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Card Game

A card game is a pastime that offers pleasure and social enjoyment.

Card games have been played and enjoyed by millions of people from all around the world for hundreds of years, with new ones developed every year.

There are entire books dedicated to variations of card games as well as professional games and card players.

Many games are based on a standard 52 card deck, or part of a standard deck, but there are also many games that use unique card decks. Examples of games based on standard card decks are Rummy and Poker, while games like Uno use unique decks.

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  • For adults a game of cards is a way to entertain themselves either in a group or by themselves. For children it is a fun way to learn an array of different skills in disguise.

    You may be surprised what children can learn and the skills they can develop simply by learning how to play card games.

    Even from a very early age children can learn how to positively socially interact, be a good loser, and even develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This all happens while sharpening the child's ability to recognize numbers, letters and symbols. Many adults enjoy playing cards and children will pick up on this, then wanting to learn how to play themselves. This is a great opportunity for some one-on-one time with the child teaching them the standard classics like old maid and go fish. CRIBBAGE BOARD - GIANT DRUEKE


    This beautifully finished wood Giant Drueke Cribbage board is enormous! It measures 31" by 8" by 3/4" and includes six giant 3" wood pegs that fit into 3/8" drilled holes. This board also includes a leather loop fastened to the top of the board allowing it to be hung from a wall. All Drueke products are made in America and are among the highest quality products we carry.



    This quality Magnetic Travel Cribbage Set comes complete with magnetic pegs that store easily in the metal case! The silver and bronze pieces store in the high density foam right below the included score pad and pencil. The opposite side contains a spot to store the included playing cards in the middle of the two track board. The folding board measures 8 1/2" by 6" when open and is approximately 1" thick when closed.



    This wood two track Cribbage Board is great for beginner cribbage players! The board includes six metal pegs (silver and gold colored) and measures 14 3/4" by 3 3/4" by 7/8".



    This is a cribbage set that comes in a felt-lined, hinged, durable aluminum storage case measuring approximately 18.75" x 5" x 1.75". The set comes with a three track wooden cribbage board, a deck of bridge-sized playing cards, and 9 cribbage pegs colored silver, gold, and dark copper. This is a great cribbage set for travel!

    The Educational Benefits of Card Games by Richard Steiner

    Playing card games can be a unique educational experience for children. The positive effects of games like that can be enormous. Besides the obvious entertainment benefit there are other great benefits that parents and educators must consider. In this article I will explain some of those benefits using popular card games such as Taki (or Super Taki) and Piccolo.

    Since early age parents can notice how their children attract to the bright colors, the shapes, the colorful images and the interesting designs that most game cards have. This fascination can grow interest in the games, an interest that can grow into a wish to use those cards in several ways. When children reach a specific age it's advised to play cards with them, to demonstrate and to show them the rules and the proper use of the cards.

    Here are some benefits that educators consider as the most important in card games for kids:

    1- Entertainment- researchers believe that pastime activities as playing board or card games are the most suitable form of entertainment for kids at all ages. We all read about the negative effects of computer games and other modern pastime activities, teaching your children to spend their leisure time in playing board and card games such as Taki, Super Taki, Piccolo, Piccolino or Classic Memory Game that can be acquired in games shop in is the best way to enrich their daily routine with fun activities without to turn into stale, and sometimes violent, activities as playing in video or computer games.

    2- Education- Most board and card games are an excellent way to teach your kids math or languages without the strict pressure of school. Kids will love to play in bible games or other form of cards and will not notice that the added essence of playing is the educational benefits that they receive from the game. Experiments showed that kids who played in card games as their main pastime activity had better grades in school that those who spend this time playing video games.

    3- Social and Family activity- Playing family card games offers immediate pleasure for both kids and adults so the most beneficial type of game is a game in which the whole family plays together. The benefits of such game are obvious. Besides being a gratifying discovery for the kids, it will also give them the sense of security and health that comes with a good family activity. Quality recreation time that involves card games for children is highly recommended by psychologists and educators.

    How do you start teaching your kids to enjoy card and board games? You must visit a serious games shop and start by reading the description of each game and the age range that the game fits. If you are looking for specific skills that you want to improve ask the advice of an educator or an expert. For examples, a game such as Super Taki is excellent for kids who are at the age of six and up. Other games such as Colors Quartet demand no reading skills so it is perfect for younger kids who can't read yet.

    If you choose your games right, the benefits and the positive effect it'll have on your kids might surprise you.

    About the Author

    Richard Steiner has a Master's Degree in education and he currently exploring and researching the educational benefits of board and card games. For more info about the subject please contact him at: esteinerrichard@gmail.com

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