Top Ten Baby Shower Games

What are your favorite Baby Shower Games?

The Top Ten Baby Shower Games listed below was compiled by Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE,

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1) The Price is Right

Buy 10 to 12 baby Items. Get little envelopes and cards from florist dept. of grocery store. Write the price of item on the card and on envelope write item name then seal envelopes. Play it like the tv show - "the price is right." The one that collects the most price cards without going over the amount wins.

The following is a list of items used.

  • Pampers package of 40 (Newborn size)

  • Fisher-Price Baby Bib

  • Q-tips Cotton Swabs 340 swabs / refillable pack

  • Huggies Baby Wipes 64 wipes pack

  • Pedialyte Freezer Pops Package of 16 pops

  • Winnie-the-Pooh Pacifiers 2 pack

  • Gerber baby food Apple Strawberry 4 oz jar

  • Duck bath toy

  • Johnson's Baby Powder 4 oz size

  • Bunny Rabbit Baby Rattle

  • Gerber's baby food Potatoes 2 & 1/2 oz jar

  • Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment 2 oz jar

    2) Baby Shower Word Scramble

    Pick 10 or so words related to babies and scramble the letters. Photocopy the scrambled words on a sheet of paper for each party attendee. Give a time limit of about 5 minutes for each person to try to unscramble the words. Here is a sample of 20 words to get you started (some easy, some hard). Printing tip, save the web page on your hard disk, then print it out. It will be much faster than printing directly from the web. Sitbenas Bassinet

    Searance Cesarean

    Raxbont Kisch Braxton Hicks

    Treesbidganef Breastfeeding

    Irnbhgit Moro Birthing Room

    Raragice Carriage

    Peidar Diaper

    Kirgonc Hicar Rocking Chair

    Yabb Gnisw Baby Swing

    Gapar Sett Apgar Test

    Licoc Colic

    Rupb Burp

    Raprengdtasn Grandparents

    Tspi Pu Spit Up

    Webnonr Newborn

    Tolbet Bottle

    Akeblnt Blanket

    Ditmnhig Nesegfid Midnight Feedings

    Declra Cradle

    Goconi Cooing

    3) Candy Bar Game

    Come up with a list of words that pertain to pregnancy, birth and babies. find a candy that goes with that word. Bring out the candy on a platter. Have everyone guess the word that goes with that candy. The one with the most right wins. Examples:

  • Twizzlers = umbilical cord
  • 100 Grand = hospital bill
  • Whoppers = contractions

    4) Draw the Baby

    Give each person a paper and pencil, have them close there eyes and draw a baby without lifting the pencil. The one who draws the best baby wins. An alternative is to have people place a paper plate on their head. Then they draw the baby.

    5) When will the water break?

    You buy little plastic babies, usually sold at cake decorating stores and you freeze them in your ice trays, with water. You put an ice cube with a frozen baby in it in a cup of water. As guests arrive you give them a cup and ask them to estimate the time they think their baby will be born, that is when their baby will completely be melted out of the ice. Whoever is closest to their time wins!

    6) Family (TV) Tree

    Give your guests a list of television families and have guests list the children from the families. Some families to try: Eight Is Enough, Brady Bunch, Full House, Leave It To Beaver, Little House on the Prairie, Malcolm in the Middle, Partridge Family, Growing Pains, Bewitched, Cosby Show, The Simpsons, The Waltons, Family Ties, Family Affair.

    7) Don't say that!

    Have every guest wear a clothes pin and when a person that has a clothes pin says "baby", the first one to catch it, gets that person's clothes pin. The one with the most clothes pins wins. It's fun to see how fast you can lose your pin and how hard it is to not say "baby." You can also play a version that includes the baby-to-be's real name. Though this version takes longer.

    8) Memory Lane

    As the hostess for my niece's baby shower, I decided to make her a BABY MEMORY ALBUM. I used a regular school binder (3 ring) and decorated with baby material, lace, etc. I purchased scrapbook sheets with baby motifs and inserted them in sheet protectors and placed them inside the binder. I purchased enough sheets to give the mother plenty of pages to post pictures, birth announcements, etc. This was then presented to her as my shower gift. Then as the hostess(es) of the baby shower, I prepared several sheets of paper that have a baby border or baby graphic. As each guest arrives or at sometime during the party, ask each guest to write down some helpful hints, baby advice, words of encouragement to the mother or the baby to be, including their name and their relationship to the mother and the baby to be. Collect these sheets, insert them into sheet protectors and insert them into a baby memory album. This will be something both the mother and the baby will enjoy throughout their lives and will be a very treasured gift.

    9) What will you call the baby?

    Have everyone write down as many animal baby names as they can think of for a set period of time. Obviously, whoever gets the most-- wins! Examples:

  • eel - elver
  • ant - antling
  • elephant - calf
  • lion - cub
  • deer - fawn
  • swan - cygnet
  • rabbit - kit
  • zebra - colt
  • giraffe - calf
  • horse - foal
  • cat - kitten
  • pig - piglet
  • seal - pup
  • cow - calf
  • goose - gosling
  • kangaroo - joey
  • penguin - chick
  • duck - duckling
  • goat - kid
  • dog - puppy
  • insect - larva

    10) Famous Babies

    This was a very original game my friend did at a shower. She went through magazines and cut out pictures of babies. Then she went through more magazines and cut out JUST THE FACES (without hair or necks etc...just from above the eyebrows to below the mouth, cheek to cheek) of lots of different famous people. She used everyone from political figures to movie stars and models to historical figures who've long since passed away.

    Then she took the famous faces and pasted them on top of the babies' faces (she had to match them up size-wise to accomplish this), and taped them up all around her house on the walls. It took her quite some time and preparation to do all this. To describe it more, the babies' facial features were replaced by the famous person's, but you still saw the babies' neck, ears, hair etc.

    At the shower, guests were invited to walk around and write down the names of as many as they could identify. Whoever got the most right wins.

    If you get a good variety of famous people's faces, it's surprisingly difficult to do. Since some guests will have interests in things like politics, and history, and others in the Hollywood scene, it's a good idea to draw from many different magazines for this game. ...and having them pasted on baby bodies makes it especially amusing. It was a real hit!

    Submitted by a reader