Electronic Chess

Electronic Chess is usually highly portable, and allows you to play against an opponent or against the computer. Some of these machines even have built in tutorials and puzzles to improve your game.

Playing chess is good exercise for areas of the brain that are necessary for concentration. Keep your brain healthy through regular daily exercise by playing against your very own chess computer or handheld electronic games . Both novice and seasoned players can enjoy the challenge of playing with these hand held chess sets

For any serious chess player, playing with electronic chess can breath new life into playing the game of chess.

New York Times QuizMaster

New York Times QuizMaster

Price: $29.95 38.59 CAD 23.78 EUR 21.24 GBP

Play in the triva big leagues!

Test yourself – or compete with friends – with the challenging questions from The New York Times "Noodle Nudger", the online challenge written by renowned quiz master, Ray Hamel.

An inductee into the Trivia Bowl Hall of Fame, Hamel has been creating the best in trivia for over 20 years, producing more than 40,000 head-scratching questions.

  • 280 topics from The New York Times online quiz game "Noodle Nudger"
  • One to four players
  • More than 2,200 questions
  • Mulitple-choice format

    Einstein Touch Series Chess Computer *NEW*

    Einstein Touch Series Chess Computer *NEW*

    List Price: $39.95 Price: $34.95 You save $5.00 (13%) off the usual list price 45.03 CAD 27.75 EUR 24.79 GBP

    This chess computer from Excalibur is perfect for chess players of all strengths. One of Excalibur's newest chess computers, Touch Screen Chess uses advanced touch-pen technology and custom software to put 56 powerful levels of chess in the palm of your hand! You can even learn and practice 32 grandmaster-level openings. This chess computer is packed with unique features including a Threat Indicator, Automatic Scoring, Game Timer, Undo Key, and Hint option for coaching--and much more! This little chess computer even doubles as a traveling set when you want to play with a friend!

    Chess Computer Features:

  • 56 custom levels, from beginner to tournament strength
  • Play against the computer or a friend!
  • Saves game to finish later.
  • No loose pieces to lose.
  • Set up any position top find the best move!
  • Rates your play!
  • Help mode shows all legal moves for beginners.

    Ivan II

    Ivan II "The Conqueror" Fun Chess Computer

    List Price: $99.95 Price: $79.99 You save $19.96 (20%) off the usual list price 103.06 CAD 63.50 EUR 56.73 GBP

    You'll hear swords and armor clang and horses gallop. Ivan the Conqueror is a brand-new reincarnation of Excalibur’s popular chess-playing barbarian. Better than ever on the board, Ivan uses his 500-word vocabulary to insult and threaten you in deep, commanding tones. But he can also be a powerful and patient mentor. And now Ivan the Conqueror includes a full-size LCD in addition to his magnetic sensory board. Use the LCD to play without pieces or to confirm the position of the pieces on the big board. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Rated 2000, Ivan offers 100 levels of play.
  • Play with or without separate pieces with unique LCD.
  • Storage compartment secures pieces.
  • Speaks a 500-word "Barbarian" vocabulary

    Travel Chess Computer

    Travel Chess Computer

    Price: $29.95 38.59 CAD 23.78 EUR 21.24 GBP

    A compact portable for chess on the go! Ideal for beginners through intermediates- this computer will progress with you.

    Program Features

  • 64 playing levels: Fun, Casual, Blitz, Bronstein, Bonus Timer, Tournament, Fixed Depth and Tactical
  • 16 stored Opening Systems
  • 14-move Take Back - experiment and learn
  • 11 Teach Modes - learning made easy

    Other General Features

  • Sensory Chess Board -easy error free move entry
  • Peg Pieces - secure
  • 4-Digit LCD Display
  • Chess Clock - sharpen your skills
  • protective cover for your travels
  • unfinished games held in memory - pick up where you left off
  • Automatic Power down feature - conserve battery life
  • Batteries required 2x 'AAA' (Type AM4/RO3) not included.

