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Direct Source Games offers a series of American Civil War Games depicting several of the most important campaigns in the American Civil War.

Discover the Past with Exciting American Civil War Games.

Get ready to fight for your life once you choose to be the Confederate or Union forces in these action-packed American Civil War Games.

Gringo!: The Mexican War, 1846-48 Your Price: $37.95 (24% savings!)

Gringo! takes the legendary, award-winning Great Battles of the American Civil War game system into a new historical era -- the fascinating, challenging battles of the The Mexican-American War, 1846-8. The game rules are simpler (GBACW 4.3) with reduced Command Rules (for the smaller armies); they also include extensive rules for street fighting and the square formation.

The game's cast of characters include the stolid, bayonet-oriented General Zachary Taylor, the boiled-in-oil, head throwing General Pedro Ampudia, the never-speaking, inept duo of American division leaders, Twiggs and Pillow, the cast of well-dressed characters characters that riddled the Mexican Army, the mercurial, wily, and sometimes quite capable Generalissimo Antonio de Santa Anna, and the most complete, detailed Order of Battle information in one source.

The battles included are (1) Buena Vista, the classic battle of the war with Taylor's decimated army making a valiant stand against Santa Anna and a force three times Taylor's on a battlefield reminiscent of a lunar landscape; (2) Monterrey, spectacular street fighting with the Americans launching a three-pronged assault against, into, and through the beautiful city of Monterrey, complete with the huge fortifications, high peaks, crowded city blocks, bull rings, cathedrals filled with ammunition, even a telegraph system, and the San Patricio Battalion in The Black Fort; (3) Cerro Gordo, Scott's first meeting with Santa Anna on the dangerous mountain roads leading towards the heart of Mexico; (4) El Molino del Rey, where Santa Anna makes a last, well-entrenched stand outside Mexico City; and (5) Chapultepec, a mini-battle in which the gringos have to scale the precipitous heights of this immense fortress guarding the roads into the Mexican capital. Also includes Stonewall (pre-nickname) Jackson, hidden mines, wall-scaling, and those courageous Mexican cadets.

Gringo! is easily the most playable, colorful, and challenging of the GBACW series games to date. Most of the battles can be played in one sitting, and none are larger than one map.

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A House Divided Your Price: $35.95 (20% savings!)

A House Divided recreates the entire US Civil War from the first gunshots at Fort Sumter to its bitter end. A House Divided contains hundreds of beautiful components and full color rules sets complete with variants and alternative game setups. A House Divided is easy, fast, engaging, and a must have for lovers of quality war games and enthusiasts of the Civil War.

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Red Badge of Courage Your Price: $43.95 (20% savings!)

Red Badge of Courage extends GMT's popular Great Battles of The American Civil War system to cover both battles of Bull Run, or Manassas.

1st Bull Run, the opening battle of the Civil War, features two untrained armies, some exceptional and some truly poor leaders, and one of the best gaming situations in the war. Both sides are as evenly matched as one gets during the war, and there is a constant stream of reinforcement keeping both players in the game up to the end.

2nd Bull Run is one of General Robert E. Lee's greatest victories, in which he smashed John Pope's politically riddled Union army, setting the stage for the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg) several weeks later.

Red Badge of Courage uses version 4.3 of the GBACW system, building on lessons learned from the two previous battle games in the series. And the game not only includes the two complete battles, but it has a half dozen smaller scenarios that enable you to play various aspects of the battle in detail, many in a day.

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The Army of the Heartland: The Army of Tennessee's Campaigns, 1861-63

During the four bloody years of the American Civil War, many of the most important campaigns occurred in the West, the "heartland" of both sides. Here the formidable Union command team of Grant, Sherman, and Thomas learned their trade, ultimately dooming the Confederacy. It was here too, that the rebel Army of Tennessee poured out its blood; Zollicoffer lying dead in the rain at Mill Springs....Johnston bleeding to death in a Shiloh peach orchard....the fruitless victory at Chickamauga. Each defeat lead to bitter infighting and rapid command changes. No wonder this "Army of the Heartland" was so unsuccessful in the end.

