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All the Apparatus Games are designed to ensure a high level of safety, education, and above all - FUN!

With tangible Apparatus Games such as Leaping Lizards,Socken zocken,Tip, Tip, Ahoy!,Pirates Duel and Roller Bowl hours of educational fun awaits you!

Leaping Lizards Leaping Lizards     (Preorder)     List: $12.00 $10.75 (10% savings!)
Leaping Lizards is a fun and colorful game that will keep you guessing. You can jump right over your friends’ lizards, but you never know who might hurdle back over you in the next round! Your brain is sure to be bouncing as you race toward the end.

Socken zocken Socken zocken Lucky Sock Dip        $9.95
There's bedlam in the cupboard. The big sock monster has muddled it all up! Only the one who is quick and looks closely can find the most pairs.

Rein damit Rein damit Spot on        $9.95
"Open wide!" Bill, the animal keeper, shouts at the lion. Immediately the first piece of food flies across the enclosure. Missed, Bill! The food lands right in front of Madam Elephant. Can you help Bill throw the food into the right enclosures?

Hasch mich! Hasch mich! Catch me!        $11.95
The mice sit cosily together and squeak merrily. But then the cat creeps up on them...

Tip, Tip, Ahoy! Tip, Tip, Ahoy!         List: $15.00 $11.95 (20% savings!)
What a day at sea! The sailors stack all the different barrels on deck while the ship rocks back and forth in the waves. The higher the stack of barrels gets, the more coordination is required. Can you balance the ship and keep barrels from tipping...

Insel der Schmuggler Insel der Schmuggler Smuggler's Island        List: $30.00 $23.95 (20% savings!)
Night after night Smuggler Sam and the other members of his gang are around smuggling valuable goods. But watch out, Luke the lighthouse keeper is watching over the sea from his tower! As soon as his beam falls on a smuggling boat, the smugglers...

Welt der Abenteuer Welt der Abenteuer A World of Adventure        List: $55.00 $45.95 (16% savings!)
Four exciting adventures await you. Courage and dexterity, slyness and a bit of luck are needed for the great journey. What do you want to do first? Get going and reach the eternal ice or pass through the arduous land of the volcanoes? You choose...

Drops & Co. Drops & Co.         List: $45.00 $37.95 (16% savings!)
Your dream comes true. You find yourself in an authentic candy factory and may try to fill your tin with as many candies as possible. You quickly turn some of the buttons of the big machine to make the candies move in the desired direction. But be...

Piraten-Duell Piraten-Duell Pirates Duel        List: $14.50 $11.95 (18% savings!)
Pirates Duel is an exciting treasure hunt and chase with a real compass.

Hühnerpfanne Hühnerpfanne Chicken Pan        List: $20.00 $16.95 (15% savings!)
Oh, how good the crunchy chicken smells, braising juicily in the pan! But only the one who can skillfully swing the fishing rod will get hold of the delicious bird. The hectic and quick dice rolling gets the chicken thieves quite mixed up.

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