Abstract Strategy Games

In abstract strategy games players know the entire game state at all times, and random generators such as dice are not used.

Abstract strategy games are probably the oldest and most widespread form of entertainment known to humankind. Proof of that are the myriad ancient game boards and game pieces found by archeologists all over the globe.

The "Strategy" game genre covers a broad range of different games and many sub-genres, ranging from war games such as "Axis & Allies" and "Risk", to fantasy games such as "The Lord Of The Rings", and everything in between.

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CONQUEST Used- $44.95

Two or four ancient kingdoms, connected through islands and bridges, oppose each other. By water and by land the opponent is invaded by cavalry, chariots, elephants, soldiers and ships.

To win you must either take possession of the opponent's capital cities or wipe out his army or gain possession of the holy grail on the center island.

Conquest is an exceptional game because there are no dice. A clever gameplay system allows the opponent only limited possibilities to react and thereby puts each player to the test of strategic combinations.


GIPF is a strategic game for two players based on a classic concept: in turns, players introduce one piece into play until achieving four-in-a-row. Players then remove their row and capture any of their opponent's pieces which extend that row. This principle of capturing pieces creates each time again completely changes situations on the board. The purpose is to form successive rows of at least 4 pieces, until the opponent has no piece left to bring into play.

GIPF is a pure and challenging game that combines classic systems with completely new elements. Full of surprises and offering unlimited possibilities, it will appeal to occasional players as well as to fanatic gamers. We dare to hope that whoever starts playing GIPF, will play it for a long time.

GIPF takes place before the Big Bang.... There was nothing yet: no time, no space, no matter... absolutely nothing except the potential for what was going to happen. Without this potential, there would have been no Big Bang and nothing, thus, of what we perceive and know at the present time. Players of GIPF represent this potential; the pieces of the winner symbolize the cause of the Big Bang, the beginning of everything--and of the world as it continually comes into existence from that point on.


ROLIT $24.99

Rolit has ingeniously simple rules making it a great game for the whole family to play. The object is to block your opponents' playing pieces and capture them by rolling their colors to your own. The player with the most playing pieces showing their color at the end of the game wins! Engaging Othello style fun for 2 to 4 players aged 7 and up.

Contents of Rolit:

1 Game Board

64 Rolit Balls


24/7 The Game $24.95

24/7 the Game is an exciting strategy game that combines elements of luck and skill. Using durable plastic tiles on a full color game board, players take turns laying tiles on a 7×7 grid and score points for adjacent tiles that create runs, sets and sums of 24 or 7.

In 24/7, players score for combinations of tiles in four directions. While the importance of tile placement and strategy is key to winning, the element of luck magnifies as the combinations of tiles take shape in all four directions.

Play a tile and score points or block your opponent from scoring. In 24/7 the Game by playing the right balance between offensive and defensive placement, you’ll keep your opponents on their toes and rack up the points.

24/7 has an ingenious mechanic that constantly changes the landscape of the game board. No matter how many times you play, no two games are ever the same.

Wayfinder $24.95

A typhoon terrifies four travelling tribes and tosses them upon a group of tropical islands. As your tribe's Wayfinder, it is your task to transport your tribesmen to villages by setting sail on a series of voyages. Creating villages gains you honor and prestige among the tribes. The Wayfinder that shows the best seamanship will sail to victory.

Ingenious Ingenious English language edition of Einfach Genial        List: $39.95 $31.95 (20% savings!)
Ingenious is the new abstract placement game from internationally-renowned game designer Reiner Knizia. Players place colored tiles on the hexagonal board, scoring points, blocking opponents’ tile placement, and trying to protect themselves from...

San Ta Si San Ta Si     (Announced)
The players slip 24 metal tubes of different diameters inside one another on 3 building sites. In addition there are six slim wood columns, which remain visible only if their tips rise up beyond the highest edge of the metal tubes. Each player...