The Army of the Heartland, is a strategic-operational simulation of the rebel Army of Tennessee's campaigns during of the Civil War. Created by award-winning designer John Prados, and using the same scale and game system as his earlier Campaigns of Robert E. Lee, this game focuses on the critical, but largely ignored actions in Kentucky, Tennessee and northern Georgia between 1861 and 1863. The game includes 560 die-cut counters and two stunning maps depicting the "heartland". You also get two army display sheets, a 32 page rulesbook with 8 pages of charts and tables and 9 scenarios covering the major engagements. A campaign game scenario covering the whole crucial year of 1863 is also included to allow players to explore the options available to both sides.

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Lee Takes Command $25.20

In June, 1862 Robert E. Lee is chosen to command all Confederate forces defending Richmond against The Army of the Potomac under the command of George "Little Mac" McClellan. In the ensuing campaign, known as the Seven Days Battles, Lee flings his men into attack after attack, always threatening to, but never quite succeeding in, crush the federals. Yet so completely frustrated and demoralized is McClellan that he calls off the federal invasion that reached the very gates of Richmond. A Legend was born!

Lee Takes Command is Volume II of Clash of Arms Games' simulation of the great campaigns of the American Civil War. Lee Takes Command brings the struggle of the Seven Days campaign alive with a four color 34" x 22" map and 240 multi-color counters. The game features multiple scenarios, hidden movement and dummy units, gunboats and shore batteries, command and control complexities for both sides, historical commentary and more!

The system presents a grand simulation of operational warfare during the age of rifled muskets. Using hidden movement, players must maneuver historic armies while seeking to discover which combinations of units and tactics lead to victory, or are formulas for defeat.

Summer Storm: The Battle of Gettysburg, June 30-July 5, 1863 $72.00

Tired of marching up Cashtown Pike and running into the same old Union cavalry? Tired of Ewell always coming in on the same old flank and scattering the XIth Corps? Does it drive you mad to see, after all the Gettysburg games you've played, Sickles once again get his head handed to him? Just how many times does Pickett have to charge before we finally cry "Enough!"

Well, Rick Barber is tired of it. That's why he designed Summer Storm: The Battle of Gettysburg. Actually two games in one Summer Storm begins at the operational level with a unique double-blind game covering the approach marches of Meade's Army of the Potomac and Lee's Army of northern Virginia. Sure, there'll be fightin' aplenty at Gettysburg, but how these armies arrive and from what direction is up to you (within historical parameters, of course). Thus, no two playings will ever be the same. For the first time cavalry play the role for which they were intended. Will you allow Stuart to deprive you of your eyes and ears? Can you even stop this from happening?

Troops don't actually deploy on the battlefield (the tactical maps) until you see the enemy, or blunder into them, as was more often the case.

The second game starts on the tactical maps. Divisions break sown into brigades, brigades into from one to three counters, depending on their raw numbers. A unique command system virtually removes book-keeping while at the same time rewards players for good gaming and strategy. Movement and combat are extremely smooth.

Famous Generals of the Civil War $6.00 Card Game

This deck of cards features 13 important leaders of the American Civil War who served their country in its desperate struggle.

For the People $44.00

For the People is a grand strategy game of the American Civil War covering the conflict from Texas to Pennsylvania, from the firing on Fort Sumter to the end at Appomattox Court House. For the People includes a deck of strategy cards for conducting campaigns and incorporating the many events and personalities of the war. The Confederate player can build ironclads, naval mines (torpedoes), submarines, conduct overseas purchases, and work towards foreign intervention. The Union player can build up his naval blockade, his ironclad fleet, fight draft riots, secure the Border States, and issue the Emancipation Proclamation.

Contains Five scenarios, including the campaign game, 1861, 1862, 1863 and 1864. Game is Medium Complexity, with Medium Solitaire Suitability. Includes 420 full-color two-sided counters, One 22x34" full-color mapsheet, One 6-sided die, RuleBook, and 110 Strategy Cards. Play specifics: 4 months per turn, point-to-point map, 6000 men per strength point, one to two players.

