Game Boy Advance Games

Game Boy Advance Games The original Game Boy unit was first introduced in Japan in 1988 (1989 in the USA). It had an 8bit Z80 based processor, 160x144 pixel, 4 gray scale screen, 4 channel sound and ran 15-30 hrs on 4 AA batteries. In 1996 the Game Boy Pocket was introduced. This model was smaller in size, had a better contrast screen and ran for 10hrs on 2 AAA batteries. Then in 1999 the Game Boy Color was released. It had an 8Mhz Z80 based processor, 160x144 pixel, 56 (out of 32000) color screen, 4 channel sound and ran 13 hours on 2 AA batteries. Two years later in 2001, the first radical change to the Game Boy design was released with the Game Boy Advance. It sported a larger screen, 240x160 pixel, horizontal layout and a faster processor.

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Important GBA hardware features include:

32-bit 16.78 MHz ARM (RISC) processor 8-bit Z80 (CISC) processor that runs at 4.2 MHz or 8.4 MHz (this provides compatibility with older Game Boys: the Game Boy Color, or CGB, and the monochrome Game Boy, or DMG) Four 16-bit timers Four DMA channels 240x160 TFT color LCD Stereo sound (through stereo headphones) Ten keypad inputs Serial port Game cartridge (GamePak) interface The GBA includes several memories for different purposes:

16 KB BIOS ROM 256 KB external (to the ARM processor) work RAM (EWRAM) 32 KB internal (to the ARM processor, that is, on the same chip as the ARM core) work RAM (IWRAM) 1 KB Background and Sprite Palette RAM 96 KB Video RAM 1 KB Object Attribute RAM Up to 32 MB of GamePak ROM Up to 64 KB of GamePak SRAM (optional)