Creative Party Games and Fun Games To Play for Married Couples

Creative party games are easier to find then you might think. At Direct-Source Games we know that there are more fun games to play for married couples than card games. Not that card games can’t be loads of fun but after a while, we all need some variety and challenge, right?

Fun Games to Play for Married Couples

Here are just a few options that not only make excellent creative party games and hostess gifts but also serve as fun games to play for married couples:



The Smart Thinking Game is a fun and challenging trivia game. This set has 100 of the world's best brainteaser puzzle cards. This game is perfect to puzzle through by yourself, with your partner, or as part of a team. Visual brainstorms is the ultimate in solitaire, partner, and creative party games.

Pictionary $34.99

Pictionary is the ultimate in creative party games and has been since it was the first introduced in 1985. But did you know it is also the perfect game to play with another couple or two? Pictionary should be among your stash of fun games to play for married couples. The only thing more fun than drawing ridiculous characters is trying to guess what the heck other people are drawing.

Pictionary Man $44.99

Looking for a twist on Pictionary? You have found it with Pictionary Man. Pictionary Man traditional Pictionary, charades and props. Get together with another couple and pull out these creative party games all in one box! It is a new way to play and new way to communicate with your partner and friends.


If you are looking for creative party games, you have found one! GiftTRAP is a crazy fun game that will spark conversation and bring your guests together. There is no drawing, acting or trivia games involved but that does not mean there is a lack of fun. In fact, this is one of those unique and creative party games that adults and children can play together, making it more than just a game to play for married couples, but also a game to play with the whole family and friends.

Elvis® Trivia Game Collector's Edition

Elvis® Trivia Game Collector's Edition

Love Elvis? Like trivia games? Then this is the game for you. Elvis® Trivia Game Collector's Edition

Friday the 13th & A Nightmare on Elm Street Killer Trivia Game

Friday the 13th & A Nightmare on Elm Street Killer Trivia Game

Combine your love of trivia games with your love of horror flicks with this fun fun game! Friday the 13th & A Nightmare on Elm Street Killer Trivia Game

Rocky Horror Picture Show™ Trivia Game 30th Anniv. Edition

Rocky Horror Picture Show™ Trivia Game 30th Anniv. Edition

Feeling Nostalgia for the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Feel like testing your memory and game skills? Try this fun game. Rocky Horror Picture Show™ Trivia Game 30th Anniv. Edition



This is one of those fun games to play for couples that is also fun to play with kids, and also falls into the category of creative party games. Would You Rather...? Classic edition gives hilarious and slightly insane either or scenarios that you get to choose from.



Just like the classic edition of Zobmondo but, just like the name implies, it is slightly more twisted, sick and wrong. This edition still falls into the fun games to play for couples category and can even fall into the creative party games category but you might not want to play it around the little kiddies! If you are looking for the kids version, keep on reading!



Now this is the kids only version of the Would You Rather...? Series. Okay fine, adults can play too. You Gotta Be Kidding! is the confidence building, imagination tapping, fun as heck game that is at the pinnacle of fun, creative party games for kids.



Balderdash, the classic bluffing game, has gone beyond hilarious. With outrageous questions that now include the category Laughable Laws, play the game that asks your friends to call your bluff. Each game card lists People, Words, Initials, Movies and Laws that you've probably never heard of. But that's where the fun really begins, because you get to make up an answer that's as silly or as serious as you want! Now mix in the real answer and vote. You score points for guessing correctly and for bluffing the other players. So grab the bull by the horns and play Balderdash, the game that's hilarious beyond belief!

Awesome fun!

This is a truly fantastic game! Everyone I have introduced it to loves it, even those who despise 'party games'. Some people play to win; others play to make everyone else laugh. A good mix of both guarantees a fun time. Review by Robert

Cluzzle - second edition $25.95

Cluzzle is one of the best and most creative party games on the market. Based on a Klaus Teuber gmae that won the Spiel Des Jahres in 1988, Cluzzle is hailed by to be the superior quality game.

Funny and based on intentionally bad clay sculpture (yours and the other players), this should be part of everyone’s creative party games collection.

Bamboleo - international edition $59.95

Bomboleo consists of a cork ball on the top of a wooden pedestal that holds a board outbalanced by about 25 wooden pieces. These game pieces all take differing shapes, sizes and weight levels. The object and fun of the game is to keep the board from toppling while taking away piece after piece. The great thing about Bamboleo is that it is one of those creative party games that just becomes more fun as the night goes on.



Apples to Apples - Party Box holds the complete collection of Red and Green cards from the original Apples to Apples as well as both Core Expansion Sets. The rules of Apples To Apples is simple. Everyone tries to win green cards by matching it with the most similar red card from their hands. Each round is filled with comparisons of people, places, things and events. Easy to play and guaranteed to retain interest for the duration of you games nights.



First you pick the following cards: who, what, where. Next you draw the draw! Other players then make guesses about what you are drawing. Sounds easy, right? Nope! This party game is not easy but it is totally fun. This creative party game was awarded The Best New Game of 2003 by The San Francisco Chronicle. It also earned 2nd place in the Chicago Tribune list of the Top 10 Coolest Games of 2003. Yay!



This is a fun fun game! There are over one thousand words and works for four or more. Taboo has quickly won the hearts of many and belongs in the creative party games section of your game shelf. This game offers unspeakable entertainment. Just don't say the TABOO words!



Visual Eyes is the hilarious, entertaining game you have probably never heard of! Compete with other players and with the clock. The most creative player wins! Find other and the clock to find the most well-known words and phrases on the picture dice. This game is a "Games 100" Award Winner

Wits & Wagers $23.99

Looking for some fast paced fun party games? Well Wits & Wagers is a great start. It is a fast-paced party game with a unique and fun medley of trivia games, gambling games, and socializing. Play for big fun and win big by betting big while either knowing the answers or knowing your friends.



Wise and Otherwise belongs next to Pictionary and Scrabble in your arsenal of creative party games.

Wise and Otherwise was voted Best Party Game of the Year by Games magazine, In Wise and Otherwise there are twenty five wise, hilarious and crazy sayings from around the world. During play the first part of an actual but little known old saying is read aloud. Then, with a little wit and imagination each player writes an ending to go with the beginning. The made-up sayings are read aloud along with the actual old sayings, and everyone tries to guess the real one. You'll get points when other players think your ending is the right one. You also get points for guessing the real old saying.


QUELF $29.99

Quelf is ridiculously fun and easy. The further along all of the players get on the game board the weirder stuff gets. Quelf falls into the category of fun games to play for married couples as well as creative party games for friends and families.

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