Across the Rappahannock $36.00

After two years of development, the new version of the Glory system for brigade-level Civil War battles is ready to roll, this time with two of the most spectacular, but least gamed, battles of the war: Fredericksburg (1862) and Chancellorsville (1863).

The original Glory rules have been revised to make them more accessible. The Activation system has been streamlined and sped up; the Rout/Retreat system has been discarded in favor of a simpler, but more effective, method of simulating casualties; the CRT has been revised somewhat; and the number of unit ratings has been decreased considerably. All this with an eye towards making the Glory system the best, and most playable, brigade-level system around.

Even better, Across the Rappahannock packs a three-pronged punch.

It provides two battles which have seen very little gaming in the history of the hobby. It is a rare look at the disaster of Fredericksburg, one in which the Union Player gets to see if he can do what Burnside could not. It also provides the biggest battle of the war, the immense 5 day affair of Chancellorsville, with Fighting Joe Hooker initially faking Robert E Lee out of his saddle, and then seeing Lee turn disaster into the most daring and innovative victory of the war, the masterpiece of his career.

Across the Rappahannock not only contains the huge, three-map, 5-day Chancellorsville battle scenario, but it also provides a half dozen one-mappers, some playable in a couple of hours, from Fredericksburg and Jackson's Attack, to the micro-battles around Salem Church, et al. This makes Across the Rappahannock a great game to learn the system (anew), as well as a marvelous multi-player opportunity for monster gamers. The best of both worlds, in one box.

But even better, Across the Rappahannock not only allows you to refit the new rules to the original Glory, but it gives you all the counters you need to do so, from new leader counters to dismounted cavalry. In essence, if you have the original, you get two new games in one!

Across the Rappahannock contains 3 beautiful maps of some of the most difficult terrain of the war, over 800 counters in a variety of shapes and sizes (making this game a visual treat), and charts and tables to make it all easy to play.



TIME SCALE: 75 minutes per turn

MAP SCALE: 250 yards per hex

UNIT SCALE: Brigades


War Of The States: Gettysburg 1863 $39.95

On a quiet Pennsylvania summer morning, Confederate General Robert E. Lee gambled his new nation's hopes on a climactic battle at a crossroads town no one really wanted to capture. His troops stood at their peak: battle-tested, used to victory, and eager to end the war. Opposing him, Union General George Meade knew that he could save American unity with a victory. After two years of war, Meade understood that simply avoiding defeat would not satisfy the American people. The Union soldiers had known few victories, yet remained willing to lay down their own lives so that never again would one man own another.

The Origins Award winning designers of Rome At War, and Eagles Of The Empire bring you the ultimate struggle & sacrifice to preserve a nation.

Renowned wargame designer Dave Powell makes his Avalanche Press debut with this exciting game of the battle that decided America's destiny. A smooth-playing game with large, beautiful counters and a stunning map in the tradition of the popular Rome At War series. No combat charts, no markers - just an evening's gaming fun!

For the People II: Deluxe Map $15.95

This map folds to a size to fit the box you already have for the game. In addition it includes a copy of the most current rules for the game.

To play For the People II: Deluxe Map, you must have For the People.

Forged in Fire $39.95

It is the spring of 1862 and the Civil War is at a stalemate in the east. The Confederate Army, victorious at Bull Run, sits watching warily across the Potomac at McClellan's 100,000 plus troops train and prepare for the coming campaign season.

McClellan is being spurred by politicians and press to use the army he has molded for operations besides drill. McClellan launches a bold flanking maneuver, taking his juggernaut by boat to the tip of the Virginia Peninsula at Fort Monroe. He slowly moves westward towards Richmond. This forces Johnston to react and fight or lose Richmond. The battles at Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, Savage Station, Mechanicsville, Gaines Mill, White Oak Swamp, and Malvern Hill will forever be seared into the memories of the participants. It is here that the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac will be forged in the fire of battle.

Forged In Fire is Worthington Games strategic level block game covering this campaign which should have and could have ended the Civil War three years earlier.

