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couples games

Couples games for increasing intimacy and excitement

Couples Games are a great way to work on and reinforce your relationship with your significant other all the while having a sexy good time. Games for couples are a fun way to get to know each other better while having some real fun. There is nothing better than working on you intimacy while having a good laugh at the same time. No stress. Just fun.

The world is a hectic place these days and it is not uncommon for couple to come home from a busy day at work only to crash out in front of the television and then fall asleep. Is it not sad to miss the opportunity to explore and enjoy your lover. Why not spice your life up a little bit with some fun games for couples?

These games run from the tame to the not for the faint at heart. It is all about your comfort level. How erotic you want to go is up to you but one of these games can certainly heat up the evening and rev up what would have been a routine and humdrum evening.

Just how daring is your partner? Just how daring are you? You will both learn more about your sexuality and deepen your relationship as you explore each other in ways that could break you out of bad or tired patterns. Are you sure you know your partners fantasies? How long could you hold out if you were put in, let us say, a particular situation? Think about it. These couples games are meant for having a good time and we are definitely not talking about kids games here. Actually, if you have kids, you might want them out of the house or, at least, in bed and asleep before you think about playing one of these games.

Younger couples will love these couples games as well. There is nothing like discovering aspects of your lover that you did not know before. Sure, you might know a lot about each other but do you know everything? These couples games will help tease out things you do not even know about yourself. Think about the experience of that discovery with your partner. It will make playing these games a something you will always remember!

It does not matter if you want to play with a fetish and your partner or just your partner. These couples games will warm up the bedroom, bring you closer together, and break the monotony of old habits. Get in the action and have a sexy night to remember!


If you’re looking to add some spice to your love play, our Frisky Foreplay games are just what you need to fire up your passion and desire for great sex. It’ll inspire you to play naughty and have a lot more fun with your partner.



Do great minds really think alike? Find out with Compatibility! Secretly choose "expression" cards that you feel best represent the chosen topic, then compare your choices to your partner's. When your cards match, your token moves forward on the board. The first pair to reach the center reigns as the most compatible couple!

Contents of Compatibility:

6 packs of 50 Expression Cards

100 Topic Cards

Game Board

Rules of Play

6 Tokens


Play the classic couple's game on TV! First the husbands answer a question... then the wives. Do your answers match up? Guys, do you remember the outfit your wife wore on your first date? Ladies, what is your husband's favorite song? Whether you've just tied the knot yesterday or 30 years ago, The Newlywed Game DVD Edition is classic couples fun for everyone!



With Battle of the Sexes you can find out once and for all which is the superior sex! This fun, fast-paced, party game tests your knowledge of the opposite sex with gender-based questions. Does she know the usual number of lugs on a wheel? Cen he think of the best way to stop a run in stockings? Battle of the Sexes can fill a room and an evening with fun, laughter, and light-hearted play!



If you're the type of person who hates it when someone reads something dirty into everything you say, DIRTY MINDS is the game for you! The dirtier a mind you have, the worse you will be at playing because all the answers are clean!



More Dirt Minds - The Game of Naughty Clues is the second edition of the world's cleanest "dirty" game...DIRTY MINDS! The dirtier a mind you have, the worse you will be at playing dirty minds, since all of the answers are clean!

A Hot Affair Game

A Lover's Touch: A Romance Game for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Chocoholics Divine Desserts Strip Chocolate, A Game of Sensual Pleasure

