Wooden Chess Sets

Wooden Chess Sets are much more common in higher level tournaments where as the sets in lower levels are made of plastic.

Our range of hand made wooden chess sets cater to every budget, from starter sets to the competition set and from the pocket size to the very large decorative sets. These wooden chess sets will be cherished for years to come.

Direct Source Games has an enormous selection of chess sets. The pieces are intricately carved into various styles from boxwood, rosewood, ebony or sheesham woods. Each set is paired with an attractive chess board to compliment each figurine. Create a beautiful centerpiece in any room with a set that matches your taste and personality. Whether you’re looking for an affordable or high end wood chess set, our range of products will satisfy any chess enthusiasts’ needs.

The New American Bud rosewood Chess Set

Price: $395.00 461.44 CAD 298.54 EUR 201.41 GBP

This new exclusive design commissioned by TheChessPiece.com features a knight with a significantly protruding mane and other unusual features in a more finely carved bridled knight.

Featuring a triple-weighted (3.8 ounces) 4" King, this set is made in both traditional boxwood (white pieces) and budrosewood (opposing pieces).The rooks have additional turret caps supplied loose, so a player can change the look of some of the pieces. The queen has a very intricately carved coronet and the bishops have deep, broad mitres.

This set is available with a choice of pads in either leather or green billiard board felt.

The base diameter is 1 3/4" and a rosewood board with 2 1/8" squares is recommended and offered as an option as shown.

This is a 34 piece set and supplied with extra queens as standard.TheChessPiece.com recommend that you consider the optional leather tray storage case to individually protect the pieces and our luxury chess board.



This beautiful chess set comes with a chest underneath the game board that has individual slots for storing all the pieces. The board measures 12 3/4" by 12 3/4", with each square on the board measuring 1 5/8". The double weighted Staunton chessmen themselves are made of ebonized boxwood and have felted bottoms. The kings measure 3" tall.



The Three-In-One Round Classic Game Collection includes Chess, Checkers, and Chinese Checkers. The wooden game board is 12" in diameter with Chess/Checkers on one side and Chinese Checkers on the other. All of the game pieces are wooden and the chessmen are magnetic as well. The game board comes with 2 storage drawers which hold all of the game pieces. Instructions for all three games are included.



This walnut and maple game collection includes everything you need to play chess, checkers, and backgammon. The folding game board stores all the pieces and measures approximately 14 1/2" x 14 1/2". The chess kings measure 3" tall. Instructions for all 3 games are included.

Chess, Checkers, Backgammon 3-in-1 Set

This 3-in-1 set has an 11 inch walnut folding board with handle and includes Staunton chess men

Chess Set $107.10

This chess set comes with a 15 1/4 inch smoked glass / wood board and has clear / frosted glass chessmen including a 3 inch king.

D&D Chess Set $159.96

Exquisitely crafted to hold a place of prestige on any table or display case, this premium-quality chess set depicts the eternal struggle between the good and evil dragons of the Dungeons & Dragons game.

Arrayed on the White side of the board are Bahamut, King of Good Dragons, and his noble children -- the gold, silver, bronze, brass, and copper dragons. The Black side of the board serves as the lair of Tiamat, Queen of Evil Dragons, and her wicked spawn -- the red, blue, black, green, and white dragons.

This limited-edition chess set also includes all-new variant rules specifically designed to incorporate elements drawn from the D&D game.

Chess Set $121.50 English style, 19 in. board

This walnut root 19" chessboard with inlay border has 2" squares. It comes with weighted English chessmen including a 3 1/2" king.

9" Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Price: $29.99 35.03 CAD 22.67 EUR 15.29 GBP

This is a delightful magnetic chess set with moon drawers for piece storage and made in solid sheeshamwood with an intricately inlaid board. The drawers for both sets of pieces are green felt-lined and snap into position. The base is also felt-lined and at nearly 3 lbs this is a piece of furniture that will need to be cherished!

The Regular Tournament Modern

Price: $39.99 46.72 CAD 30.22 EUR 20.39 GBP

A favorite regular players double-weighted Staunton Chess set. These are the same pieces that supplied in more established brand name sets. A very modern looking heavily lacquered double-weighted Staunton Chess set with leather bottoms! These red and black 1.75" base pieces has a traditional 3 3/4" king. And the set is used and meets chess tournament standards.

You will find that this is a comfortable set to play with and has great weighting. The Kings weighs 2.4 ounces. This is extremely comparable to sets sold by others as a combo with board for $200+!

The Minstral

Price: $49.00 57.24 CAD 37.03 EUR 24.99 GBP

This double-weighted boxwood chess set that has been heavily lacquered in a rich black and white. The set features a 3.75" King with good weighting at nearly 3 ounces! These have leather bottoms and a base diameter of nearly 1.75".

This is a beautiful lacquered chess set, easy to clean & great for playing.

