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In an adventure board game, the player is represented by a single token, which is how the player interacts with the world represented in the game board. However, unlike simple roll-and-move games like Ludo or Monopoly, the different players' tokens are not identical; they have a number of attributes, and what a player is capable of doing is related to those attributes. This may be abstract (the standard colored pawns, but the player has a card telling him what he can do), or explicit (the playing piece is a representation of, say, a warrior), the point is each player has different abilities. In addition, these abilities may change over the course of the game, either by gaining items, or some sort of experience level. In some cases, the person may well be representing a particular character in the context of the game.

This gives these games many of the traits associated with role-playing games, in some cases having a strong resemblance to early combat-heavy RPGs. Despite this, they remain very distinctly board games, with the board controlling the flow of the game and representing physical locations.



In Runebound, you and your friends play heroes in a fantasy world full of monsters, perils, and treasure! The realm is yours to explore as you wish. Visit the Mountains of Despair, brave the Whispering Forest, shop for magic items in the markets of Riverwatch, or hire a dwarvin guide in the city of Frostgate. Wherever you go, adventure awaits you, and because the game changes each time you play it, you'll never have the same adventure twice! This second edition of Runebound features 12 beautifully sculpted and highly detailed plastic hero figures, new challenges, updated rules, and enhanced gameplay.

Contents of Runebound - Second Edition:

Gameboard 12 hero cards 84 adventure cards 84 market cards 50 gold counters 12 plastic heroes 8 doom counters 60 wound counters 54 exhaustion counters 58 adventure counters 60 experience counters 6 undefeated challenge counters 5 movement dice 2 ten sided dice Instructions



Dread Pirate - Bookshelf Edition is the ultimate family adventure game! Buried treasure, desert islands, treacherous seas, hungry sharks, and of course, pirate battles all await you in this exciting game. Choose a ship, a port of call, and set sail in search of treasure - gold doubloons, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Trade for treasure or sail broadside to another captain and take your best shot! Watch out for Shark's Tooth passage where the flip of a card may seal the fate of your entire crew. Be the first to collect every kind of treasure, reach Dread Island, and you will be the winner!

This Bookshelf Edition comes in a high quality wooden storage case that looks like an antique book and measures 11" by 10 1/2" by 3". The game is played upon a wonderfully illustrated and aged cloth map with cast playing pieces, real metal replica doubloons, and beautiful pirate treasure. Journey back with your family for a high seas treasure hunting, pirate plundering adventure!

Contents of Dread Pirate - Bookshelf Edition:

Cloth playing map 3 wooden dice 50 "gold" doubloons 100 jewels 4 treasure bags 52 dread pirate cards 1 wind die 4 die-cast ships 1 Jolly Roger flag Awards won by Dread Pirate:

Family Fun Magazine "Toy of the Year 2003" Oppenheim Toy Portfolio "Gold Seal Award 2003" National Parenting Center "Seal of Approval 2003" Parent's Choice "Recommended Award Winner 2003" 2003 Gold National Parenting Publication Award Winner

GreedQuest GreedQuest         List: $24.95 $19.95 (20% savings!)
Greed is good and there's treasure to be won, so what are you waiting for? Three to six players race to the bottom of the dungeon to grab The Hoard. Now all you have to do is get out with it... but everyone else is between you and the exit! Each...

Adventure Cards: Heroes >Adventure Cards: Heroes         $2.95

Adventure Cards: Explorer Adventure Cards: Explorer     (Currently Unavailable)     $2.95

Die Schätze des Ali Baba Die Schätze des Ali Baba tube edition    (Currently Unavailable)     $67.46
In one of the stories from 1001 Nights, we find Ali Baba as an honest man more poor than rich, but upright. In a coincidence from Allah the Almighty, Ali Baba sees a robber band standing before a mountain getting ready to enter it!? "Open,...

Eyes Of The Jungle Eyes Of The Jungle         List: $20.00 $17.95 (10% savings!)
Trouble is stirring in the jungle. Village children have disappeared ... Temples robbed ... Rare Animals captured... A call for help reaches our hidden camp. We slip into the Dark & Dangerous Interior. Our mission is to protect and save. We are the...

Explorers $29.60

The adventure scenarios are the actual journeys of such explorers as Marco Polo, Nansen, Scott, Drake, Cook, etc. Players pick a journey, make preparations, assemble crews & venture forth. They make the trip together, each handling different aspects of the expedition. Lots of adventure & an educational eye-opener about the life of explorers. A good family & classroom game.