The Bedroom Boogie GameThe Bedroom Boogie Game - $ 39.99
Want to learn lots of new sexy dance moves? Then get on the sheet and move to the beat. The Bedroom Boogie Game is like Twister for adults, set to 12 seductive dance tracks, included on the Dance Instructor CD.This fun game includes a Bedroom Beat Sheet, a Dance Instructor CD, a Quick Reference Dance Guide and 12 hot dances for you to learn.How does the game work? The Boogie Dance Instructor will take you through the basics, guiding you around the Touch Hearts and Sexy Oohs and Aahs printed on the sheet. The 12 dance tracks include Flaunty Funk, Slinky Slow Numbers, Raunchy Rock and Hot Booty Shaking Beats. Perfect if you or your lover love to dance—or watch.The Bedroom Boogie routines were created for both men and women to perform. The sexy dance steps were choreographed by Jerry Reeve, who has custom-made dance routines for Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey. You'll learn to dance like a sexy star for your partner with the Bedroom Boogie Game.
Sensations - A Game That Awakens All 5 Senses - $ 39.95
How can a game awaken all five senses? Sensations puts everything together to ensure that the mood is set for soft caresses, quivers of sensual delight, communication, passion and humor! All of your senses will come alive.The goal of the game is to meet the challenges and accumulate as many favor coupons as possible. You will experience as many thrills playing Sensations as you will when redeeming your favors later. It entertains you while leading you through an entire range of emotions.Included are 2 tokens, 1 die, 1 hourglass, 1 blindfold, 2 spinners, 1 notepad and 2 pencils, 30 challenge cards, 30 favor cards, 1 stimulator (AA battery no included), 1 bottle of massage oil and 1 instruction booklet.Games are a fun and healthy way to change things up a bit in your sex life. Pulling one out from under the bed every now and again can turn a night of love-making into a special romantic event.
Discover Your Lover Game - You Can Do Just That - $ 39.95
The Discover Your Lover Game is an erotic game for two that encourages you to take a sexual journey with your partner.The most important goal of this game is to activate and stimulate your sexual energy and to heighten your attention for each other. It brings you closer together and shows you surprising sides of yourself and your partner. Enjoyment is essential.This game is disarming, exciting, direct and daring, hilarious at times, but never disrespectful. You must try to reach the finish as quickly as possible by answering the questions and performing the tasks. Then, the winner's ultimate desire can be fulfilled!The questions are not to test only your knowledge of erotic matters, but also how well you know each other sexually. The tasks are on three levels. From tender and playful to more passionate and rather challenging. This allows you to play the game exactly as suits you best.
Kama Sutra Chocolate Body Paints - $ 34.95
Kama Sutra Lover's Paintbox - Three Edible Body ChocolateFor those who think chocolate is better than sex, here is a way to indulge in your two favorite passions at once. Brush this incredibly rich chocolate onto someone you love, then treat both of you to a sweet feast for the senses. This kit contains;* Dark Chocolate. Brush it on anywhere and let it work it's magic * Milk Chocolate - Brush it on and sweet kisses are sure to follow * White Chocolate - A creamy treat. Brush it on and lick it off to your heart's content. * A Body Brush. Create lucious designs on your lover with it's teasing touchEach Jar of Edible Body Chocolate is Net Weight two ounces.
Strip Chocolate - A Delicious Adult Game - $ 34.95
Chocohlics Strip Chocolate Game - Makes A Game Out Of Dessert!Strip Chocolate makes a game out of dessert. Strip chocolate is a deliciously satisfying way to get maximum enjoyment out of your time in your bedroom. You will want to play again and again.Nobody loses in Strip Chocolate. Even "getting licked" is a good thing. Strip Chocolate is designed for two players who wish to share an intimate encounter.Before beginning, both players should agree that the game cannot end until at least one player has completely stripped. You play by drawing a Chocolate or a Dare Card (25 each). The Chocolate Cards shows a simple design and names a body part where you will draw the design. You don't draw with paint, instead you work with delicious chocoholics body frosting. Later, dare cards will allow you to eat the artwork you have painted on your game mate. Dare cards can also work against you, so beware. You may take it all off quicker than you think! The Game contains;* One 1.5 oz. (43g) Original Sin Chocolate Body Topping * One 1.5 oz. (43g) Wild Cherry Chocolate Body Topping * A Game Board * 2 Brushes * 2 Game Pieces * Die * Game Cards and Instruction SheetThe Strip Chocolate game is the ultimate chocolate fantasy!