    Maestro Travel Chess Computer

    Maestro Travel Chess Computer

    List Price: $99.95 Price: $85.00 You save $14.95 (15%) off the usual list price 109.51 CAD 67.48 EUR 60.28 GBP

    Superb styling, beautifully backlit screen and extended range of player strengths makes this a must have chess computer for all who encounter it! See your game develop on the blue backlit screen and make moves at the touch of a stylus. With 100 playing levels to choose from, this is a great choice for the intermediate player. Slip it into your pocket and play anywhere!

    Program Features:

    100 Playing Levels: 60 Fun and 40 Competition

    Hints and Tips and Coach Mode available

    Most major opening systems to learn

    64 Study Positions - see how the experts do it

    Take Back and replay over 200 moves – experiment and learn

    Setup Option – try out new positions and moves

    Other General Features:

    Touch Sensor Screen – all on-screen action;

    no small pieces to move

    Backlit blue LCD display – clear visibility in all light conditions (with option to turn off to conserve battery power)

    Stylus housed integrally

    Protective Cover for added screen protection

    Built-in Chess Clock

    Unfinished games held in memory

    Automatic Power Down feature to save battery life

    Technical Specification Keys: 8 Chessboard: 9x8 Contact Membrane (touch panel) LCD Display: 11 character dot-matrix, 68 x 79 mm Batteries: 3 AAA/AM4/RO3 Dimensions: 128 x 87 x 22mm Weight: 200g

    Phantom! Electronic Chess Set

    Phantom! Electronic Chess Set

    List Price: $249.95 Price: $150.00 You save $99.95 (40%) off the usual list price 193.26 CAD 119.09 EUR 106.38 GBP

    Phantom! • Autonomous Self-Moving Electronic Chess Set

    Enter the 21st century of computerized chess with the most skilled opponent and teacher — one who is always ready for a game. Phantom! Chess features real pieces that move across the board automatically, and a voice that coaches and cajoles!

    Phantom! moves its own pieces in competition and actually can play both sides against itself. It's fun to start because the board sets itself up automatically. Play against Phantom! at 120 skill levels from beginner to master. Choose tournament- or fixed-time mode. A dual chess-clock is built in. Save interrupted games and, later, the pieces will find their spots.

    For the beginner, choose the basic teaching mode. Play and learn using expert commentary and advice from Phantom!; use the hint option, threat warnings (with explanation), a "Sure?" coaching mode and a Take-back option. If checkmate looms in five moves, a warning will sound. As you progress, focus on the start of your games with the "classic openings" trainer.

    Phantom! announces all moves in algebraic notation, and they are shown on a dot matrix display. Optional fun sound effects (a galloping knight; a marching pawn) add a new dimension to this ancient game. Phantom! Chess has a storage compartment for the pieces; it measures 2.5" x 15" x 13" and weighs 4 lbs. For ages 14 and up. Plugs in with included AC adapter; alternatively, it runs on 6 C batteries (order separately). 90-day warranty.

    Tournament Strength Program

  • 136 Levels, with 120 for Play and 16 for Analysis
  • Tournament Time Control Levels
  • Action Chess Time Control Levels
  • Rates your Chess Skill
  • Ratable Game Indicator
  • Announces Mate In 5 Moves
  • Built in Dual Chess Clock Display

    Robotic Motion

  • Enter Your Move on the Sensory Chess Board
  • Watch the Phantom Move It’s Own Piece
  • Auto Play lets the Phantom Take Both Sides to Play or Finish a Game
  • Setsup The Chess Board Automatically


  • Voice Vocabulary For Added Play Dimension
  • Voice in Three Languages - English, French, and Spanish
  • Spoken Words Also Shown on Scrolling Dot Matrix Display
  • Announces All Moves in Algebraic Notation
  • Special Sound Effects


  • Threat Warning Indicator with Why and Where Explanation
  • Hint for Coaching
  • “Are You Sure?” Coach Mode
  • Take Back Mistakes
  • Selectable Opening Lines for Play and Learning
  • Teach Mode for Beginner Players
  • Where can piece move for beginners
  • Set Up Newspaper Problems
  • Replay Line After Take Back

    Set Features

  • Off Key Saves Game In Memory
  • Adjustable Automatic Shutoff
  • Adjustable LCD Contrast
  • Includes Built-in Chess Piece Storage Compartment.

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