Sindbad $23.95

Enter the world of Sinbad the Sailor and seek your fortune as a merchant and an adventurer. You will deal in precious wares in the harbors of the Orient and discover priceless treasures on your voyages. However, your way across the seas is fraught with peril--thieves, monsters, genies and pirates will all conspire to halt your progress. Judicious use of the cards you have acquired en route will help protect you against the numerous dangers and against your fellow players.

Amazonas $37.95

It's the 19th Century, and you have come to the lush tropical jungles of the Amazon in search of rare plants and animals. You must explore the twisting paths and waterways, leading your expedition from one village to another.

Each village offers an opportunity to establish a new outpost. But beware -- the Amazon is not for the timid! Fearsome crocodiles lurk in the tepid waters of the rivers, and hungry jaguars stalk the twilight paths. Do not shy from such dangers too long, for the cost to build a new outpost increases the longer it takes you to reach each new village.

Your funds are very limited, so speed is essential. Your sponsor has also sent you a secret directive. You must fulfill the demands of this special mission, or you will lose much of your newly earned fame!

Can you face the dangers of an unknown jungle and earn fame and recognition? Or will another explorer surpass you on the way to glory? Find out when you enter the land of the Amazon!

Runebound: The Island of Dread $27.95

Explore the uncharted islands of the world of Runebound and piece together the lost map to the fabled Island of Dread! By sea or land adventure awaits all brave heroes, whether they swing swords or cast spells.

Runebound: The Island of Dread is the first full-size expansion for Runebound, the fantasy adventure board game. Island of Dread features a gorgeous new board overlay that creates a completely new game environment. The expansion set also features 126 new cards, including new characters, encounters, challenges, events and equipment.

The expansion also presents new rules for ships that characters can hire to transport them among the scattered islands of the dangerous seas in their quest to find the Island of Dread and win the game. Not all ships are created equal, however, and you get what you pay for: The Vulgar Princess and her crew might come cheap, but they might also seize all your loot and dump you overboard.

Temple of the Monkey $15.95

Be the first to reach the Temple of the Monkey in this action-packed card game of jungle adventure! Each player takes on the role of a daring explorer racing along a unique path to the temple, battling raging rapids, dangerous predators, and most importantly, each other! Every step along the path comes with its own challenges, and explorers must be prepared for whatever comes their way.

Players must travel down their own set of path cards, representing the obstacles standing between them and the Temple. Use your equipment cards to overcome the hurdles in your path, and your tactics to foul up your opponents efforts, but most of all, use your wits as you race to the Temple of the Monkey!

Ultra Vilelence: Module 2 $19.95

A fast paced expandable, random tile, monster generating game with 'questionable' characters and 'vile' enemies. There are multiple ways to play - Deathmatch, Cooperative, Capture the Flag and Solo. Each expansion comes with two unique player characters, monsters and their generators, items, traps and encounters. All components include (8) 6.25" x 6.25" tiles laid out on a 1 inch to 5 foot scale and (150+) die cut pieces; all in full-color.

Cannibal Pygmies in the Jungle of Doom $15.95

Swing into adventure as the Jungle Queen and Skippy the Wonder Dog come face to face with Dinosaurs, Nazis, and Dancing Haitian Voodoo Zombies! Will the Great White Hunter escape the clutches of the Native Chieftain's Daughter? Will he? WILL HE?!?

This stand-alone game can be combined with any others in the Z-man B-Movie Card Games series.

Die Dracheninsel $29.95

The players are treasure hunters on the dragon island looking for the legendary dragon treasure. They overcome mountains, rapid rivers, volcanos and dense forests. Together they drag the heavy chests back to their boats at the edge of the island. But the real adventure begins when it comes to dividing the booty, because then charity begins at home.

Mermaid Rain

In Mermaid Rain, you explore the ocean and gather as many treasures as possible to gain more victory points than other players by using cards and ocean-current tiles. Roughly speaking, the procedure of the play can be divided into two phases: the "surf-predicting" phase and the "surf-riding" phase. In the "surf-predicting" phase of each round, you make melds by using the cards in your hand and gain an ocean-current tile. In the "surf-riding" phase of each round, you place the ocean-current tile on the board, move your pawn by using card(s) from your hand, and gather treasures. To win the game, you have to check cautiously the balance of the cards in your hand: which card(s) to use in "surf-predicting" phases and which in "surf-riding" phase.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark $63.95

Across the land, courageous heroes delve into shadowed dungeons, journey to lost cities, and explore forgotten ruins. In the darkest corners of the world, these heroes confront deadly and terrifying monster, including Skeletons, Hell Hounds, Giants, Demons, and Dragons. For those few who survive, the rewards are many. Victorious heroes return from the treacherous dungeons with ancient magics, bags of gold, and powerful weapons and artifacts.

