth or pulling your leg. You'll win tokens if you're right, but lose them if you're wrong. Think you know your friends? How well do they know you? Bluff other players but don't let them fool you. Score enough tokens and you win!

Contents of You're Pulling My Leg:

220 cards with 614 questions 100 tokens Velvet bag True or Flase die Tin shaker Sand timer Instructions