101 Sexy Dares - $ 29.99
New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Corn presents 101 Sexy Dares, a book filled with his and her dares that will rejuvenate your sex life, and remind you and your partner what a hot couple you are. Each dare is sealed in its own envelope, to add to the element of surprise. Everything you need for each adventure is listed inside the envelope: The ingredients, and how to set them up Cool tricks and surprises for teasing your partner How to make your partner feel sexy How to initiate the new, hot sex Specific erotic techniques Crucial relationship lessons This is a fantastic book to share with your lover. The author suggests that you sit down once a week and pick out one "his" dare and one "her" dare, based on the title of the dare and icons that help you determine if the dare is feasible for that week (some elements are listed on the outside of the envelope, such as if the dare will cost money, if you will need to be outside, or if you will need any other accessories). The included dares are sexy and creative, and set the scene for a hotter relationship. Get ready to fall for your partner all over again. Paperback; 414 pages.
Climaxxx - A Game For Lovers That Has A Happy Ending - $ 29.99
Climaxxx the game isn't so much a game as a planned experience. Above all else it works as a road map for a night of passion. Every rung of the sexual experience is slowly climbed from innocent kissing, to peekaboo undressing, to a climax of enjoyable positions.This game should work well for recapturing the magic or as a sampler of all things sexual. With plans for the passionate and the carnal it should lead to a memorable evening for any lovers.Game includes board, dice, passion cards for both men and women, and XXX cards for both men and women.
The Passion Throw - A Physical Game For Lovers - $ 29.95
This game should lead to something special. Not only is it played lying down, with erotic assignments as part of the game, but the winner gets a special prize. They get to choose the positions in what is assumed to be the logical conclusion to this game.This game is ultra portable and easy to clean. It's also versatile enough to be played anywhere. Find a private beach, bring this blanket, and indulge in the magic. Be sure to secure your privacy, for this game can get rather intense.
Sex Casino - Bedroom Games For The Adventurous - $ 29.95
The Sex Casino includes 25 different wild and outrageously fun bedroom games! Turn your bedroom into an exclusive pleasure mecca with Sex Casino. This game kit comes packed to the brim with everything you and your partner need for a rip roaring good time between the sheets!Game kit includes playing cards with sexual favor betting chips, naughty dice, scratch & win lotto cards and a sexy spinner game. Plus, an amazing game manual with 25 bedroom games, all of which will leave you guessing whether skill or simply good luck makes you a winner. Find out how chance, risk and luck can be a winning combo in the bedroom!
Passion - The Game That Brings You Closer Together - $ 29.95
Passion is a board game designed for lovers that want to have fun and spice things up by learning more about what each other wants and likes. You and your lover will be entertained for hours as you challenge each other for favor cards and try to stay away from penalty cards. Each step along the way will be a sensual experience and sexual exploration.Games are a fun and healthy way to change things up a bit in your sex life. Pulling one out from under the bed every now and again can turn a night of love-making into a special romantic event.This game includes 162 cards (Challenge, Favor, and Penalty), a game board, 2 tokens, a notepad, a blindfold, 2 spin dials and 2 pencils.
An Enchanting Evening. A Romantic Game for Lovers - $ 29.95
An Enchanting Evening is designed to allow a couple to share an enchanting evening. This is a game of love, laughter, of romance and of sharing.An Enchanting Evening begins wih each player writing down a secret wish that can be shared with his/her partner that evening. The players then move around the board slowly - drawing the appropriate cards. Some cards ask for verbal responses, which are positive and supportive. Other cards suggest gentle touching.All of the cards allow the players to enjoy the game and each other. No matter your age or the status of your relationship, this game is meant to create a level of intimacy that is comfortable and fun for both players.The game includes a playing board, cards, a die, and two game pieces.
Naughty Weekender Game Kit - For A Fun Time - $ 27.95
The Naughty Weekender Kit comes with everything you need for forty-eight hours of romance, though it doesn't have to be on a weekend.The included game will encourage you and your partner to explore different experiences. So this game is not for the single minded. Themes go from massaging to sensual games even hints of bondage. If you are looking for a naughty weekend this kit has something for you.Included is a board game, tea lights, blind fold, body candy, massage oils, and body balm
