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Play Chinese Checkers

Play Chinese checkers with two, three, four, or as many as 6 players! It is a pretty easy board game to learn and very fun to play! With each players’ pieces starting off at the different ends of the star patterned playing board, players attempt to move pieces across the board and into the opponent’s area before the opponent moves into theirs. Chinese checkers is a relatively fast paced game to play and doesn’t require the concentration level of other types of chess or even checkers.

Chinese Checker Brief History

Believe it or not Chinese Checkers was invented in Germany. Technically speaking, Chinese Checkers is not even really a game of checkers. This game is a variation of Halma, a very similar game that was invented in 1883, but on a star-shaped board. It is not related to similar games like Marble Solitaire or Peg Solitaire. Though it was patented by the German games company Ravensburger, soon after Halma appeared, the game was launched in the United States as Chinese checkers because it was a catchier name.

How to Play Chinese Checkers

Each player in this strategy game has a certain color for their pieces (usually marbles or pegs). The first player to move all their pieces across the board and into the opposite star point wins. Player may move one piece per turn. Pieces can be moved in single steps or hop over other pieces. Options for moves change as pieces move towards the middle of the board. This is when the game is the most challenging.

Chinese checkers is available in various board game styles. Some feature colorful boards while others are simple wooden playing boards with holes machined into them for the pieces. Each board has 121 indentations, with every player getting ten pieces each.

Playing Chinese Checkers Online

It is also possible to play Chinese checkers online. Each player makes their moves by clicking on the pieces with their mouse. Like in the common form of the game, Chinese checkers online can be played with up to six people, but one player can play against the computer, or play the roles of up to six people. This can keep someone busy and entertained for a quite a while.

Whether playing on the various game board styles, or playing Chinese checkers online, the basic game is easy to play and can last for a few minutes or up to a couple of hours. As a captivating strategy game, it can keep the mind occupied for a while, and offers challenge as the strategy of getting into the opposite player’s area grows. Taking opportunities in Chinese checkers is the important thing to remember. As with similar games, one missed move can cost you the game.



Play Chinese Checkers on this sturdy, full color playing board. Includes 60 colored marbles and a full set of instructions.



Play Chinese Checkers on this solid wood board. Set comes complete with 60 coloured marbles. Playing board is 12" in diameter, 3/4" thick.



The Three-In-One board games set includes Chess, Checkers, and Chinese Checkers. The wood game board measures 12" in diameter and features Chess/Checkers on one side and Chinese Checkers on the opposite side. All of the game pieces are made of high quality wood and the chessmen are magnetic as well. The game board features two storage drawers custom built to hold all of the game pieces. Instructions for all three games are included in this classic board games set.

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