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1. Cricro Puzzles, the foam flat-to-boxes puzzles from original inventor.
Three dimensional puzzles in foam

2. EB Puzzles
EB Puzzles

3. Free Puzzle Game Download | PUZZLEROID.COM
Free Puzzle Game Download, Classic Arcade Game, including favorites such as Bomberman, Pacman, Arkanoid, Galaga, Space Invaders, Breakout, Bubble Bobble, Digger, Lode Runner, Xonix etc.

4. Girl Zone - Teen Webzine
Girl Zone - Teen Webzine

5. IQ Tests, Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Games, Trivia & Contests
IQ tests, trivia, games, puzzles, brain teasers, contests, free stuff, surveys for cash & prizes and much more for your entertainment and befuddlement @ PUZZ.COM!

6. Jigsaw Puzzle-Puzzles/Game Info for Jigsaw Puzzle fans. Jigsaw Puzzles Missing Pieces information! Montreal-Quebec-Canada
Jigsaw puzzle/Game Information. Info on puzzles info, missing pieces help, arts and crafts, brainteaser and game reviews by the Adult Jigsaw Puzzles Hobby Page! Montreal,Quebec,Canada

7. Livewire Puzzles - Wire Disentanglement Puzzles
Livewire Puzzles has been making and selling wire disentanglement puzzles since 1979. The puzzles are of various levels of difficulty and appeal to puzzle lovers from ages 9 to 99.

8. NZP Puzzles and Games
A fine collection of Freeware puzzles and games.

9. Online Puzzles Is The Place For Downloadable Jigsaw Puzzles
Online Puzzles The site for online jigsaw puzzles. Get a copy of our FREE ebook of online jigsaw puzzles and try one today! Our jigsaw puzzles are by far one of the BEST collections of downloadable jigsaw puzzles online!

10. Puzzle House - Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles - The Puzzle House sells upscale, high quality, hard-to-find jigsaw puzzles. Over 1,100 jigsaw puzzles, wooden puzzles, and 3D puzzles ranging from 150 to 18,000 pieces.

11. Puzzle Lab Games - Addictive games for the whole family.
Puzzle Lab. Arcade game download.

12. Puzzle Master Inc.
Puzzle Master has a large unique collection of wire and wood brain teasers (wire disentanglement puzzles). These make great gifts for any person no matter what their age.

13. The Puzzle & Craft Factory - Puzzles & Brain Teasers
This puzzle Website is dedicated to providing Mechanical puzzles, Brain teasers, Games and Toys for people of all ages and skill levels

14. Thinks.com - brain games, puzzles and pastimes
Recreations for active minds: games, puzzles, math, words, images, books, software, web guide

15. Trivia, general knowledge, crosswords, solutions and games, cheats to gamers and players tsunami
Qirx, quirks, this and that, her, vehicles, cars, websites, Dolls and Toys Australia, dolls, action figures and toys from 1960 to 2000. Including Vintage Barbie, Sindy, The Powerpuff Girls, Action Man, He-Man, Batman, Aaahh Real Monsters, Celebrity Dolls, Supersize Dolls, Fashion Dolls, Portal To Perth, Elvis, Boy George and Michael Jackson

16. Welcome to Puzzlepicks! Home of the best jigsaw puzzle prices on the web!
Welcome to Puzzlepicks! Home of the best jigsaw puzzle prices on the web!

17. YourTrivia Home
YourTrivia Home

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