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The core idea of Bluffing Games are to convince your opponents of something that isn't true. Knowing when and how to bluff will dramatically increase your win percentages. Basically, you're trying to convince your opponents that you are unbeatable. Enjoy our selection of Bluffing Games. Check out our growing catalog of games and buy games anytime without having to drive to buy!

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Stratego is the classic game of capture the flag where the gameboard is your battlefield. In Stratego - Ice Vs. Fire Edition, you lead armies of elves, wizards, dragons and more into battle. Play classic Stratego or add special and unique powers for a higher level of play! Ice Vs. Fire is also known as the "Refresh" version of this time-honored game of strategy and deception. Protect your flag and capture your opponents' to claim victory!

Contents of Stratego - Ice Vs. Fire Edition:


30-Piece Fire Army

30-Piece Ice Army

2 Storage Bags

Label Sheet

Instructions in English and Spanish



Mind Twist has the simplest of objectives: be the first to move your token along the path until you reach the end. BUT...this is one quirky, artsy game board with slick, cylindrical game pieces that will double as sculpture for your coffee table.'s got the most imaginative move generator ever. When it's your turn, twist the Number Dial to show the number 1, 2, or 3--your choice--and keep it out of sight. If your opponent decides to let you have your way, show him the number you chose and move that many spaces. If he challenges you and guesses the number you chose, you stay put. Until he guesses correctly or lets you have your way, you keep taking turns and moving forward. Once your turn is over, he gets the same deal--guess his number or let him go. Land on the same space as your opponent and sideswipe to send him back to the nearest milestone on the path. The rules are simple, but the play is totally clever and cool!

Contents of Mind Twist:

Dimensional Game Board

2 Tubular Tokens

1 Number Dial Cylinder

Queen's Necklace $19.95

Paris, on the eve of the French Revolution... The Queens necklace is missing -- and soon enough her neck may follow! From the slums, where purse-snatchers and courtesans work their respective trades, to the inner salons of the Louvre, where confessors, royal astrologers, musketeers and court favorites mingle and scheme in hushed conversations -- the position of the Kings jeweler has suddenly become a lot more dangerous!

Players take the roles of Royal Jewelers who vie to sell rare jewels to the Queen and her court. Over 100 cards represent jewels and various characters inhabiting the court. Each player must best decide how to spend their hard-earned ducats: on the acquisition of beautiful gems -- diamonds, emeralds, and rubies; or to buy the favors of the various court followers. After three years of craftsmanship, the jeweler who sells the most precious gems and builds the largest fortune will receive the coveted title of Kings Jeweler and a place at the Court!

You're Bluffing! $7.95

650 going once, 650 going twice, 650 sold! The highest bidder gets the pig!

Be a clever auctioneer and bluff your way through cattle trades to earn yourself the most valuable animals.

This is the most diabolically nasty bluffing game we've ever played! Deal everyone the following money cards: two zeroes, four tens, and one fifty. One player turns over the top card of the animal deck, and the other players bid on it. The auctioneer may opt to buy the card for the amount of the highest bid. Two players with the same animal may make a "cattle trade," each secretly offering money for the other one. The player who offered more gets the card. When a golden donkey card appears, another money card is given to each player: first 50, then 100, 200, and finally 500. After the deck's depleted, play continues with trading until all animals are in sets of four. The winner is the player with the most valuable animal quartets. The nasty part? You can never make or get change, and you must sometimes overpay.

Bang!: High Noon Bang!: High Noon     (Currently Unavailable)     $3.85
In the Wild West, the shootouts between the Outlaws and the Sheriff are becoming particularly tough. Players must be ready to welcome the Daltons, keep cool during the gold rush and be really careful when walking in the ghost town!

Piranha Pedro Piranha Pedro         $32.95
Poor Pedro! He's stuck on a sand bank in the middle in the Amazon. Each step is dangerous, because biting piranha lurk everywhere. So that Pedro doesn't get wet feet, the players lay stones out before him. But you'll be sorry if you run out...

Paladin Paladin         $16.75
Paladin: brave heroes in search of honor are looking for a wise captain. Be their leader in this game for 3 to 5 players.

Bang!: Dodge City Bang!: Dodge City         List: $10.00 $7.20 (28% savings!)
Unknown gunmen stalk the city. Try to keep away from them... and for security's sake be sure to wear a metal plate! The second expansion for Bang! -- featuring new characters and cards allowing for play by 3 to 8 players.

Schmugglerjagd Schmugglerjagd     (Currently Unavailable)     $10.95

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!         List: $10.00 $8.25 (18% savings!)
In Knock! Knock! 3-6 players compete to host the coolest, hippest Halloween party possible. The game is a game of bluff as the only way party-goers can join a party is if you open the door for them; but since they are arriving from the other...

Pack of Flies >Pack of Flies         List: $11.95 $9.55 (20% savings!)
Let's introduce the players... You are all flies happily buzzing around the farm, looking for delicious things to eat. Bread & jam on the kitchen table? Pretty good -- but whats that over there? Oh YUMMY a huge cow patty! But watch out for the fly...

Stratego: Lord of the Rings Stratego: Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition        List: $21.00 $16.95 (19% savings!)
Characters from The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy come together in this classic battle of good versus evil. Gandalf, Legolas, Frodo and other forces of good stand side by side on the gameboard map as they face off against the Witch-king,...

Hector and Achilles: The Trojan War Hector and Achilles: The Trojan War         List: $29.95 $23.95 (20% savings!)
Hector and Achilles: The Trojan War is a colorful, exciting and fast playing cardgame for 2 players, set in classical timers chanted by Homer. One player leads the Trojan army, the other the Achean army. In a series of battles, the players try to...

King Me! King Me!         List: $25.00 $18.95 (24% savings!)
With the announcement of the King's retirement, the pirouette for succession begins! All of his subjects from cobbler to cook, painter to paladin, debutante to duchess bustle about the castle in preparation for the succession. One of your favorites...

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