The Sweet Surrender Game - Give-In To Your Lover - $ 27.95
This game is for committed lovers that are willing to give everything to their partner. This game is daring, naughty, and adventurous. Perhaps that means that you'd find it fun.If you are willing to take the risk and indulge with an open mind you're sure to have a unique experience. Do things you haven't even dreamed of. Do things you've always dreamed of but never had the confidence to ask for. This game is quite deluxe and detailed with player's having to act as both the dominant and submissive partner. If you're kinky then there's a good chance you'll enjoy this game.Included in the game is a board, assorted "chores", game pieces, flavored massage oils, blindfold, flogger, and feather tickler.
The Sex Up The Night Game For Lovers - $ 27.95
The Flirt Sex Up The Night Game will turn a night into your fantasy by using role-playing cards and light bondage. This sexy all-in-one kit will allow you to choose one of four sex roles and use the included accessories to act accordingly. These fantasies allow you explore light bondage, submission, domination, and sexy actions in a fun way. Flirt is the leader in playful bedroom fun and this kit is exactly what lovers that want time alone need.This kit includes: * 4 different role playing cards that you may choose * A blindfold. * A body feather. * Glow in the dark body tattoos. * A rubber tingler whip. * Flavored oral drops.We are big fans of the Flirt line of products. Traditional bondage items are often dangerous and packaged in a demeaning manner. The Flirt line of products is nicely packaged and safe to use. Here at we like to offer you every sexual opportunity. The Flirt line of products allows us to do so without endangering anyone.
The Sensuous Exciting Experience Game - $ 24.95
Sensuous exciting experience is a board game unlike any game you have ever played. Spinning the spinner and rolling the die, you and your lover will engage in a broad range of loving and romantic activities. You will also communicate and share with one another. Sensuous exciting experiences is a great gift for yourself and your partner.As you engage in each activity you will earn points toward the "Gift of Time". Isn't that what you ultimately want? The game offers 28 romantic and fun bonus experiences for the two of you.Includes A board game full of fun activities Two playing pieces A heart spinner A die 28 "Hot" romantic bonus adventuresEasy to understand instructions.
Exploring Ultimate Fantasies - A Fun Game That Includes Everything - $ 24.95
Exploring Ultimate Fantasies Game - One of Our Faves.Each game includes: 24 passion cards 1 leg restraint 1 feather 1 Blindfold 1 arm restraint 1 massager (1 AA battery not included) 5 Dice 2 Body Heat Massage Lotions 36 fantasy cards 1 candle Spanish fly liquid Edible body paintSounds like fun!
The Fantasy and Romance Game - $ 22.95
Fantasy and Romance is more than a board game, it's a road map to a quiet sensual evening. It can be rather detailed with it's instruction cards but includes blanks for new tasks or improvisations.While stripping is an intergral part of the game and it contains the sort of dares you'd expect from this genre, it is fairly romantic. Included alongside such raunchiness as "lick your lover's left nipple for thirty seconds" are such sentimentalities as "tell your lover two things you've always loved about them".While this IS a board game I honestly don't expect anyone to try and win. Odds are you'll stop playing somewhere in the middle and be completely satisfied with the results.Included is a board, dice, game cards, and pieces.
Strip Checkers - A Fun Game For Lovers With A Competitive Streak - $ 22.95
The concept is simple and the idea is nice. It a monogamous game that is played by two people. Here is how it works:Each checker has an article of closing written on it. You start the game by placing the checkers with the writing side down. As you conquer your opponents pieces you also capture their clothing. If they are not wearing that particular item, you do not capture anything.This game sounds fun.
Entice Game - For a Night of Passion - $ 19.99
Entice is a passionate and playful couple's game that helps you explore your secret thoughts and desires.Answer questions about sex, relationships and romance as you move around the Entice Game Board. Learn more about your partner's hottest fantasies and hidden turn ons. At certain points of the game you will be asked to touch and Entice your partner.The Entice game contains 55 Male Entice cards, 55 Female Entice cards, 25 Get Hot cards, 1 game board, 2 playing pawns, 1 six-sided die and one rule sheet.