Ronda Magica Ronda Magica    
Ronda Magica takes you to a wonderful world of magic. The magicians move on the field of play as if dancing. Each time a player succeeds in setting six magicians in a circle such as is illustrated on one of his cards, that player places this card on...

Babylone Babylone         $10.30
Once upon a time, 12 sculpted stone tablets in four different colors appeared from the sands of Babylon. Two architects were in competition to win the title of Architect of Babel. Become one of them and use the sculpted stones to build towers...

Dicke Dämonen Dicke Dämonen         $26.95
The players choose a color duing the game, and this brings with it a dilemma: Whoever chooses too early will be bumped from the running by his opponents, but whoever chooses too late will throw away the victory.

Moguli Moguli         $18.85
Moguli demands tactical skill and spatial visualization skills because it is played both on the top and bottom surfaces of the panels. Swap back and forth to take advantage of the different paths on either side.

Backgammon Set Backgammon Set 15 inch, burgundy w/ black stripe        List: $25.00 $21.95 (12% savings!)

Ultimate Chess Men extra heavy weighted plastic pieces        List: $40.00 $33.95 (15% savings!)
These extra heavy pieces include a 3 3/4" king.

Einfach Genial Einfach Genial         $44.95
The simply ingenious placement game! With this unbelievably exciting placement game from the renown game designer Reiner Knizia, each playing piece opens up entirely new possibilities. The more identical color-symbols that are next to each other on...

Tom Tube Tom Tube         $30.70
Ganymede, Jupiter. Two astronauts -- Tom Tube and Drifting Dave -- are building a space station. The base and solar modules are finished, but the connecting tubes are missing. Tom and Dave take turns building new tubes. As quickly as possible, they...

Go Set Your Price: $29.95 (14% savings!)

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Quoridor is an award winning strategy game for two to four players! Move your wooden pawn across the board to the opposite side, as your opponent puts up wooden fence pieces, blocking your path. Can you get your pawn across and block your opponent from doing the same? The path is different each time you play!


QUARTO! $29.99

Quarto is the world's most award-winning game! Players take turns trying to line up four pieces sharing the same attributes. Problem solving skills and strategic planning soon come into play as it is your opponent who chooses which piece you play, not you!


RUMIS $29.99

Rumis is an exciting game of three-dimensional strategy based on the amazing architecture of the ancient Inca! Using irregular blocks of stone in a variety of shapes and sizes, the Inca built monumental architectural marvels that have withstood the test of time. In the game of Rumis (meaning "stones" in ancient Quechua) players begin constructing a building one stone at a time, strategically placing their stones to prevent opponents from having the most visible colored stones. Construction is limited by the shape and height of the building and by the number of players. Each stone placed must touch at least one face of the same color, but not extend beyond the plan’s height limitations. The player with the most stones visible from above at the end is the winner! Rumis is a winner of the National Competition Award from Mensa Select.


3 STONES $29.99

Three Stones is a wonderful game of luck and strategy! The game is played by randomly drawing a glass stone from the pouch and playing it in the same row or column as your opponent's last stone. Line up three glass stones in a row, across, up-and-down, or diagonally and you score. You must play whatever stone you draw - your color, your opponent's color, or the clear stones that count for you both!

Balanx GAMES Magazine Best Abstract Strategy Game 1997

Before each move, the Balanx board is tilted in the direction of the opponent. As a result, the 20 solid glass marbles roll into new and interesting positions. The winner will be the player who can keep his eye on the rapidly changing situation, and move his marbles to his finishing corner.

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Dvonn List Price: $32.95 Your Price: $26.35 (20% savings!)

DVONN is a challenging stacking game with very simple rules. It is played with 3 red DVONN pieces, 23 white pieces, and 23 black pieces. The players must try to control as many pieces as possible by building stacks, preferably by jumping on top of their opponent's pieces. While doing so, pieces and stacks must remain linked to the red DVONN pieces. If not, they are out of the game! When no more moves can be made, each player puts their stacks on top of each other. The player with the highest stack wins the game!

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