Negotiation & Diplomacy Games

True diplomacy includes the ability to communicate and agree on anything that makes sense in the game world. In Negotiation & Diplomacy Games it allows the player to form agreements and to break them without artificial constructs. The player will decide who to trust, and building that trust will be part of the gameplay, rather than a formal element of the rules. Negotiation & Diplomacy Games provide hours of fun over a wet weekend for anyone who enjoys, diplomacy, negotiation, double crossing and world domination.



Diplomacy is a board game of international (and quite personal) trust, promises, and outright treachery. It's the turn of the 20th century and the seven Great European Powers are vying for dominance. Players of Diplomacy represent England, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, France, or Austria-Hungary prior to World War I.

At the beginning of each turn, players meet together in small groups to discuss their plans and suggest strategies. This is where alliances are openly or secretly made and orders are coordinated. Immediately thereafter, each player secretly writes an order for each of his or her units on a slip of paper. When all of the orders have been written, they are simultaneously revealed and then resolved. At this point, some army or naval units are moved, some are forced to retreat, and some are removed.

Each turn represents six months of time. The first turn is called a Spring turn and the next a Fall turn. After each Fall turn, each Great Power must reconcile the number of military units it controls with the number of Supply Centers it controls. This is when some units are removed and new ones built.

In order to survive, a player will need the help of others, and that will require negotiations, the forming of alliances, and promises - some will be kept and some will be broken. You've got an agenda, and a little back stabbing here and there can't be all bad, especially if it gets you closer to supremacy! The object of Diplomancy is to control the 18 Supply Centers, and in the end, the Great Power that manges to accomplish this tricky task through clever cunning wins the game.

Although Diplomacy is best played with seven players, rules for fewer players are included in the "Alternate Way to Play" section of the rulebook.

Contents of Diplomacy:

84 Fleets

84 Armies

147 Control Markers

Game Board

Map Pad


Graenaland $49.95

In 982, a Viking jarl called Erik the Red sailed from the western coast of Iceland and discovered a new land. He named it Graenaland, a green land. Four years later the first colonists arrived to Greanaland and founded settlements that lasted more than four centuries.

Take the role of one of the jarls leading their clans to the new home. You have to settle the coast and to agree with your neighbors on how to distribute the spare resources the land is giving away. As Eric wants no fights amongst Vikings, any conflicts are solving by voting. You could improve your position in order to gain more votes; however, you can also try to be righteous and to keep good relations with all your neighbors. Cooperating with them, you can fertilize and improve the land easier than when struggling for influence; just keep your position strong enough for the case something goes wrong.

Ulysses Ulysses     (Currently Unavailable)
Homer's magnificent poem The Odyssey is a classic that everyone knows. Did the deceit of Ulysses actually take place this way, years ago? At a time when the gods started feeling bored, Zeus proposed a game: each of the gods should try to bring a...

Earth Game Earth Game         List: $30.00 $24.95 (17% savings!)
No, not a war game but a peace game! Players look after Fictional Nations, managing resources and solving the emerging problems. You have to be quick thinking and compassionate to deal with rapidly changing circumstances. What to do? Try...

Trump: The Game $14.95

Do you have what it takes to be the next Trump? Play your cards right to amass the most cash. You can try playing it conservative to yield rich returns. Or maybe aggressive deals are more your style. Do whatever it takes to turn $500 million seed money into billions. Bid against your opponents to buy big-ticket properties like the Island Resort or Luxury Residence. Or you can use your Trump cards to strike profitable deals. Think another player would pay $50 million for one of your cards? Go for it! After all of the properties have been bought and all of the deals have been made, players count their cash. The player with the most money wins!

Rette Sich wer Kann $67.45

Your ship has struck a reef and is sinking fast. Quick! Run for the lifeboats! If your sailors can make it to an island, they'll survive and you may win. But watch out! Those lifeboats are full of leaks and may sink as well. Also, your fellow shipmates are not very cooperative. Everyone is constantly swimming from one lifeboat to another in the hope of finding a faster, more watertight one. And just when you're sure that everyone has decided what to do, some wise guy pulls rank and orders everyone to do something else.... Well, what did you expect? It's every man for himself!

