Electronic Word Games

Electronic Word Games provide hours of fun and are a perennial favorite of game players everywhere, combining the fun of puzzles and the satisfaction of learning new words. These handheld electronic word games let players take their fun with them wherever they go, sneaking in a quick game whenever they get the chance.



There are over 400 puzzles to solve in this portable version of the longtime television favorite! Music and sound effects are part of the fun as you spin the wheel, buy vowels, and solve the puzzle.

Talking Bingo

The Bingo Hall Excitement at Home!

Catch the excitement as the Talking Bingo calls out each number in a strong, clear voice. B9, G53....BINGO! You win! Small enough for ultra-portability, yet with a large LCD screen that is easy to read. The new Talking Bingo is great for family games night or for playing with all your friends. Comes with everything you need to play a fun game of Bingo.

Comes with 25 cards and 100 markers Portability makes it easy to take to family and friends houses

Powered by only 2 “AA” batteries

New York Times Touch Screen Crossword

Take along 1,000 crossword puzzles conveniently—in cars, on planes, trains, anywhere! No pencils to find. Just use the stylus that slips back into the unit. The best crossword puzzles are published by The New York Times—and these are some of its best!

Quizmaster II

Challenge Yourself and Your Friends

Take a break that makes you smarter! Quizmaster II, with an easy-to-read display and improved keyboard, fits in your pocket to go anywhere–to the office, on a trip, or to your next party.

New version contains 5,000 updated, even more challenging questions and answers in six categories and three different levels of difficulty!

Now includes a multiple-choice game as well as word games.

Categories: General Knowledge, Geography, History, Sports, Arts, Science

Three levels of difficulty

Compact size to fit in your pocket



Based on the proven research of Gary Small, M.D., Brain Games has five different games designed to improve your memory and promote better brain health. Sequence teaches you to remember the order of numbers. Flash Card has simple math problems to keep you sharp. Mind Games helps you keep track of your thoughts. Word Hunt is a game of finding hidden words. Recall exercises your ability to remember the words shown. Brain Games also comes with The Memory Bible, the bestselling book by Dr. Gary Small. Requires 2 'AAA' batteries (included).


FREEZE UP $24.99

Can you handle the pressure without freezing up? In Freeze Up, an electronic game made by Educational Insights, you and your teammates have over 170 categories to choose from. The object of the game is to come up with an answer for the question, such as: Name a fruit that starts with an A, etc. The game also comes in two modes which are Auto (the more difficult one) and Manual (which is more self-paced). There are thousands of questions so you will never run out! Requires 3 'AA' batteries (not included).



Electronic Hand-Held Jumble is the scrambled word game you can take anywhere. Can you unscramble the letters to make the words? Now figure out the mystery words that give you the answer to the clue. With 400 puzzles to choose from, you'll always have your favorite newspaper puzzle at your fingertips.