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Our fun games for kids are priced to make kids games easily affordable for all parents. We offer an extensive variety of kids games so your family can have an entire library of fun games for kids and the kids at heart. Our kid games have been selected to be of the highest quality and are safe for curious eyes of all ages, so you can rest easy while your child plays online kids games.

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Fun Games For Kids

Do your kids love Disney characters? Then check out our collection of educational and fun online games that feature Mickey Mouse and friends. Have kids that are too old for Goofy? Hannah Montana Perfect Manicure is a very fun game for girls. We have Disney Kids Games for all ages.

We also have a large stock of online kids games that can help your children learn social skills, reasoning skills, and improve cognitive function. Puzzles and words type games make great gifts because they are fun games for girls and boys! Crossword puzzles and word search provide hours of enjoyment. Even jigsaw puzzles and printable coloring book pages will appeal to your child not just today, but tomorrow and the next day as well.

Benefits of Online Kids Games

In addition to being extremely cost effective, our online kids games are available instantly at the click of the button, meaning no more listening to whining and pleading as you drive to the toy store or trek around the mall. Also, since most games are totally online, they are eco-friendly and can help children learn to have fun without wasting paper, ink, or other valuable resources.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to kids games is the guilt-free factor. Board games outlast video games, online games are free or next to free, and the cognitive learning implications for your children are huge. And maybe while they are happily engaged with our safe, secure website you can finally relax and dive into that newspaper, book, or project you’ve been meaning to get around to...find the perfect kids game here today!

Fun Kids Games and Activities



Cavity Sam is in the hospital again and needs you to operate on him stat! He's got a lot to worry about including The Giggles, Burp Bubbles, Cell Phone Finger, and worst of all, Bad Plumbing! Each ailment has its own sound associated with it to let you know when you haven't been careful enough when operating on poor Sam. Two skill levels give inexperienced players a little room for error and keeps experienced players on their toes. It's time to get your scrubs on and save Cavity Sam! This fun kids game requires 4 'AAA' batteries (not included).



Dive deep undersea to save the Krabby Patty secret recipe! Can you help SpongeBob escape from Plankton's lab by removing 12 ailments designed to make him blab? Perform delicate surgery on his barnacle brain, evil thoughts and clammy hands without shocking SpongeBob silly! The player with the steadiest hands saves the day! This is one of those very fun games for girls and for boys! Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Operation Hulk $23.99

Toxic gas, Betty butterflies and other ailments are really getting under Hulk's green skin. He's your patient, so grab those tweezers! Are you skilful and brave enough to make The Hulk better without making him mad? Because if you set off the buzzer, Hulk's eyes will glow green and he'll howl and growl! If you are successful at removing Hulk’s funatomy parts, you will earn cash. When the parts are out and Hulk is healed, the richest doctor wins!





The Duncan Flying Panda Off-string Yo-Yo was designed with input from National and World Yo-Yo Champions. This fun kids game features a high speed ball bearing and is ideal for high-speed string trick play or for off-string play, where the yo-yo isn't even tied to the string!



Players attempt to remove the leaves from the Honey Bee Tree without waking the bees. Players choose a flower tray and take their turn removing a leaf a leaf from the Old Oak Tree. If the wrong leaf comes out, the bees start to pop out, landing in the trays at the base of the tree. When all the bees are out of the Honey Pot, the player with the fewest bees in their Flower Tray wins the game.

Winner - Toy of the Year, Family Fun

Honey Bee Tree Game Contents:

Honey Pot Old Oak Tree Flower Tray Base 32 Leaves 30 Bees

Karottenklau Karottenklau Carrot Pinching $7.95
In this fun kids game it is kids against the rabbit, which means the kids are working together instead of competing against each other. The gluttonous rabbit is keen on eating our delicious carrots. If the players succeed in harvesting four carrots before the rabbit eats four carrots, all the players win together.

Orchard Orchard $39.95
Orchard is an exciting board game where only a quick harvesting of the fruit trees will stop the raven from stealing fruit. All players work together to defeat the raven.

Go Away Monster! Go Away Monster! new edition List: $12.00 $9.95 (17% savings!)
This fun and unique kid’s game has you reaching into a bag to find puzzle pieces that fit your bedroom game board. Try to choose between the different puzzle pieces based on the size and shape of the pieces.

Early Years Early Years List: $15.00 $12.95 (14% savings!)
Early Years is a collection of four different co-operative card games which encourage your kids to employ close observation, communication, imagination, and social and memory skills. These are fun games for girls and boys.

There's a Growly in the Garden! There's a Growly in the Garden! List: $15.00 $12.95 (14% savings!)
In this fun game, kids help each other plant as big a Flower Garden as they can and also help the Growlies so they won't pick and trash the Flowers instead. Through sharing and strategizing, this board game will lead to fun and positive outcomes.

Clowns Clowns $4.95
This fun kids game include twenty-eight felt pieces of clowny parts and pieces of circus equipment. This is a unique free form puzzle for imaginative children. Each time they play, they will create their very own circus act! So there is no set problem or solution. Each game means a different circus act.

Zoo Train Zoo Train $5.95
This fun game includes sixteen felt pieces. Children can amuse themselves for hours creating new and funny animals! This fun kids game can be played at birthday parties or on a lazy afternoon.

Fuzzy Math Fuzzy Math $5.95
This is one of many educational and fun games for girls and boys who are very clever. It includes twenty-four felt pieces that form a caterpillar with numbers and math signs. This game can be played solo as a puzzle or it can be adapted to be played in groups.

Alphabet Soup Alphabet Soup $5.95
These educational and fun kids games are a domino type word game that has twenty-four felt pieces. Both easy and hard games are included for challenging yet fun learning about the alphabet, the vowels, spelling words and making messages for children of all ages.

Co-op Marble Games Co-op Marble Games $3.95
Each game in this collection of 30 marble games is played in groups. Each game is described in detail and is accompanied by Line drawings. If you have marbles, you will want to learn these fun games.

Kids Make Music Book

Kids Make Music Book

Help your child tap into natural music-making talents and skills. For ages 3-9. 160 pages.

150 Hoop Games For Kids Videos Vol 2

150 Hoop Games for Kids Videos Vol 2

These fun and fast paced videos feature 150 games and skill building sessions for all hoop sports. All video games are adaptable for both individuals and groups and are appropriate for children of all ages and abilities. Each tape has a 36-minute run time.

Charades for Kids

Charades for Kids

Act out every day activities with this fun kids game. In fact, this game is fun for all ages! It features 450 charades selected just for your kids! There are even special picture cards for children who are not yet old enough to read. This game of course helps to teach non-verbal communication skills. For 3-6 players, ages 4 and up.

Tri-ominos Game for Kids

Tri-ominos Game for Kids

This fun matching game is specially designed for young children. Tiles feature fun barnyard animals and encourages children to match up numbers, colors and pictures. There are two levels of Tri-ominos for Kids play. There is room for two to four players, ages 4 and older.

Simpsons® Edition Operation®

Simpsons® Edition Operation®

Poor Homer Simpson is sick! A cleverly modern twist on the classic game of Operation features a talking Homer on the table. Use the forceps to remove his comical ailments, such as Bowler’s Thumb, Foot in Mouth, Rubber Neck, Trick Knee and more! Don’t set off the buzzer or you’ll get an earful from an angry Homer! This fun kids games requires 2 AA batteries (not included). For one or more players, ages six and older.

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