Super Grand Staunton Black ebonized 4 inch King chess Set *Special Deal*

Price: $60.00 70.09 CAD 45.35 EUR 30.59 GBP

This is a very traditional 32 piece chess club design featuring a 4" King with white boxwood and ebonised boxwood black pieces. This price is amazing given it is triple weighted with it's king weighing in at 3.3 ounces!

The Executive Sheesham

Price: $69.00 80.61 CAD 52.15 EUR 35.18 GBP

This classic Staunton set of chess men, is hand made in a sheesham and boxwood combo. It has been designed and manufactured specifically for club and tournament players.

The set is made out of a rich sheesham and boxwood combo with a very intricate knight, making this set exceptional value for money. Each piece has billiard board felt slides and has to be the prize of any serious chess player.

Drueke Tournament Chess Set with Box Price: $199.00

Outstanding chess set gift choice! Drueke's ultimate wood Tournament Chess Set is perfect for playing chess at home, studying chess, or giving as a gift to someone that is fascinated with the game! This beautiful, extraordinary chess set comes with everything you need! A premium walnut chessboard made from the finest Michigan hardwoods, hand selected and perfectly matched rosewood chessmen, and another fine signature Drueke product - the matching chess box!

The tourmament size 21" chessboard is manufactured to exacting standards right in Michigan. Walnut and Maple hardwoods accent the contrast colors and match the chess box with made of the same walnut wood. The box itself is a nice touch with felted, divided interior, and quality brass hinges. The Drueke name appears inside as seen in the photo.

Most importantly, these rosewood and boxwood 3 3/4" tall tournament chess set pieces are rugged, yet detailed, and prove to be a winner with both chess afficionados and casual chess participants.

The entire combo is our top gift chess set recommendation. Enjoy Drueke's quality productions which have been loved by Americans and international customers since 1914.

ChessBoard: 21" Square Squares: 2" King height: 3 3/4" King base: 1 5/8" Box dimensions: 11 5/16" x 7" 3 5/8" (2.10lb)

The Complete Staunton Chess Set

Price: $99.00 115.65 CAD 74.82 EUR 50.48 GBP

"This is one of the best quality sets you will find anywhere at this price. Beautifully finished and a pleasure to play with. Excellent value!" says Robert Vanderhoof

This beautifully manufacturered full size Staunton pattern chess set comes with Board, storage box, FOUR queens and convenient green storage bag as standard! The Board measures (18" X 18" ) Fully designed to meet the demands of the modern chess player...rugged design, new, sleek, stylish Staunton pattern with extra queens as standard!

Wonderfully finished board in a rich lacquer with pieces including extra queens which fit snugly inside the box preventing damage.

The Duo metal and wood chess set

Price: $129.00 151.58 CAD 98.59 EUR 66.53 GBP

This elegant combination set of chess men are made of a combination of wood and metal.

The King is nearly 3 1/2" tall and has a felted base of almost 1" in diameter. The chessmen and board coloration is nicely matched.

The Kings Cross Regal

List Price: $199.00 Price: $149.00 175.08 CAD 113.88 EUR 76.84 GBP

This superb Staunton style set carved by hand in Camel bone features very elegant carving. This is both a classic collectors' and Players set and very popular.

The King size is 4" tall and great for playing with being very distinguishable pieces.

The base of the King is 1 3/8" and the height is 4". As is consistent with sets of this quality the base diameter reduces as the piece height reduces. The base size of the bishop is just over 1". We would recommend a board of 1 1/2" squares for this set. All the pieces are hand carved in camel bone and represent an excellent value.

Super Grand Staunton Ebony Chess Set

List Price: $189.00 Price: $159.00 186.83 CAD 121.52 EUR 82.00 GBP

This is a pure ebony chess set and boxwood combo with leather slides. Note the subtle carving of the Knight's enlarged mane and voluptuos body! Kiss it every time you win for continued good luck!

This is a great players' set! We do not believe there is any supplier anywhere offering such a good quality set for our special price.

The Choco

Price: $190.00 223.25 CAD 145.22 EUR 97.98 GBP

This new mixed wood design may appeal to those that love the taste and smell of candy! Apart from a very destinctive pattern it features a 3 3/4" King with a 1 5/8" base diameter with leather pads. Recommended board size is 1 7/8 to 2" squares.

It's worth observing that these pieces are made of mixed woods and the patterns created are not from staining or painting in any way.

The Grand Master Brass Chess Set

List Price: $299.00 Price: $249.00 292.58 CAD 190.31 EUR 128.41 GBP

This is the original and best version of the popular Grand Master brass set that we have sold for several years. This is a very heavy and substantial yet attractive 34 piece set of chess men with extra queens now supplied as standard.

What to look for in a brass chess set::

1.The quality of the molding carving- are you able to see the detail in the knight's mane, for example?

2. What is the weight of the king? Our's is 6 ounces, which means the pieces are virtually solid not hollow.

3. Do the pieces rest absolutely level and can the piece edge come in contact with the board? Our pieces have significant bevelling and the felt pad is absolutely solid in position and protrudes beyond the base metal ensuring your board won't get accidentally scuffed!

