Cooperative Games

Cooperative games focus on fun and interaction rather than competition and alienation. Cooperative games also help set the tone of an action. Many groups find that cooperative games offer a brisk, friendly way to couple passionate task-oriented goals with driven, group-minded teambuilding. Games in which the participants cannot make commitments to coordinate their strategies are "noncooperative games. "Conversely, games in which the participants can make commitments to coordinate their strategies are "cooperative games," and the solution to a "cooperative game" is a "cooperative solution.

One key point is that playing cooperative games are fun for all and the outcome is a positive attitude, healthy self-esteem, learning communicating with others and working together as a team. In cooperative games all players work together to win or lose and not against each other.

Many groups find that cooperative games offer a brisk, friendly way to couple passionate task-oriented goals with driven, group-minded teambuilding. In other words, fun and games help propel social change. Another purpose of games is to get people to think together, as a team, so that everyone in the group has input and shares ideas. When used right, games can actually accentuate the purpose of your day's work or your group's purpose. Through a technique called "framing," games become relevant and powerful tools to break down barriers, build up focus, and make your group's process more effective and inclusive of all involved.

In all settings games should be used to build a sense of purpose, passion, and opportunity. In classrooms where teachers use the games in context of the lessons, students aim to learn with eagerness and a sense of purpose. Learning, trusting, feeling and thinking together are the goals of these games.

Cooperative games emphasize participation, challenge, and fun rather than defeating someone. Cooperative games emphasize play rather than competition.

Cooperative Games involve creative problem solving.

The goals of cooperative games are:

1. To work together as a group for both individual and collective development, on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

2. To serve others by giving support and constructive feedback.

3. To overcome fears that arise in the game, and to gain the courage to confront other fears in one’s life.

4. To work together as a group in attempting what seems impossible, and to feel good about our efforts and successes.

5. To have a lot of fun together.

The concept behind cooperative games is simple: * We play with one another, rather than against one another * We play together for common ends rather than against one another, for mutually exclusive ends. * We play to overcome challenges, not to overcome other people * We are freed by the very structure of the games to enjoy the play experience itself, rather than being lost in 'who wins.'

Karottenklau Karottenklau Carrot Pinching $7.95
The gluttonous rabbit is keen on eating our delicious carrots. If the players succeed in harvesting four carrots before the rabbit eats four carrots, all the players win together.

Orchard Orchard $39.95
Orchard is an exciting board game where only a quick harvesting from the trees carrying crunchy cherries, juicy apples, sweet pears and marvelous plums will prevent the snitching of fruits by the brazen and insatiable raven. All players work...

Go Away Monster! Go Away Monster! new edition List: $12.00 $9.95 (17% savings!)
Reach in the bag to find the puzzle pieces that fit your bedroom game board. Try to distinguish between the different puzzle pieces and decide which one feels like the size and shape of a piece you need. If you pull out a monster, don't be...

Early Years Early Years List: $15.00 $12.95 (14% savings!)
Early Years is a collection of four co-operative card games which encourage close observation, communication, imagination, and social and memory skills: In Animal Train, Try to connect halves of animals to form a long train pulled by Teddy Bear's...

There's a Growly in the Garden! There's a Growly in the Garden! List: $15.00 $12.95 (14% savings!)
Players help each other plant as big a Flower Garden as they can and also help the Growlies find what they need most, so they don't pick and trash the Flowers instead. With some sharing of ideas and talking over of strategies, we will help change...

Clowns Clowns $4.95
Twenty-eight felt pieces of clown body parts and pieces of circus equipment. A free form puzzle for the imaginative child because each time you play, you create your own circus act. No set solution. You invent a new Circus Act each time.

Zoo Train Zoo Train $5.95
Sixteen felt pieces that when put together make a train of zoo animals. The body parts are the same size so a child can create some new kinds of funny animals! If a friend comes over or if it's a Birthday Party, rules are included for using the...

Fuzzy Math Fuzzy Math $5.95
Twenty-four felt pieces that form a long caterpillar of numbers and math signs. Educational fun for the clever child. Use as a puzzle or try one of the several co-op games provided.

Alphabet Soup Alphabet Soup $5.95
Twenty-four felt pieces. A domino word game. Easy and hard games are included for learning about the alphabet, the vowels, spelling words and making messages. Older children are challenged, too.

Co-op Marble Games Co-op Marble Games $3.95
A collection of 30 marble games that are played co-operatively. Each one is described in detail. Line drawings illustrate the text. If you have marbles in the house, you will want to learn how to play these games. And if you don't you'll want to...

