Tweens and Teens Party Games

Teenagers come in all types. This age group is more mature and can handle abstract ideas and those requiring audience input. Some of the ideas for kids work well for tweens and teens, too. Here are several additional ideas for tween and teen birthday parties:

These teen birthday party ideas and themes are slanted toward teens, pre-teens, and tweens who enjoy fun and maybe a little silliness.

Party Ideas

Mystery Party

When kids are young, party planning is relatively easy. You can pick a favorite television character and build a themed party around it. Or choose a fun place to visit like a petting zoo or kiddie gymnastics center and the kids will be busy and happy. But as children grow older, their tastes begin to mature and the old standbys are no longer an option. So what can be done for those kids who are long past purple dinosaurs, but too young for a night on the town? Consider hosting a mystery party for those tweens and young teens.

A Glamour Birthday Party for Teenage Girls

A little more serious in nature, but still fun, is a party theme based on the glamorous life.

  • For this party, guests are asked to come in their fanciest gowns, wear their most beautiful jewels, and expect to be pampered.

  • Décor for this birthday party theme can be in the birthday girl’s favorite color, in elegant black and silver, or really anything fancy. Pull out the best china, linens, and crystal, or find elegant paper and plastic party goods (perhaps even from the wedding or bridal section). Depending on budget, this teen party can be as fancy as one dares. Up for renting a limo?

  • Food should be fancy, a bit extravagant, and pretty. A formal dinner may be in order (at home or out at a nice restaurant).

  • For an activity, watching one or more of The Princess Diaries movies or the quirky 1987 film The Princess Bride would be perfect.

  • Another fun thing to do is to have the girls bring their digital cameras and take "glamour shots" of each other in fancy dresses, various poses, and elegant makeup.

  • Party favors can be a small, elegant piece of jewelry, a pretty goblet, or little makeup sets.

  • This would also work as a tweens birthday party idea theme.

    A Movie Theme Party Idea for Teenagers

    Pick a movie that is a favorite of the birthday teen and build a birthday party theme around that. For instance:

  • A Pirates of the Caribbean teen birthday party idea would include pirate party goods (available in abundance since the movies came out), pirate attire, red bandanas for all to wear, eye patches for a little silliness, and black and red decor. Pirate music or movies can be played, one of the many Pirates of the Caribbean games available (Pirates Dice, Pirates of the Caribbean LIFE game, and so on). Be sure to serve chocolate coins out of a treasure chest!

  • To brainstorm movie party ideas, first think up a movie. Then start listing items (props) in the movie, clothing styles, and colors.


    Ask any teens or tweens and they'll tell you Poker is in. Ask their parents, and they'll marvel that TVs and video game consoles are gathering dust. Over the last two years, poker has increasingly become the centerpiece of family game nights, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, post-prom bashes, even weddings.

    Printable Games

    Everything Birthday A to Z

    Discover your guest’s level of creativity as they come up with words related to everything Birthday. Players come up with one birthday related word for every letter of the alphabet.

    Guess Who Said That?

    A laugh out loud game perfect for hard to please tweens or teens. They’ll be rolling on the ground in laughter as they try to figure out whose answer goes to each questions. You just never know how one of them will finish the sentence: “A bumper sticker slogan that would best describe my family is _____”.

    Nice To Meet You Bingo

    Here’s a way to start the party off with lots of fun! Kids will enjoy mingling and getting to know each other as they try to find someone who fits a description and can initial the square - for five in a row, up down, or diagonal. Despriptions include finding things like: Find someone who likes broccoli, or has been to Sea World, or someone who has won a trophy. It’s and esay and fun way to get to know your guests!

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