4.Is the king a full 4" tall? Ours is!

5. Are the pieces protected against oxidation? Ours are lacquered to ensure you never have to polish them.

6. What is the weight of the entire set of pieces? Ours weighs 8 lbs 3 Ounces.

We recommend our optional 21" x 21" Executive sheesham board because the wood color is golden and contrasts well with the brass chess pieces. All the pictures were taken on this board. Of course any board with 2 1/8" squares that you like may work better for you. Other options include our pure leather tray box case or our leather storage chest.

Extra queens are supplied as standard.

The Elegant Staunton

List Price: $299.00 Price: $249.00 292.58 CAD 190.31 EUR 128.41 GBP

This is a very elegant Staunton chess set hand-carved in camel bone by highly skilled artisans in India and is very exquisite. Featuring a King that's 4" tall and weighing 1.5 ounces.The King's base is just under 1.5" and has felt 'billiard board' bases.

This price includes a pure leather box for this special set.

The Roaring Knight Bud rosewood Chess Set

List Price: $349.00 Price: $279.00 327.83 CAD 213.24 EUR 143.88 GBP

This new 4 1/2" King design features some very unusal embelishments.

The King measures 4 1/2" and weighs 3.8 ounces with an enlarged leather pad diameter of 1 7/8" and is offered with a choice of pad material either leather or green felt.. A key aspect of this set is the extreme routing in the chess pieces body and bases which is highly appealing and a superbly crafted rook and queen let alone the unique knight which stands so proudly!

This would make a fine display chess set for any upmarket home library, with the beauty of the wood showing exuberant hues and fashioning.

The complete set weighs just over 6 lbs and is supplied with two extra queens as standard.

The Colombian Knight Set of Chessmen

List Price: $350.00 Price: $295.00 346.63 CAD 225.47 EUR 152.13 GBP

This is a new design which has just become available to us in both bud rosewood and ebony. The King is 4 1/2" tall (to tip of finial) and weighs a whopping 4.6 ounces! It has a base diameter of 1 3/4" with a choice of either leather or green felt pads. The picture of the white pieces above shows the excellent proportioning of all the pieces.

This Knight is possibly the most facially accurate of any we have seen. Look closely at the eyes, mane, jaw bone and the attention to detail in the teeth, occipital crest, shapely ears and nostrils! This is a racehorse ready for action!

The carving of the knight is quite extraordinary. The design of the other pieces are also highly commended, look at the crafting of the King and Queen, the bishop's delicately cut mitre, and the multiple rings around each of the piece bodies.

This luxury chess set weighs 5 lbs 12 Ounces and is supplied with extra queens.

German Twin Knight

List Price: $499.00 Price: $399.00 468.83 CAD 304.96 EUR 205.76 GBP

A magnificently carved set of chess men in This set is a replica of a traditional German design in Bud rosewood and boxwood. The original chess set of this design was made for Maximilian Joseph in Ivory in Munich. It features a huge 8" King and superb twin-headed knight!

This popular design is now available in pure ebony at the same remarkably low price! These decoration chess sets are supplied without a board and we recommend a chess board square size of 2 1/2".

The Egyptian

List Price: $699.00 Price: $599.00 703.83 CAD 457.82 EUR 308.90 GBP

A great hand-carved chess set based on a traditional Egyptian theme. This is an exclusive Egyptian set, carved by one of India's finest artisans, and in fact we believe the first of it's kind to be made in a Budrosewood and Boxwood combo.

Please note the King is 7" tall!

The richness of the coloring and exquisiteness of the carving makes this set a highly desirable collector's set. Available for immediate shipment.

Alexander The Great Chess Set

Price: $599.00 703.83 CAD 457.82 EUR 308.90 GBP

"For I myself believe that there was at that time no race of mankind, no city, no single individual, to which the name of Alexander had not reached". - Arrian

We are proud to bring you this 7" set of chess men carved in pure ebony and boxwood combo and depicting the best in Indian artistry.One side features Alexander the Great (Sikander) and the other features the Indian king Porus. The pawns of both the armies have traditional dresses of their respective ages.

Although slightly different from the chess set pictured, the chess set I received is beautifully carved. The chess pieces are unique and not the result of an assembly line production. They were packed carefully and arrived in excellent condition. I am very pleased with the chess set and would highly recommend it anyone seeking a special addition to his/her collection. John Moore Riverside, California

Elephants Collector's Chess Set

List Price: $800.00 Price: $699.00 821.33 CAD 534.25 EUR 360.47 GBP

This is a one-off 32 piece hand-made elephants chess set featuring incredibly skilled painting. Shipped in the velvet-lined case shown.

The tallest piece, the King, stands 3 1/2" tall and rests on an oval base measuring nearly 2" x 1 3/4". The pads are of billiard board felt.

We only have one set available and each set takes the artisan over a month to make.