Matching Games

Memory Matching Games are used to Teach Students Science, Math and Reading Skills.

In matching games players take turns to play cards to a discard pile or to a layout. The card played must match the previous card or fit in with the other cards in some way depending on the particular game (same rank or suit, next higher rank, etc). A player who cannot play may be penalised by having to draw one or more cards from an undealt stock. The object is usually to get rid of all your cards.

Matching games can be divided into three groups:

The Stops Group, in which cards have to be played in ascending sequence, usually in suit. The Eights Group, in which each play has to match the previous one in rank or suit. The Layout Group, in which each play has to be fitted onto a layout, matching or following on from the card (or tile) it is played next to.

Socken zocken Socken zocken Lucky Sock Dip        $9.95
There's bedlam in the cupboard. The big sock monster has muddled it all up! Only the one who is quick and looks closely can find the most pairs.

Ice Cream Ice Cream         List: $18.00 $14.50 (19% savings!)
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Nothing says summertime like a trip to the local ice cream stand. In Ice Cream, you have the chance to demonstrate your business skills by running an ice cream stand. You have just four days to...

Catch the Match Catch the Match         $7.95
Catch the Match is an eye-catching, pattern recognition game. There are 15 cards that each have the same 15 objects. Each object is different and is in different colors and various locations on the cards. Any two cards always have one (and only...

Wig Out! Wig Out!         List: $6.00 $4.95 (18% savings!)
Flip your wig for this fast and frenzied card game that will put your frizzy in a tizzy! Race against your opponents to get rid of cards by matching all kinds of colorful hairstyles. Put together a pair of pigtails. Combine a couple of cornrows.

Go Bananas! Go Bananas!         List: $6.00 $4.95 (18% savings!)
Get ready to go bananas while playing this happy, slappy card game. Be the first player to spot and slap a pair of matching opposites -- a wild monkey and a mild monkey -- and you collect the cards. Keep your eyes peeled for rotten bananas and...

Schlaubär: Was ist groß? Schlaubär: Was ist groß? Clever Bear: What Is Big?        List: $17.00 $14.95 (12% savings!)
"What is big?" the little bear asks the big bear. "The opposite of small!" answers the big bear as he continues to read the newspaper. "Aha!" thinks the little bear as he jumps from one leg to the other. Suddenly he makes a big leap and jumps right...

Entenballett Entenballett         $8.95
Four ducklings want to dance a duck ballet on a pond. But they need someone to teach them ballet moves. Can you help the ducks? You have cards with ballet moves in your hand. The ducks are moved by rolling a die. If one of your cards matches the...

4 First Games 4 First Games         List: $20.00 $15.95 (20% savings!)
Fun and games from the start -- with this collection of games, the appropriate plans and pretty motifs. Which bird will get to its nest first? Which flowerbed will have the brightest flowers? Four dice games with simple rules, quick to play and...

Caterpillar Crawl Caterpillar Crawl         List: $20.00 $15.95 (20% savings!)
On your mark... get set... go! Four cute caterpillars have a crazy race through the vegetable garden. They climb over delicious vegetables along their way. Who will help these little guys with the luck of the die to find the quickest way to the...

Elephants on Parade Elephants on Parade         List: $20.00 $15.95 (20% savings!)
Four elephant families are ready for the great jungle olympics. The colorful elephants need to line up behind one another to create their own parade route. Who can help them to create the most beautiful and most colorful parade in the shortest...



This is a memory matching game, based on the popular I SPY books. Lots of ways to play! Word games and cooperative games are included. Fun and rewarding for the entire family!



The Old Maid Kids Classic Card Game has a colorful new look! With one eccentric buzzard as the Old Maid and 20 additional matching animals who dance, skate, paint, and more, this game of chance is a groovy trip down memory lane for parents and an awesome time for children just discovering it! This game includes 42 cards and complete instructions.