Sex Gone Wild - A Fun Form of Foreplay - $ 19.95
Do you PURR like a pussy cat or ROAR like a lion? Find out what animal instincts will reign supreme in your bedroom with Sex Gone Wild. The playful foreplay game packed with sexual teasers and laugh out loud trivia. An unforgettable combo that will challenge your will to win and desire to simply "go wild." You'll have so much fun, you'll want to lock yourself in your (cage) bedroom for hours!During your journey around the board, you will be challenged with detours, funny animal mating trivia, role plays, and mystery requests. Will you make it to the finish, or will you lose it and go wild?Games are a fun and healthy way to change things up a bit in your sex life. Pulling one out from under the bed every now and again can turn a night of love-making into a special romantic event.
Sex Around the House - A Fun and Zany Game For CouplesSex Around the House - A Fun and Zany Game For Couples - $ 19.95
With the Sex Around the House game, you get to experience each room of your house in a way you never have before. You will also discover new and inventive ways to heat up the passion under your roof. You start out in one room, pick up a card, then lead your lover to the room mentioned and act out the sexy instructions. There are 13 different cards for each room of the house, so you'll never get bored.Sex Around the House will turn your home into the ultimate sexual playground. Each room is a romantic getaway. Experience as many of them as possible. I guess the game ends when either of you can't hold back any longer and you both win. I like stories with happy endings.
Lovin' Tub - Very Romantic Game - $ 19.95
Get ready to get wet. The Lovin' Tub game is guaranteed to get you and your lover WETTER than any other sex game out there! What is more romantic than taking a warm bubbly bath with your lover by candle light? Well, here's a game to add some fun to the excitement.Here's the game objective: underwater, beneath a thick layer of foam, lay or float cards featuring various acts that must be performed! Which will you fish out? They must all be drawn at random, and the object is to collect as many as possible for a chance to win the privilege of opening the "Afterbath Rewards" booklet. But, beware, the game can trap you into relinquishing one or several of your cards, if not the pleasure of having performed the task. So, turn it on and play clean! Foam bath soap included.Games are a fun and healthy way to change things up a bit in your sex life. Pulling one out from under the bed every now and again can turn a night of love-making into a special romantic event.
Romantic Magnetic Poetry Kit - Leave Romantic Messages On The Fridge - $ 19.95
The Romantic Poetry Kit invites you to reveal creative parts of yourself you never knew existed, with 400 words & fragments for literally billions of poetic possibilities.Inside this box are hundreds of carefully selected magnetic word tiles ready to install on your fridge or any steel surface. Poetry will almost magically emerge to you as you arrange the words into phrases, with results ranging from the bizarre to profound!Loved by all, from published poets to those who have never written a word, this Magnetic Poetry Kit is sure to provide many hours of silent musing, earnest discussion and riotous laughter!
Learn To Strip For Your Lover With This DVD - $ 19.95
Discover the art of seductive dance that works for every woman with the Erotic Strip Dance DVD. Learn to strip your way to a better body image, improve your sexual self-confidence and feel like a sensual woman anytime you want. The easy-to-follow slow sensual dance moves, holistic body approach, and seduction secrets turn every woman into an erotic sensual goddess.You will learn how to: Plan an erotic evening at home Become an exotic seductress Strip and drive your man crazy Have an amazing climax in the bedroom.Your host is Susan Bremer, Producer of The Art of Sensual Dance. The DVD is approximately 100 minutes long and also comes with a free music CD.
Bath Tub Love - A Romantic Game For The Tub - $ 18.99
Remember how pleasant taking a bath was once? The warm bubbles, the fun toys, the relaxing water. Skip the shower and get back to your roots with the Bathtub Love Set, a bubble bath of a different sort. For you and your lover, bathtime will be playtime once again.Fill the tub with foamy suds before releasing the collection of ten pink plastic bubbles into the deluge. Enter the happy couple and select a bubble at random. Inside each bubble are four hedonistic tasks, pluck out one of the four pink duties and perform it on your lover. You can draw anything from something as light as a scalp massage to much more scandalous tasks.With this kit we promise you a great bath, but we can't guarantee you'll come out clean.
Take Your Lover For A Journey Around the World in Bed - $ 17.95
