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Christmas Games

Make Holiday Gift Giving Easy!

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It can be difficult to choose the perfect holiday gift, particularly without breaking the bank. We have gathered together a selection of great games for under $20 along with a some Christmas themed games that will give your family and friends hours of fun!

Great Gifts for $10!

Uptown Sale Price: $10.00

Uptown is a tile-laying game that can be played by 3-5 players (special rules for 2). Uptown is great for serious gamers, new gamers, families, friends... in other words, everybody! The rules are very short , and a typical game lasts 30-40 minutes. But allow more time because you will want to play again and again!

Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess Sale Price: $10.00

Now the highest rated woman on the US Chess Federation rating list, Russian born Alexandra Kosteniuk has shot up the ranks of the world's star players since becoming a grandmaster at the age on only 14. Inside this box, someone starting chess will find everything they will need, under the guidance of Alexandra. There's a beautiful Staunton wooden chess set (imported from India), and a board. Additionally there's an easy-to-understand 16-page instruction booklet that is designed not only for the beginner, but for the player who wants to substantially improve their game.

Last but not least Alexandra has also become a most sought after fashion model, and the booklet and box provide numerous stunning photographs of this incredibly versatile and beautiful young woman. No wonder Newsweek called her 'The Chess Goddess'!

Desperados Sale Price: $10.00

Times were mighty hard for miners during the Gold Rush. Rival miners fought over the rights to the few productive gold, silver and copper mine sites. Then came the Desperados. Those gold thieves and mine robbers showed up in all shapes and sizes. It was best to have the help of a reliable partner to fight 'em off.

In Desperados, two players form just such a partnership in order to prospect and develop gold, silver and copper mines. So grab a partner and work those mines together, stay ahead of your rival prospectors, and watch out for those pesky Desperados!

Desperados was previously released under the name Digging and is one of Reiner Knizia's first published games.

Musketeers Sale Price: $10.00

In the Queen's service, the Musketeers are trying to acquire three valuable gems. However, the Cardinal and his dreaded Guards are out to sabotage the Musketeers' mission. Many skirmishes between the Musketeers and the Guards ensue. The most successful Musketeers will be awarded silver coins. Those who fail will be sent to prison and will remain empty handed. The game is played to 100 points, with victory going to an individual player.

Easy-to-learn rules and short playing times make for great entertainment in this fast paced cooperative, yet also very competitive, card game. En Garde!

Bacchus Sale Price: $10.00

The Roman god of wine, Bacchus, has organized three great Bacchanalias to be held in his honor.

He has given his satyrs the enviable task of recruiting young nymphs to come to these wild parties.

As a player, you are one of Bacchus' satyrs. Your task is to gather together as many like-dressed nymphs as possible, driving up the point value and scoring as much as possible in the process.

Igloo Pop Sale Price: $10.00

The young ice giant has a big problem: he wants to buy fish sticks, but he cannot remember how many and he has nine shopping lists in his basket. So he goes from igloo to igloo and shakes each. In each he listens to the delicious fish sticks bouncing off the igloo walls. When he thinks that the igloo in his hand has the same number of fish sticks as one of his shopping lists, he takes it home.

When he gets home, there are no fish sticks in the igloo. Instead, wild and laughing Eskimo children tumble out of the igloo. Excitedly they shout, "Shake us again! That was great fun!" "This is super", thinks the young ice giant. "Now, I have found some new friends to play with!" And, he promptly forgets all about his shopping lists.

Arthur Saves the Planet: The Boardgame $10.00

In Arthur Saves the Planet: One Step at a Time, Arthur and his friends & family work together to solve environmental issues threatening his hometown of Elwood City. From littered beaches to endangered tree frogs, from deforested parks to wasted water, the team has its work cut out for it. And ANYONE can help! Pick an Arthur character and collect colored resource cards representing time, expertise, friends, effort and advice. Use these wisely to solve the many challenge cards and, in return, receive tree seeds to help restore Elwood City back to its natural beauty!

Arthur Saves the Planet provides a unique and challenging design for children to actually experience the joys of strategic gaming with their parents and friends! Players aged 4 and up must decide whether to move their character to a specific location on the board, or collect another resource card. Never leave your house and you wonít solve any problems, but if you donít take time to collect resources, such as helpful friends and expert advice, then youíll never find the right solutions!

Inside the box you'll find two sets of rules. A simpler, co-operative game for Arthur fans ages 4+, and a competitive game for 2-5 players ages 6+.

Arthur Saves the Planet is endorsed by PBS Kids!

Worm Up! Sale Price: $10.00

Worm your way to the finish line as you try to out-bid and out-smart your opponents! But don't be surprised if the worms take an unexpected turn. Fast, frolicking family fun!

The Club Sale Price: $10.00

Welcome to The Club! It's Friday night and lonely hearts are seeking fun (and love). The Club is where people meet under strobe lights on the dance floor. In the glimmer of the disco ball, emotions rise and fall and this game definitely won't end until desires are satisfied.

