Computer Chess

Computer chess is now accessible to the average consumer. There are many chess engines such as Crafty, Fruit and GNU Chess that can be downloaded from the Internet for free, and play a game of computer chess that when run on any up-to-date personal computer, can defeat most master players under tournament conditions.


Dr. Dietrich Prinz wrote the original computer chess playing program for a general purpose computer (the Manchester Ferranti). The program first ran in November 1951.

In 1957, a full-fledged chess program was written by Bernstein for an IBM 704 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1983, a chess program called Belle, designed at AT&T's Bell Laboratories, became the first to reach the U.S. master level of playing ability. In 1988, an IBM-designed program called Deep Thought, defeated one grand master and tied another.

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Are you serious about improving your chess game? Computer Chess and Computer Chess software were created to help us improve; with powerful analysis plus a means of condensing and presenting material, these amazing tools can really have the effect of greatly accelerating our understanding and learning.

Computer Chess Books

How To Use Computers to Improve Your Chess

This book really hits the nail on the head. Suggests real ideas for lower rated chess players on the role the computer should play in analysis and skill improvement. Provides info about how to study opening and middlegame ideas with computer programs plus some suggestions for how to train tactics with the computer.

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Computer Chess Software

Excalibur's Phantom Force Electronic Chess Set

Excalibur's Phantom Force Electronic Chess Set Price: $229.95 228.29 CAD 154.60 EUR 111.09 GBP

Enter the 21st century of computerized chess games with the ultimate chess opponent, the Talking Phantom. With automated chess pieces that the Phantom moves effortlessly across the board, the Phantom will provide the most unique chess playing experience in the world. Match wits with the Phantom or simply sit back and watch the Phantom play itself. Comes with an extensive list of features that can help beginners improve their game and challenge advance players as well.

Grand Master Full Size Chess Computer

Grand Master Full Size Chess Computer Price: $179.00 177.71 CAD 120.34 EUR 86.47 GBP

Grandmaster-The Power and feel of championship Play!

This is a very powerful, full size chess computer at a very special price and only limited quantities are available. We provide free shipping by Fedex Ground in the US.

Super strength chess computer with an estimated Elo of up to 2100!

King Master III Chess Computer

King Master III Chess Computer Price: $49.95 49.59 CAD 33.58 EUR 24.13 GBP

Double your fun with two games in one! Now you can enjoy an exciting game of chess or checkers in one electronic game.

Junior Master Compact Chess Computer

Junior Master Compact Chess Computer Price: $25.00 24.82 CAD 16.81 EUR 12.08 GBP

This compact table-top chess computer is the perfect way to learn chess.

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