Even for a lover's game, Around the World in Bed is still a bit strange. It isn't overly kinky or risk oriented, but it's multifaceted approach is a bit different. This game is designed to indulge the creative spirit , bring friendly competition into the bedroom, and guide the foreplay process. In all fairness, this game is best suited to a couple that can come up with their own fun. The process isn't heavy handed as all tasks are open ended and free for interpretation.Tasks are chosen by shooting a toy gun at a hanging game board. It seems a little bit strange but it is fun in practice.I must also note that the name is misleading as the global community is only represented by the listing of ethnic names on the board. If you're the type of couple who can turn a distinction like "Greek" into part of foreplay than this is a good game for you.Included is a gameboard, tea light, toy gun, sensual silhouettes, and darts.
ORAL SEX! - The Game - $ 16.99
Open wide! Oral Sex! the Game is the perfect game for couples who love to orally worship one another. In this game, you and your lover race around the board committing different dirty acts to each other. You both try to reach the goal. Of course, the goal is receiving oral sex! No wonder why you're racing. I would race, too!This game includes a mouth-shaped game board, a die, and two .25 fl oz warming flavored lube playing pieces in cherry and orange.
Twelve Sexy Thrills - Seductive Dare Cards You Open At Will. - $ 16.95
Think of these as bedroom fortune cookies. You don't know what you'll be getting, but it excites you regardless. Open a card daily, weekly, or monthly. It doesn't matter, delve into the world of carnal pleasure as often as you'd like.The secret of the cards won't be divulged here but they are aimed at latent fantasies, seduction, and flirting. This could be a great fit for a more experienced couple.Included in the kit is body dust and a long black feather. That's all the hints we'll be giving. This product relies on surprise.
Erotic Roulette - A Fun Game For The Gambler In All Of Us - $ 15.95
The Erotic Game Roulette invites you and your lover to take spins and find out who's getting lucky!To play, each player takes turn spinning the wheel. Depending on where the marble lands, draw the corresponding card. If it lands on a red space, the woman draws. A black space, then a man draws a card. Either player can draw if it lands on green.Don't show the card to the other player. Have fun acting out the instructions on the card. Remember, there are no points and no time limits. Play as long as you like, or until you just can't take it anymore. Includes: 1 miniature roulette wheel, 18 red romantic cards, 18 black romantic cards, 1 green couples card, 2 roulette marbles
Foreplaying Cards - Fun Cards To Play With - $ 14.95
Fore-Playing Cards are a sensational game for unleashing the adventurous spirit within you. This game is deal for sparking your romance back to life. It is the perfect gift for any occasion or that special night of romantic fun and games. The foreplaying cards come complete with "sexual suggestion" playing cards, candles and even an engraved invitation that you can use to lure your lover into an evening of desire and passion.
The Bedroom Game - Fun Stuff - $ 14.95
The Bedroom Game will have you enjoying new levels of sexual fulfillment and intimacy with 90 unique activity cards. Each card falls under one of six categories, ranging from foreplay to sexual positions. This way you can explore your hidden desires and fantasies.Here's how to play: Play begins by rolling the die to determine the bedroom category. The player that rolled must draw one card from the corresponding color category and perform the activity on the card. Once the activity is completed, the next player has their turn and so on.Games are a fun and healthy way to change things up a bit in your sex life. Pulling one out from under the bed every now and again can turn a night of love-making into a special romantic event.
If You Need More Feedback, Try The Are You A Good Lover Game - $ 14.95
Are you a ten out of ten? The Are You a Good Lover? Game is a great game for you and your lover to play and have some good laughs. As you move around the board, you will be rated based on many different things, and in the end, you will find out just how good of a lover you are.This could be traumatic, but it could be a learning experience! You'll find out the areas in which you are top-notch and your lover will give you the opportunity to practice when you fall short. Hey - practice makes perfect!
Strip Poker - Playing Cards For Lovely Gamblers - $ 14.95
With these Strip Poker Playing Cards, you can bet on getting naked! Let the tips and techniques enclosed, give you the upper hand when it comes to stripping away layers of fun.Each poker chip has sexy instructions on it, so you'll have no problem raising the stakes. Yet another game where everyone's a winner!