Africa 1880 $39.95

Relive the colonial adventure with AFRICA 1880! Between 1880 and 1914 European nations fiercely raced to gain control of the "dark" continent. Each player represents a nation exploring and colonizing Africa. The success of their adventure, however, has more to do with intrigue in the luxurious parlors of the embassies than hacking a way through the jungle. Negotiating alliances and declaring war are what change the face of the world!

Saludos, Amigos! $54.95

The village wants to become richer. Thus a spa is built, a nursing center, a purification plant and many others. As a local builder, you want to skim off as much as possible... so you jump onto the carousel of the changing coalitions! With each piece, new investment communities develop. And whether you secure a lucrative order, depends completely on who assures you the best share in the profits. If all else fails, you can use also still your good connections to the local council.!

Chinatown $104.50

Wheeling and Dealing in New York in the 30s. The world economic crisis is over--and like springtime, the city is flowering again. This is particularly true in Chinatown, that exciting quarter on the south side: new businesses, offices and restaurants spring from the soil like so many tulips or daffodils. All want to succeed and grow even larger. Here there is money to be made, be it over or under the counter.

Let's Make a Deal! Chinatown superbly captures the spirit of the old Monty Hall game show. Eighty-five lots in the city are represented by numbered cards dealt and used to open various businesses requiring from three to six adjacent spaces. Yes, even uncompleted shops earn income, but finished stores reap the largest rewards at the end of rounds. Don't complain that you can't draw the right numbers: A shrewd negotiator can change his luck. Everything here is a medium of exchange--plots, business tokens, partial or completed businesses and cash. Offer complex combinations of them to anyone. Are you the next Donald Trump who will win by accumulating the most cash? This is a deal-maker's delight.

Illuminati deluxe edition $29.95

They're all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere, and where can you find the only truth? Certainly not in the game of Illuminati. Fnord.

By popular demand, Deluxe Illuminati (not to be confused with the trading-card version, INWO) is back in print! This new edition features full-color cards and improved money chits... but it's the same game you know and fear, of secret conspiracies battling for world control.

Quo Vadis? English language edition $25.95

In Quo Vadis? each player becomes the head of a powerful Roman family striving to gain as much political power and glory as possible.

Senators of your faction occupy seats on the various committees. To advance, they must make deals and acquire votes from other factions to win Caesar's favor. As your members advance, they gain the laurels of high office and move closer to a seat in the Senate's Inner Sanctum. Your faction must advance at least one member into the Inner Sanctum and collect more laurels than any other faction to win the game.

How will you guide your family to glory in the Senate? Will you use a charismatic approach or just make sensible deals? How will you handle the faction that resists your advancement? Will you gloat over your accomplishments and anger your allies? Are you prudent enough to remain silent when others make mistakes? Will you honor your long term agreements or are others simply fools who trusted you?

Dragon's Gold $16.95

Theme Enter the dragon's lair, where fame and fortune await you and your team of brave dragon slayers! A few magic weapons, some bravery and a bit of luck is all you need to slay the dragons and take your treasure home... if your opponents will let you! Killing a dragon is the easy part. Now you have to divide the loot! Will your "friends" give you your fair share (or maybe a bit extra)? You have only 60 seconds to find out! Dragon's Gold--Sometimes, your toughest adversaries aren't the dragons!

Goal of the Game Each player controls a team of dragon slayers (two knights, a thief, and a wizard). Like all dragon slayers, they have only one goal: Cool magic items and lots of treasure! Actually killing a dragon is a piece of cake. The most difficult task comes after the smoke clears and the dragon is dead: Agreeing how to divide the loot. You and your opponents have 1 minute to agree upon how to divide up the treasure. If you can't decide, nobody gets it! The person with the most valuable treasure hoard after all of the dragons are dead wins!