This game is rated FGA-15 by the FRED Gaming Association (FGA). Gamers are strongly cautioned that some material in this game may be inappropriate for young gamers under the age of 15 due to mature theme and suggestive content.

Techno Witches Sale Price: $10.00

Modern witches and wizards no longer ride simple flying brooms. They have now entered the modern age of technology and ride jet-powered sweeping machines! But, these new machines must be filled before each flight with magic dust. Using their magic books, players plan their flights -- 1 to 5 stages at a time. And so it goes: full power, sharp right turn, gentle left turn, "watch out -- magic castle straight ahead" -- full break and back-up, and here comes another witch! Players start with simple courses, but after they graduate from "flight school", they can move onto more demanding flying adventures.

Experienced fliers compete to capture and fly with the cat, but the most dangerous and challenging adventure is the chase of the technophobe with his traditional broom! Win that one and you have something to brag about! Whatever you do -- enjoy the flight!

Great Gifts for $15!

Take It Easy! Sale Price: $15.00

Score the most points for continuous rows of color! It gets tricky as you cover up more spaces on your board. Everyone has the same chance, but only one player will place their tiles best and win! Four game variations are included in this fun family favorite!

Money! Sale Price: $15.00

Money rules the world! It doesn't matter whether you collect euros, dollars or yen as long as the exchange rate is in your favor. And the more you exchange, the more you can make -- if you plan carefully and keep your wits about you.

For 3-5 players, this 30 minute game provides an entertaining experience for families and gamers alike. Now published with beautiful new art to help players learn more about the world's great currencies.

For Sale Sale Price: $15.00

Bid and bluff your way to purchase the most valuable real estate for the lowest amount of money, then turn around and sell those houses (and shacks) for cold hard cash. Be the richest mogul at the end of the game to win this Stefan Dorra classic.

During phase one, players must decide how much of their spending capital to invest in available properties, knowing that their own actions in the second phase could turn those properties into extremely lucrative bargains or crushing losses.

High Society! Sale Price: $15.00

It is one thing to be the richest family on the block... it's quite another to flaunt it successfully. Reiner Knizia's classic High Society pits 3-5 neighbors against each other in a race to reveal the most blue-blooded family. To win, you must acquire the trappings of great wealth, avoid fiscal pitfalls and still walk away with more cash than at least one of your fellow barons.

Christmas Games



Celebrate one of the best holiday movies ever made with A Christmas Story Checkers & Tic Tac Toe Collector's Game Set. The set includes a double-sided game board and customized checker pieces with colorful images of icons from the movie. Unique "tongue stuck to a frozen pole" snow globes for "Kinging" round out this cool collector's game set.



Spy Holiday Wishes is the Christmas memory card game for kids aged 4 and up. With wreaths, stockings, drums, candy canes and more, be the player to remember the most holiday wishes wins the game! No reading required. 48 jumbo cards and rules are included.



Children all over the world have been good lately. Too good. So good in fact, that lumps of coal have amassed around the North Pole. Santa's elves have decided that the best way to deal with the situation is to make a game with the coal.

Lumps: The Elf Coal Game consists of 8 dice that look like lumpy coal that come in a plastic booty-shaped container. The object is to get the most points in 3 rolls by rolling pairs of the same number. Do you take what you've got, or risk losing it all for a higher score? The endless possibilities makes Lumps extremely fun and addictive. Lumps comes with 2 four-sided dice, 2 six-sided dice, 2 eight-sided dice, 2 ten-sided dice, and instructions.



Celebrate one of the most popular holiday films of all time with the A Christmas Story Collector's Edition of Monopoly. You can relive the funniest and most memorable moments buying, selling, and trading treasured mementos like Randy's Snowsuit, the Hubcap Full of Lug Nuts, and the coveted BB Gun. Included are six collectible pewter tokens: Fragile Crate, Leg Lamp, Bar of Soap, Broken Glasses, Ralphie's Bunny Suit, and Old Man's Car. So get your Secret Society Decoder Pin ready and take off your Pink Bunny Suit as you advance past GO on your way to receiving your "Major Award" in A Christmas Story Collector's Edition of Monopoly!



Tim Burton meets Rich Uncle Pennybags in Monopoly - The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition. Buy, sell, and trade properties in the cool and creepy locations found in Christmas Town and Halloween Town. You can even own Valentine's Day Town and Easter Town. But nothing holds quite the esteem and prestige of The Pumpkin King's lair known as Jacks Tower. Christmas Presents and Halloween Presents cards replace Community Chest & Chance cards, and killer Jack Skellington money replaces the original Monopoly bills. Six stylish pewter tokens include Jack Skellington, Evil Teddy, Oogie Boogie, Sally, Zombie Duck, and the Mayor's Hearse. Sit down with the family for a spooky night of fun with Monopoly - The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition!



Enjoy the classic family dice game of Yahtzee this holiday season with the Peanuts gang with the Charlie Brown Christmas Collector's Edition. Five custom dice feature your favorite characters from the animated TV special all decked out for Christmas!

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