In Descent: Journeys in the Dark, you play on of these daring adventurers. Armed with mighty weapons and powerful abilities, you venture into the dungeon to battle monsters, escape deadly traps, discover lost treasures, and ultimately, confront and defeat the evil masters that dwell in the hidden place. Can you survive the dark?

Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord $15.95

The Lich Lord has returned! And he has released the dead from their wormy graves. Now these undead hordes are stalking the land. The call has gone out for great heroes to stop this evil plague... are you brave enough to enter the deadly Tomb of the Lich Lord?

Each Dungeoneer set is a stand-alone card game for 2 to 4 players that may be combined with other sets for more dungeon-delving fun! You take on the role of a hero attempting to complete a series of quests, while the other players act as the Dungeonlord on their turns, directing perils against you. Dungeoneer also features a campaign mode that lets one player take the role of the Dungeonlord and the other players participate as heroes, much like a traditional roleplaying game.

Runebound: Relics of Legend $6.35

During the Dragon Wars, the free cities of Terrinoth created powerful Items as tokens for their champions. They gave these artifacts, weapons, armor, and even allies (in the form of magical animal statues that come to life) to the heroes of the land. Now the relics of legend are scattered, but great power will come to those who gather them.

The Relics of Legend expansion pack adds new market cards -- both items and allies -- to the Runebound basic game. There are no new rules to learn, simply shuffle the cards into the market deck and begin playing.

Dungeoneer: Dragons of the Forsaken Desert $15.95

Long ago the sorcery of the Eldritch Lords transformed fertile plains into a desolate waste. Now the crumbling ruins of a great civilization litter the landscape, and only the remnants of the people known as the Drakan survive the harsh desert. But the mighty Dragon King has summoned legions of his kind and their lizard-men minions to lay claim to the desert. Can you defend the villages of the Drakan and defeat the vile dragon horde?

Dragons of the Forsaken Desert is a two- to four-player Dungeoneer card game. Your character explores a wilderness that you build with map cards, while fighting monsters, completing quests, and leveling up along the way. Each Dungeoneer set can be played as a stand-alone card game, or combined with other decks for more dungeon-delving fun. Dragons of the Forsaken Desert features 110 new Dungeoneer cards, including dragon-themed monsters and three new heroes for your Dungeoneer game: Dragonslayer, Desert Dweller, and Holy Light.

Runebound: Artifacts and Allies $6.35

Terrinoth is a land of great magic. Whether bound into the commonly-used runes, imbued into great artifacts of mystical might, or even inherent in the fantastic creatures that inhabit the land, this magic is everywhere.

The Artifacts and Allies expansion pack adds new items and a new type of ally -- the familiar -- to the Runebound basic game. Familiars have useful abilities and can be acquired in addition to the usual three allies each character is allowed.

Runebound: The Terrors of the Tomb $6.35

Since the Dragon Wars, Terrinoth has been a dangerous place. Once-mighty empires have fallen, and now the landscape is dotted with their relics and remains -- dark and forsaken crypts, looming burial mounds, and ingeniously-trapped tombs. Great riches may be found there, to be sure, but also great peril...

The Terrors of the Tomb expansion pack introduces an assortment of dangerous new monsters, encounters, and events that can be added seamlessly to the Runebound basic game. There are no new rules to learn; the players can simply shuffle these new cards into their adventure decks and begin playing with them immediately.

Runebound: The Dark Forest $6.35

With the elves in decline, the forests of Terrinoth grow more dangerous with every passing year. The trees grow closer, the creatures deadlier, and the air darker...

The Dark Forest expansion pack introduces an assortment of dangerous new monsters, encounters, and events that can be added seamlessly to the Runebound basic game. There are no new rules to learn; the players can simply shuffle these new cards into their adventure decks and begin playing with them immediately.

Dungeon Twister $23.95 International Gamers Awards

Best 2-Player Game Nominee 2005

Dungeon Twister is a captivating and original game for two players, where their groups of characters try to escape from the dark rooms of a labyrinth filled with unforeseen dangers. As each player directs his own group of adventurers, their meeting will be inevitable!

Beowulf: The Legend $31.95 GAMES Magazine

Family Game Nominee 2007

Beowulf: The Legend invites you to accompany the mighty hero as one of his brave comrades. Will you become the most renowned warrior and succeed Beowulf as king? Only the strongest will prevail!

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