Family Board Games

There are many different types and classifications of Family board games. Some games are simplified simulations of real life. These are popular for they can intermingle make-believe and role playing along with the game. Popular games of this type include Monopoly, which is a rough simulation of the real estate market, Clue, which is based upon a murder mystery, and Risk which is the most well known of thousands of games attempting to simulate warfare and geo-politics.

Other games only loosely, or do not at all, attempt to imitate reality. These include strategy games like chess and checkers and word games, the most popular of which is Scrabble. Trivia games, the most popular of which is Trivial Pursuit, can also be placed in this category.


Uptown is a tile-laying game that can be played by 3-5 players (special rules for 2). The rules are very short, and a typical game lasts 30-40 minutes. But allow more time because you will want to play again and again! Each player gets an identical set of 28 tiles; then plays one per turn, trying to get their tiles in one unified group, while disrupting the tile groups of opposing players -- capturing them only if unavoidable.

The goal of the game is to try to connect your tiles together into as few groups as possible (maybe just one!). A group consists of adjacent tiles of the same color, but diagonal connections don't count. The player with the fewest groups at the end is the winner!


EXAGO $23.99

With simple and straightforward rules, Exago is a fascinating family game. Each player starts out with 6 colored tiles (in 2 player games, each player gets 12 tiles). To win, you just need to be the first to place four of your hexagonal tiles on the grid in a straight line. Easy enough. But the challenge and strategy of good offensive and defensive tile placement becomes extremely obvious after just the first game. Each move requires planning for anticipated future moves such as in chess and other strategy games. Simply put, Exago is an fun and addictive game that everybody will want to play again and again!

Contents of Exago:

1 Gameboard

48 Hexagonal Tiles

Instruction Leaflet


10 Days in Africa

Get Packing!

You have 10 DAYS IN AFRICA™ – touring by plane, car, and on foot. Chart your course from start to finish using destination and transportation tiles. With a little luck and clever planning, you just might outwit your fellow travelers. The first traveler to make connections for a ten day journey wins the game.

Let the journey begin!


Trouble (Pop-O-Matic)

The classic race-ahead, bump-back game, with POPOMATIC dice roller. Move your pawns around the board and into home base to win.



Bump! Slide! Switch! until somebody gets all the way home! Classic family fun for 60 years.


Game of Life

Spin the wheel of fate! A family classic for more than 30 years. Do good deeds to earn Life Tiles and more money down the road!

Winner of the CLASSIC Award by Parent's Choice Awards.



What could be better than playing The Game of Life? How about playing the Game of Life - Family Guy Collector's Edition! Travel through the town of Quahog with the characters you have come to love: Brian, Chris, Lois, Peter, Stewie, and Meg. Eat at Cleveland's Deli, tour Seamus' Lighthouse, or shop at Super Store USA. Drop in at Quagmire's house, stroll down Spooner Street with Lois, pick up Meg at James Woods High, or ride with Chris on his paper route. You will be living the "sweet life" as you try to win the most money and finally get to retire at the Pewterschmidt Mansion!

Contents of The Game of Life - Family Guy:

  • 1 Game Board
  • Game Board Components (Spinner, Base, Bridge, Mountains)
  • 6 Family Guy Car Movers
  • 7 Custom Family Guy Movers
  • Pink and Blue Pegs
  • 24 Spin to Win tokens 25 Life Tiles
  • Banker's Tray
  • Play Money
  • Deck of 54 Custom Cards
  • Rules

    The Game of Life: Twists & Turns $42.50

    Players can test drive different lives, make their own choices, take their chances and experience the twists and turns of real life. The Automated LIFEPod helps players track time and manage money, houses, cars and family matters with the touch of a button. A thousand ways to play, so no two games are the same!

  • A modern take on the classic version of The Game of Life

  • Players have more choices in how they would live their lives.

  • Experience the twists and turns of real life without living with the consequences.

  • Automated LIFEpod helps players manage money, houses, cars and family matters.

    The Game of Life: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest $29.99

    Yo, ho, ho, a pirate's Life game for me! This version of the 40-year-old classic will shiver your timbers as you join Captain Jack Sparrow in a rolling adventure on the high seas! Steer your ship towards Islan Cruces, visit ports, raid ships, fight off cannibals (argh!) and collect loot... but don’t fall prey to Davy Jones and the Kraken! The player -- or, pirate! -- who plunders the most treasure wins!

    The Game of Redneck Life $23.99

    The Redneck Life Board Game takes you on a journey through Blue Collar Americana! Get hitched, divorced, re-married, and raise some young'ens. Through accidents and brawls, your character loses teeth during the game. Buy some back if you can -- as the player with the most teeth remaining at the end of the game wins!

    The Game of Redneck Life: Bustin' a Gut! $12.80

    Make your Game of Redneck Life even purtier with this here expansion.

    The Game of Life: The Wizard of Oz $34.99

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road and take a spin through the magical Land of Oz to collect a heart, a brain, courage, and home sweet home!

    Travel along the Yellow Brick Road with your favorite Wizard of Oz characters: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Tin Man. Experience The Wizard of Oz as you steal an apple, get caught by the Wicked Witch of the West, visit the Wizard of Oz and ultimately find your way home. Visit all of the magical locations like the poppy fields, Emerald City and Munchkinland in a quest to return to Auntie Em's Farmhouse with the most money and win the game.

    RISK 2210 A.D.

    Risk 2210 A.D.

    Who Will Be the New World Leader?

    In the year 2210, the world is at war.

    As the leader of a warring faction, you control the destiny of your people. On the Earth, in the great underwater domed cities beneath the oceans, in orbit, and even on the Moon, you must marshal your forces, send forth your troops, and hire the right commanders to crush your enemies. Build alliances if you dare, but be wary of whom you trust. Energy is the currency of the 23rd century; spend yours wisely and you just might conquer the world--and beyond.

    Risk 2210 A.D. also includes everything needed to play the classic game of Risk.

    In the end, endurance, skill, and guts will prevail, and one leader will rule the planet. Do you have what it takes?