Shadows Over Camelot

Your Price: $38.95

In Shadows Over Camelot the players cooperate to save Camelot which is under siege from without and can be corrupted with within. Each player is a knight of the Round Table and takes on quests to help save Camelot. Some quests can only be done by a single knight, others can be undertaken by groups of knights.

BUT, there may be a traitor among the knights who is secretly working to destroy Camelot.

Buy Shadows Over Camelot

Obstgarten The Orchard $29.95

What a crafty raven! He plucks the sweet juicy fruits from the trees. The children have to collect the apples, pears, cherries and plums quickly into their baskets before the raven puzzle is complete. Will the players harvest all the fruit before the raven shows up again?

Bambino Dino $12.95

Baby Dinosaur is happily munching on leaves, twigs & berries in a deep Canyon and is caught in the rising Water of a flash flood. Our job is to rescue Bambino Dino!

We work as a Team to save little Dino by lowering the Water level until he is dry and also help give him the Food he likes best.

This is an excellent game to introduce the co-operative concept to young children. Simple to grasp with color-coded dice that indicate when to pick a helpful Tool or some Food and also when to build the Water higher and higher.

Though luck plays a part in keeping up the suspense, there are choices to be made, so you must do some thinking and discussing. Everyone's contribution matters. Have fun and remember to share your Tools. We need everyone's help.

Doktor Igel Doctor Hedgehog $27.00

Who will, with a bit of luck with the dice and some clever thinking, gather the most apples and pears? The players have to take into consideration not only how to increase their own provisions but also how to help the hedgehog care for its poor friends so that the game can be won. If the players only think about themselves without thinking of the common good, it may be that the hedgehog can't fulfill its task and then they all lose the game. The players throw the dice one after the other: if a fruit appears on the dice it is stuck into its spiny bristles. If there are already two fruit of that kind, the player can decdide whether to keep the fruit or give it to the hedgehog.

If the dormouse or the robin appears on the dice, the hedgehog is moved to the place of the animal in question. But watch out that Doctor Hedgehog doesn't lose any fruit while crossing the bridge. As soon as the hedgehog arrives at the friend's spot, it gives the animal in question the fruit it needs to recover.

Some luck with the dice and clever decisions for the common good are needed so that the hedgehog can help its friends.

A dice game of cooperation where there can still be a winner.

Ogres & Elves $11.25

The royal elf family is coming to visit their mountain kingdom. They want us elves to fill their treasure chests with the different gems we mine. However, ogres have heard about the visit and plan to grab all the valuables for themselves. We must do our best to get royals and ogres alike to share the goodies. Easy to say. This requires lots of tricky teamwork with each game increasing in difficulty. Strap on your invisible shields, dear elves and head for the mines. The royals are coming.

Oasis $19.95

You are Camel Drivers guiding Caravans from Home Village thru the Desert, gathering various Valuable Things to trade and sell when and if you reach The City. Along the way watch for sudden Sandstorms that can eliminate you. Also Thieves who can appear anywhere. Help each other look after all the Caravans. Discuss... plan strategies together... keep an eye out for one another. Travelling through the Desert requires care and alertness. The Storm can move quickly, sometimes almost unpredictably. Be wary, fellow adventurers, for the Dangers are many, but the Rewards are oh so great! May Allah bless your journey a thousandfold!

Zen Blocks $17.95

A special three-dimensional experience for the intuitive, the dreamer, & the thinker... Match symbols to form a cube. Bring together Lion & Lamb, Heaven & Earth, Rain & Sun into a harmonious Whole. Rules for a basic, beginner's game, and advanced play for teen & adults. A genuine game which unfolds differently each time you play. Not a one solution puzzle. Thus, excellent for family play, in classrooms as a logic game, in groups assessing cooperative skills or just as a gift for that clever person. Everyone plays together to realize the common objective of the cube.

Granny's House $11.95

An adventure game designed to encourage thought and imagination in young children. On our journey to Granny's we go through Dark Woods, cross a Stream, be very careful passing a Sleepy Bear, etc. We decide what to bring along. Maybe our Dog will help us. Maybe a basket of Food. Perhaps some Sticks & a Rope. Players will have to use these items to invent how they would deal with whatever Obstacle they meet.

A Beautiful Place $12.95

An ecology game for children! Planet Earth can be a beautiful place shared by all. Sadly, it has been harmed and made ugly in lots of ways. Players work together to restore the beauty. Can they do it before the dark pollution clouds encircle the beautiful place? They have a much better chance if they work together. Environmental concepts are presented in a simple way. Or just play it as an exciting nature game.