Dance Dance Revolution

Go clubbing in your own home with Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution is one of those games that will hook you within minutes. Kids and adults love it and soon you will both be tussling over who is going to get to play next!

Seriously, this game takes the virtual reality of a video game and aptly combines it with reality. After you have gotten the game and the dance pad, your job is to perform the dance steps shown on the screen. That is right, this is like those dancing games you have probably seen in arcades or at the movie theater lobby at the mall. The only difference is you can play it whenever you want and you don’t have to buy tokens. You will love this game. The music is awesome and the rules are simple. Get ready to cut up the rug.

Kids love to dance and Dance Dance Revolution will really fascinate and entertain your children. Do you have problems getting them to get off the couch and do something physical? This game will do it, especially if they have wanted to play the game at the mall. Little children like to play and everyone can get in one the fun with parents and children all taking turns. Dance Revolution is a game where your age does not really give you a true advantage. Well, maybe a toddler will have a hard time but you most certainly get the point. You can actually challenge your kids and find out who is the better dancer!

Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Revolution 2 are great at parties as well. At adult parties where alcohol is being served, the game can make for some interesting moments to say the least. At kid’s parties, the energy level will blow the roof off the house. Be careful though. You do not want fights to break out over who is going to try next.

Now think of this, you are actually dancing and the game is addictive. What is the outcome of such a situation? Let me give you a hint, lots of sweating is happening. That is right, you are doing cardio. If you like dance music and you want to add something to your life that is fun yet helps you to loose weight, this is the game for you! Do not waste any time, get on the pad and see how good a dancer you really are. Not only will you get a workout, you will improve your actual dancing skills, balance and coordination.

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Play Games to Get Fit or Lose Weight?!

Excdercise and have fun
Dance Dance Revolution is the only series of games ever produced in history, that makes you sweat and keep you addicted even though you are actually doing something healthy called exercising! Many national publications have printed articles about the benefits of using Dance Dance Revolution games to get tone and fit and to burn off extra pounds for example like the one in USA Today, MSNBC, or the Atlanta Constitution Journal. See below your options for setting up DDR in your home. Also don't forget to checkout our special section,How to know if you are addicted to DDR Games.":)

DDRGame Buyer's Guide

How to Play DDRgame?To use Dance Dance Revolution, players dance on top of a sensor pad, following on-screen visual cues to the beat of a popular song. The object of the game is to match your movements with the arrow cues on the screen. Anyone with a home gaming system can buy mats and play, regardless of their level of skill.

There are 4 components you will need to play the dance dance revolution game.

1) TV or Game Projector


2) Video Game Console or PC – Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube or PC.

3) Game - CD Or DVD Software – Different game works with different game console. Please check out detail list below.

4) Dance Dance Revolution Pad – There are many different dance pads to choose. Please check out detail list below.

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