52 Weeks of Naughty Nights - $ 14.95
Do you like surprises? This game is full of surprises, Sensual thrills, kinky surprises, erotic expressions of love and playful games of seduction are all temptations that you can expect to find inside 52 weeks of naughty nights.A silk pouch includes cards. Pull a card to see what naughty surprise awaits you and your lover.52 Weeks of Naughty Nights contains a year's supply of scratch & win cards with naughty I.O.U.'s, suggestions, coupons, roll plays, gestures & More.
1,000 Sex Games - A Book of Sex Games - $ 14.95
1,000 Sex Games combines rounds of foreplay, passionate lovemaking, and sexy plot twists.You begin a game by selecting one of the Foreplay Cards, such as: Naughty Dice, Strip Spinner, Spin The Bottle, Erotic Edibles, and many more. Then you turn over a Passion Card which offers strategies to use during the Foreplay Round in order to maximize your pleasure in the Sex Round. Passion Cards add intensity to the Sex Positions and Activities on the Sex Cards you earn during the Foreplay Round. Win an Indulgence Card, and you may get to act on your favorite fantasies.AND...if you want even more excitement, flip over a Plot Twist Card and you may find yourself giving spankings, doing body shots, or awarding your lover an oral indulgence for good behavior.Play your favorite games over and over again, or learn a new sex game each time you play!
A Chocolate Lovers' Dice Game - Roll The Dice, Lick It Off - $ 10.45
Chocoholics Chocolate Lovers' Dice is a deliciously sweet game involving chocolate and chance. You begin by telling your lover, "This is what I want." Then you roll the five colored dice. Then have them arrange the numbers that came up on the corresponding colored cards. Just arrange the cards in an order to make the wish clear, having it describe your prize. Then follow their directions and enjoy a sensual experience involving chocolate and each other. Nothing could be better.Surprise your lover with a fun game and a romp after dinner, or be bad and chance spoiling it. Either way, they'll be happy.The dice don't lie. Obey them, and you'll be glad you did!
Intimate Dares - $ 9.99
Are you daring? Can you be a shameless player? Intimate Dares is a risque card game that not only challenges your card skills, but tests your willingness to get down and dirty with lusty tasks and uninhibited dares. Intimate Dares opens the door to hours of naughty, sexy fun with your lovers and friends. The Intimate Dares card game is an erotic card game for adults. This game is for 3 or more adult players.
Jack and Jills Card Game - $ 9.99
The Jacks and Jills Card Game is a racy and fun adult card game. The object is to be the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand and avoid taking penalty points. Don't be distracted by the racy cards, and be extra careful to avoid Jacks and Jills because they carry extra penalties. If you want to turn the heat up a notch, play the "Climbing the Hill" strip version or the "Fetch a Pail" drinking version. No matter how you play Jacks and Jills, you'll have loads of naughty fun. Includes: Rule book, 108 Jacks and Jills cards. This game can be played with two or more people.
Erotic Heart Game - $ 9.99
The Erotic Heart game for lovers includes over 100 passionate challenges to share with your lover. Experience playful seduction, titillating foreplay, discovered fantasies and erotic challenges when you dare to play Erotic Heart. How do you play? Use the included tweezers to choose one of the 100 scrolls from the center of the heart. Follow the erotic instructions on your scroll—if you dare.
Naughty Party Games - A Little Kit To Share With Friends - $ 9.95
This Naughty, Naughty Party Games mini kit includes 50 smoldering Truth or Dare cards, a Spin the Bottle game spinner, Take It All Off strip die, and a Naughty, Naughty Party Games booklet of sexy games and fun ideas.Why not make your next party a little spicier than usual? This kit turns youthful games that everyone remembers into sexy fun that you'll hope never leaves the room.
100 Sexy Lottery Tickets - Fun To Scratch Off - $ 9.95
Sex Scratchers is a pack of 100 sexy lottery tickets for you and your lover to test your luck! (Pst! Each card is a winner! Ha!) But that's a good thing, because I never win a these things otherwise...The games all have cute names too. You can uncover your pirate booty! Get your hands on a wild cherry! Roll those dirty dice! Add up your hot little numbers! Play these little romantic games anytime you please!With 100 chances to win, you're guaranteed to lose your shirt, and hopefully a lot more!
The Striptease Rose - Something Fun Is On Each Petal - $ 9.95
