The new puzzle craze of the 21st century. Sudoku was first published in 1979, caught on in Japan in the late 80s, and recently gained a huge international following.

The puzzle was designed anonymously by Howard Garns, a 74-year-old retired architect and freelance puzzle constructor, and first published in 1979.[11] Although likely inspired by the Latin square invention of Leonhard Euler, Garns added a third dimension (the regional restriction) to the mathematical construct and (unlike Euler) presented the creation as a puzzle, providing a partially-completed grid and requiring the solver to fill in the rest. The puzzle was first published in New York by the specialist puzzle publisher Dell Magazines in its magazine Dell Pencil Puzzles and Word Games, under the title Number Place (which we can only assume Garns named it).

The puzzle was introduced in Japan by Nikoli in the paper Monthly Nikolist in April 1984 as Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru?), which can be translated as "the numbers must be single" or "the numbers must occur only once"

The attraction of the Sudoku puzzle is that the rules are simple, yet the line of reasoning required to reach the solution may be complex. Sudoku is recommended by some teachers as an exercise in logical reasoning. The level of difficulty of the puzzles can be selected to suit the audience. The puzzles are often available free from published sources and may also be custom-generated using software.

The puzzle is most frequently a 9×9 grid, made up of 3×3 subgrids called "regions" (other terms include "boxes", "blocks", and the like when referring to the standard variation; even "quadrants" is sometimes used, despite this being an inaccurate term for a 9×9 grid). Some cells already contain numerals, known as "givens" (or sometimes as "clues"). The goal is to fill in the empty cells, one numeral in each, so that each column, row, and region contains the numerals 1–9 exactly once. Each numeral in the solution therefore occurs only once in each of three "directions" or "scopes", hence the "single numbers" implied by the puzzle's name.

The strategy for solving a puzzle may be regarded as comprising a combination of three processes: scanning, marking up, and analysing.

Most publications sort their Sudoku puzzles into four rating levels, although the actual cut-off points of the levels and indeed the names of the levels themselves can vary widely. Typically, however, the titles are some set of synonyms of "easy", "intermediate", "hard", and "challenging".

Sudoku stimulates the mind and logics which exist in each and every one of us. Studies show that playing Sudoku improves memory, mind clarity, and can even stop and prevent brain illnesses such as Alzheimers! Therefore, there are some scientists & researchers that recommend playing Sudoku as part of our regular daily activity.

Find out what everybody is talking about, join this exciting 21st century world phenomena, and start playing Sudoku...



The setup for this quality wooden Sudoku gameboard is simple. Just place one of the printed puzzles under the grid or duplicate any puzzle on to the board using the large tiles. Use the large tiles when you are sure of your answer, or the small tiles for multiple possibilities. The gameboard measures 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" and has an internal slotted drawer for storing all the wooden game pieces. Sudoku Deluxe can be used with any 9x9 Sudoku puzzle.



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Get the best features of all the handheld SuDoku games with this high-tech unit. Featuring a complete numeric keypad and a full directional joypad, this handheld SuDoku will keep you playing for hours. Contains 16,000 puzzles to enjoy in four selectable levels of difficulty.

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    SuDoKu: Das Brettspiel $24.95

    SuDoku -- the sensational cult puzzle now as a game! The worldwide success of these number puzzles is overwhelming. Try it once and you'll be addicted. With this game you can play SuDoku both alone and with several people. The rules are completely simple: Each number (1-9) may occur only once in each row, column and block. Cards in the same column, row and block of the played number get points. Completely simple, completely beautiful, challenging and marvelously engaging for adults -- with a bonus game for children!

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    The new puzzle craze of the 21st century is combined with the colorful look of the best-selling puzzle brand of all-time: Rubik's! Play is exactly like the Sudoku puzzles you've come to love but there's no paper, no pencil, and no erasing! Includes 40-page booklet with 100 puzzles!

    Sudoku 5x5 $8.95

    Sudoku was first published in 1979, caught on in Japan in the late 80s, and recently gained a huge international following. In this 5 x 5 version of the new cult classic, play begins with several given numbers. Players must fill in the rest of the grid, but each row, column, and color-coded region must contain only one instance of each number. The objective is to fill every color-coded square in the grid with one of five tokens.

    Unlike traditional Sudoku puzzles, this travel-ready magnetic version uses fewer game pieces and involves a shorter play time. Each of the 20 double-sided challenge cards is held in place on the game board by magnetic tokens, and various game patterns offer greater visual interest and variety. Now the whole family can get involved in this addictive game of pure logic.

    Code Sudoku $14.50

    This handsome edition of the world popular Sudoku has quality features that every fan will appreciate.

    The rules are simple and no math skills are needed. Some keen thinking and an appreciation of a fun and exciting challenge is what it takes.

    At the beginning of each game there are several numbers on the board. The object of the game is to fill in the missing numbers so that in each column, each row and each grid, all of the numbers from 1 through 9 appear only once.

    One of Code Sudoku's smart features is that it lets you easily mark off what numbers you know won't work in any square as you play along. And the top part of the console is clear, wipe-off plastic, allowing you to play over and over again.

    Play it with the 48 puzzles that are included -- then use puzzles from anywhere using the console and other components!

    Code Sudoku

    Code Sudoku

    The latest game craze combines logic and crossword puzzle skills. This board game version includes plastic game board, 81 plastic number tiles, 44 Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty, instructions and strategies. For 1 to 4 players, ages 8 and up.

    Do You Sudoku? Game

    Do You Sudoku? Game

    Develop patterning skills and logical thinking with Sudoku! Original game contains 2 game trays, 162 number tiles, 100 puzzles, die and instructions.

    Do You Sudoku? for Kids!

    Do You Sudoku? for Kids!

    Develop patterning skills and logical thinking with Sudoku! Features animals on a smaller grid than usual grid and contains 55 puzzles and 24 reusable vinyl stickers.

    Sudoku Puzzle Books (Set/12)

    Sudoku Puzzle Books (Set/12)

    Hugely popular number game is fun, challenging and absolutely addictive. Assorted. Set of 12.



    This electronic Sudoku handheld game features a large touch screen that measures 3" x 2" and comes with a stylus. Electronic Sudoku also features a clock, a timer, and over one million different puzzles. A complete instruction manual is included. Requires 2 'AAA' batteries (not included).

    World of Sudoku

    World of Sudoku is a Puzzles, Games & Comics magazine and makes a great gift for readers who enjoy Puzzles, Games & Comics magazines.

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