The game features a mapboard displaying from the Virginia Peninsula to Richmond. It gives players the opportunity to fight the full campaign from McClellans advance to the emergence of Lee.

The game includes the complete Peninsula Campaign as well as three scenarios: the Union advance from Fort Monroe to the Chickahominy River, Johnston's attack at Fair Oaks, and the emergence of Lee during the Seven Day's Battles.

Battle: The American Civil War $19.95

Battle: The American Civil War is so old it is new again! This is a superbly updated version of the classic BATTLE game, originally published by Yaquinto Publications in 1979 and out of print since 1984.

It is many games in one – an excellent abstract introductory war game for novices, a fast and challenging contest for veteran gamers and a well-balanced and an unforgiving battle of wits and a game for both war and family gamers. New to this version are full-color printing, the movable "battlefield tiles" and wooden playing pieces. Unit combat values depend on the terrain they occupy and change as they are moved. The game depends entirely on skill, with no dice used. This is an easy-to-learn but challenging game for two that can usually be played in under an hour.

Glory III $40.00

Glory III is the third game in GMT's popular American Civil War series, Glory. This series presents a brigade-level system that highlights ease and speed of play combined with solid historical insight. Glory III follows the success of Glory II: Across the Rappahannock, and presents a polished system with ease of play, with two combat-intensive one-map battles. And it is still a game that can be played, and played well, by solitaire gamers.

Glory III features GMT's unique chit activation mechanic, which provides a great deal of play tension, as the commanders never quite know what is going to happen next. However, new command and combat mechanics make the game even more fun. Both battles have special command problems and some new and interesting mechanics to allow the players to play within the framework of those conditions.

Antietam, one of the major battles of the war, makes great use of the Glory activation system, linking the Union/McClellan command problems directly to its use. But it still allows the player to make choices, choices different from those Little Mac made, perhaps changing the course of the battle.

Cedar Creek is a great momentum battle, with an initial, probably highly effective Confederate surprise attack followed by the return of General Phil Sheridan to the battlefield, the arrival of George Custer's repeater-armed cavalry, and, hopefully for the Union Player, enough of a counter-attack to snatch victory from Jubal Early's rapidly munching jaws. Has Jubal bitten off more than he can chew? Grab your wallet, roll the die and find out!

Designed gloriously by Richard H Berg, Developed with consummate skill and dedication by a new star on the industry horizon, Jim Dauphinais, playtested to a fine edge, and featuring the usual eye-popping, drool-inducing GMT graphics, Glory III is the best game yet in the Glory series.

Blue vs. Gray $28.00

Blue vs. Gray Deluxe Edition is a critically acclaimed grand strategy card game for two-to-four players that recreates the American Civil War from the opening battles to the bitter end. The Union forces drive on the vital centers of the South as the Confederates counterstrike boldly while struggling to survive.

Each player controls either the Yankee or Rebel armies. Every USA (Union) corps and every regular CSA (Confederate) division that fit the war is included in the game, as well as major commanders and cavalry on either side. Leaders are rated for strength, initiative, and command capacity. Commanders and their units all have informative bios and a list of major engagements fought as well as contemporary photographs, battle flags, or corps badges.

GMT Games' Blue vs. Gray Deluxe Edition is playable in a single evening, with most games lasting around three hours. The objectives and play balance are finely developed reflecting the unique strengths and weaknesses and the similarities and differences of the opposing armies.

Armies are created by playing Leader cards to the board and assigning corps or division cards for them to command. Using a simple, innovative combat system, the North (Union) must destroy and occupy the South (Confederate) before the Northern will is sapped, while the South must either withstand the onslaught until President Lincoln's unpopularity leads to his downfall or turn the tables by invading the North and ending the war with victories on enemy soil. The Enigma cards include dramatic events that changed the course of the war, such as Emancipation, Copperheads, Draft Riots, the 1864 Elections, even the notorious rebel spy Belle Boyd and the hair-rising Rebel Yell!

This Deluxe Edition of Blue vs Gray from GMT Games and QED Games includes everything the original basic game had, plus a Full-Color 11x17-inch Playing Mat, fully rewritten game rules, and two six-sided dice.




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