The StripTease Rose will show you ways to shake, grind and pump things up in the bedroom. Perform a sexy striptease in the privacy of your own bedroom with the StripTease Rose. Simply give this rose to your loved one when you're feeling a little frisky.Ask them to slowly peel away one petal at a time and read the hidden message aloud. Playfully act out each unique request until both you and the rose are fully exposed. How you choose to peel and reveal your assets is what makes this bedroom teaser a super sexy winner!It's seduction by building anticipation.
The Shower-Sutra Game - Kama Sutra for the Shower - $ 9.95
The Shower-Sutra Game is perfect for the bathtub, shower or hot tub!To play, attach the spinner to the shower wall using the suction cups that are included. Take turns with your sexy lover spinning the wheel and acting out the positions that are illustrated on the spinner.Spin your way to steamy sex!
Have An All Night Love Affair With This Game - $ 9.95
The All Night Love Affair Game brings the passion back into the bedroom!To play, take turns rolling the die. The rolling player must draw a card from the corresponding card pile and follow the instructions on the card. Once completed, the card is returned to the bottom of the deck. If a player rolls a "?" he or she can choose a card from any of the three card categories.However, if within your first 5 rolls a player rolls a "Love Affair" they can't draw a card, and the other player gets to go again. Same rules apply on the "?." "Love Affair" cards are off limits until the player has rolled at least 5 times. The first player to roll a "Love Affair" after more than 5 turns, wins the game and gets to draw a card from the Love Affair card pile.When was the last time you made love all night long?
IOU Hot Sex Game - $ 8.99
I.O.U. Hot Sex is a game that reveals your hidden sexual pleasures. IOU Hot Sex is a set of coupons that you and your lover can share. Anytime you feel like experiencing a new fantasy or fulfilling a desire, open a coupon and follow the instructions. I.O.U. is a game you can play night after night, or whenever the mood strikes. This game contains 42 different sex coupons. The coupons say things like "2 hour sex session," "69 position" and "Quickie." Give one to your lover and get started.
52 Really Romantic Date Cards - $ 8.95
52 Really Romantic Dates is a deck of cards that are quite interesting! It features 52 totally different delightful date ideas offering a wide range of romantic possibilities. You'll both enjoy experiencing these with each other.Here are some examples of what they got :Set Up Camp - This cards suggests making a tent in your living room, making smores, listening to a CD of nature sounds, sharing a sleeping bag, using flashlights and/or candles, watching a scary movie, telling ghost stories....Pieces of Love - This card suggests getting a small puzzle and write an invitation for a special date on the back of it, throughout the week sending pieces to your lover, letting them get the last pieces the day before the date, maybe going out to a murder mystery dinner or human maze place.....Afternoon Delight - This card suggests meeting each other for lunch during the week and going lingerie shopping, both of you wearing the new stuff you got under your clothes, going back to work and building anticipation, and then when you get home....Strangers in the Night - This card suggests arranging a time and place to meet your lover somewhere interesting, creating new identities for yourselves and pretending to be different people, dressing to fit the character, initiate flirting and have conversations as the characters you are playing, asking each other out on a date and going on from there....
SEX! - A Fun Card Game You Will Both Enjoy - $ 5.95
SEX! the card game will have you and your lover experiencing your fantasies and having a blast doing it. This crazy and adventurous game that will never go stale. Featuring three different games:Lover's Libido - You and your partner question each other about your libidos, likes, dislikes, and personal detail. (Now's a good time to tell them)Ultimate Fantasy - Select cards from the deck until you or your lover have selected tonight's ride. (Show them exactly what you want)Fortune Teller - Predict your lover's future by letting the cards be your guide to a wild evening together. (I see...I see...I see a big cheesy smile in your future)They all revolve around stacking up a number of action cards and building fantasies. Each having it's own distinct theme, and leaving all possibilities open. You'll never play the same game twice. In addition to position cards, it also features cards suggesting fun kinks to add into the mix.SEX! the card game is simple enough so that it doesn't get in the way of a good time. No small pieces to accidentally get stuck anywhere funny. Just enough to set the stage for you and your lover to shine. Get wild. Share with them this intimate, messy, and erotic good time.

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