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Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most enduring recreational activities. They challenge the mind, the eyes and they provide the tactile experience no computer, regardless of how advanced it might be, will ever be able to replicate. Setting up jigsaw puzzles and devising your strategies for their completion is something that helps keep the mind fresh and flexible irrespective of age.

Children in particular love jigsaw puzzles. They somehow inherently understand the challenge of fitting the pieces together in such a way that they will make sense – even if they are originally greeted with a pile of weird looking pieces. The child's excitement and wonder in a jigsaw can be experienced as an adult with a puzzle jigsaw. Take mystery jigsaws as an example. You actually have to solve mysteries and put the puzzles together to get the answer. Oh, by the way, the covers do not match the puzzle. You will not be able to cheat your way out of this puzzle by laying the pieces on top of the box!

Some folks like puzzles jigsaws with thousands of challenging pieces. While you may know the final image of the puzzle, getting there is more akin to running a marathon. It takes considerable attention to detail and a lot of patience to complete one of these puzzles. Why not get the whole family involved and encourage cooperation?

Perhaps you have a favorite cartoon character or animal, you could do jigsaw puzzles of that image as a way to relax. Far too many people get caught up in the rat race these days and the stress wears on them. Instead of tuning out by watching television, put on some music, have a glass of wine, and do jigsaw puzzles. It is therapeutic and relaxing to just take some time for yourself and exercise your brain doing something you enjoy. Again, why not make it social? Have a night in with your significant other. You could order a pizza to go with that wine and you save the money you would have spent going to a restaurant but you will have more quality time together.

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It is the simple things in life that often do us the most good. Jigsaw puzzles, while made up of complicated pieces, are one of those simple things that can bring people together. Get back in touch with the simple things. Your mind will thank you. Your heart will thank you and your family will have a great time.

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